Rabbit Crossword

 Write the Rabbit

Complete the puzzle using the clues shown below.


3. Rabbits have big hind_______ so they can run fast.  
4. Many rabbits sleep during the day and play at ________.  
5. Rabbits have four _____, and no hands.  
7. Rabbits twitch their ears to listen for __________  (animals that might eat them)
9. Rabbits are born ready to nurse ______ from their mothers, just like human babies.  
1. Rabbits have big _____ so they can sweat through them and cool off.  
2. Rabbits bodies are covered with _______ which we call fur.  
3. When a rabbit has many babies at the same time, the babies are called a ________.  
6. Rabbits eat by sliding their jaws side to side. Their ______ keep growing all their lives, so they don't wear down from all that chewing.  
8. Rabbits have a very good sense of ______, which helps them find food in the dark.  

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