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Marzhin en e Gavell

Merlin in his cradle

Breton "Pidgin" English

1. Breman trizeg miz ha teir zun (2 wech)
Dindan ar c'hoad e oan o hun.

O hun eta, va mabig, va mabig!
O hun eta, toutouig la la!

2. Kleviz o kana eul lapous
Kane ken flour,kane ken dous.


3. Kane ken dous, kane ken flour,
Flouroc'h eged hiboud an dour.

4. Kement ma'z iz d'e heul, diboell,
Touellet gantan va spered.

5. D'e heul pell-pell, pell-pell ez iz,
siwazh, siwazh, d'am yaouankiz!

6. Merc'hig roue e lavare:
Kaer out evel gliz ar

7. Ar goulou-deiz a zo souezhet
Pa sell ouzhit, ne ouzout ket?.

8. Pa bar an heol na souezhet eo!
Na piw a vo da bried-te?

9. Tavit,tavit kozh lapousig!
C'hwi zo gwall-lik gant ho pegig!

10. Mar zellfe Roue al Laez ouzhin
Ar goulou-deiz ne ra van din.

11.Ne ra van din-me sell en heol
Na kennebeud sell ar bed oll.

12. Mar gomzit din euz dimezi
Komzit deuz Roue an Nenv din.

13. Kana rae brao ouzh brao velkent
Ha me d'e heul, souchet va fenn.

14. Ken e koueziz skuizh-stank kousket
Dindan eun dervenn, er gwasked.

15. Hag eno em-boa eun hunvre
Am sabatuaz beteg re.

16. E oan e-barzh ti eun Duzig;
Ha tro-war-dro eur feunteunig.

17. He mein ken boull, he mein ken sklaer!
He mein ken splann evel ar gwer!

18. Eur gwiskad man war
al leur-zi
Bleunioł nevez strewet warni.

19. An Duzig ne oa ket er ger,
Ha me diogel ha seder.

20. Pa wellis o tont euz-a-bell
Eun durzhunell a denn-askell.

21. Hag e stokas gant he begig
Ouzh moger voull
ti an Duzig

22. Ha me, sod, gant truez outi
Mont da zigor an nor dezhi.

23. Hag hi e-barzh ha da rodal
Tro war dro d'an ti o nijal.

24. Gwech war va skoaz, gwech war va fenn
Gwech e nije war va c'herc'henn.

25. Teir gwech ouz va skouarn e pokas
Ha kuit dreo endro d'ar c'hoad glaz.

26. Mar boa dreo hi, me ned on ket
Mallozh d'an eur ma oan kousket.

27. An dour a ver diouzh va lagad
Pa dlean kavell luskellad.

28. A-youl vefe en ifern-skorn
An Duarded kig ha askorn!

29. A-youl vefe gaou va hunvre!
Na oufe den euz va doare!

30. Ar mab, hag en nevez-ganet
O c'hoarzhi en-deus diskanet (1):

31. "Tavit va mamm, na ouelit ket
Ganin n'ho-po preder ebed!

32. Nemed em-eus gwall-galonad
Pa rit eun Duard euz va zad.

33. Etre an nenv hag an douar
Va zad zo ken kann hag al loar.

34. Va zad a gar an dudoł kaezh
Ha, pa gav an tu, o gwarez.

35. Ra viro Doue da viken
Va zad diouzh puns an ifern yen!

36. Nemed bennoz a ran d'an eur
Ma voen ganet evid an eur!

37. Ganet 'vid an eurvad va bro:
Doue diouzh anken d'he miro!"

38. Ar vamm a chomas souezhet-braz:
"Heman zo MARZH mar boe biskoazh!"

O, hun eta, va mabig, va mabig,
O, hun eta, toutouig la la!

1. Now thirteen months and three weeks (twice)
Beneath the wood I was (on)sleep.

O sleep, come-on, my baby, my baby,
O sleep, come-on, toutouig lala!

2. I heard singing a bird
It-sang so soft, it-sang so sweet!


3. It sang so sweet, it sang so soft,
Softer than babbling (of) the water.

4. So that I-followed him, foolishly,
Charmed by-him my mind.

5. Behind-him far, far, far, far I went
Alas, alas for-me youth!

6. -Daughter (of) the King, it said,
Fair (exactly:thou-art)you-are like dew (of) the morning!

7. The light-(of the)-day is astonished
When it-shines on-you, don't-you know?

8. When rises the sun, astonished it-is;
But, who shall-be your husband? -

9. -Be-silent, be-silent ugly bird!
You are mischievous with your beak!

10. When looks (the)King-Aloft on me,
The morning-light doesn't count to-me!

11. Does'nt count to-me glance (of) sun;
Nor (the) glance (of) the whole world!

12. If you-tell me of wedding,
Tell of (the) King of Heaven to-me! -

13. Sing did-it nicer-nicer still;
And I followed him, sunk my head.

14. Till I fell exhausted asleep,
Under an oak, in-a desert (place).

15. And there I had a dream
(that) stunned me above-all:

16. I was inside (the) house (of) a sprite
And all-around a (small) fountain.

17. Its stones so translucent! Its stones so clear! ,
Its stones so bright like the glas.

18. A coat (of) moss on (the) ground (of the)house,
With flowers new scattered on it.

19. The sprite was-not at-home,
And I was fearless and gay.

20. (When) I saw approach, from far,
A turtledove on-the-wing!

21. And it knocked with its small-beak
At (the) wall transparent (of the) house (of) the sprite.

22. And I stupid, out-of pity for-it,
Went to open the door for-it.

23. And it inside, and (it set to) roam
To-and-fro in the house, (in) flying

24. Now on my shoulder, now on my
Now it flies on my bosom.

25. Three times at my ear it pecked
And off gaily back to-the wood green.

26. If was merry it, I am not,
Curse on that hour (when) I was sleeping!

27. The water flows from my eyes
When I must cradle rock !

28. I wish (they) were in hell ice
The black (demons) flesh and bones!

29. I wish it-were (a)lie my dream,
And knew (no)body of my fate"

30. The son, and he (was)new-born,
(In)laughing he-has "sung-in-turn": (1)

31. "Be quiet, mother, and-don't cry;
With-me you shall-have worry not-at-all.

32. But I have heartbreak:
If you make a black-demon of my father

33. Between the sky and the earth
My father is as white as the moon.

34. My father loves the people poor,
And if (he)finds a way, (he)them helps.

35. May save God for ever
My father from (the) well (of) hell cold!

36. But bless I do (to) the hour
(I) was born for (the) good.

37. Born for (the) good (of) my country
(That) God from pain protect it!"

38. The mother stood astonished-much:
"This is (a)WONDER if was ever!"

1. "Thirteen months ago and three weeks (twice)
Beneath that tree I fell asleep.

O sleep at last, my baby, my baby,
O sleep at last, sweet baby, sleep fast!

2. I heard a bird singing aloft
It sang so sweet, it sang so soft!


3. It sang so soft, it sang so sweet,
Sweeter than the murmuring creek.

4. That bird I foolishly followed,
With its chant my mind held spellbound.

5. And I followed him far away,
Alas, I was young and silly!

6. -King's daughter, King's daughter, it said,
As fair as dew at breaking day!

7. And the morning light gets mellow
When it shines on you, don't you know?

8. The rising sun, too, is spellbound;
But, say, who shall be your husband? -

9. -Now be silent, ugly birdie!
Your chattering makes me dizzy!

10. To the King of Heaven I'm bride,
I don't care for the morning light!

11. I don't care either for the sun;
Will by no one be looked upon!

12. If you will tell me of wedding,
Be it with the Heavenly King! -

13. But its sweet chant went on and on;
I followed him with my head down.

14. Till I fell asleep, exhausted,
Under an oak, out of the way.

15. And there it befell that I dreamed
Of strange and disconcerting things:

16. I was in the house of a sprite
Surrounded by a cataract.

17. Its stones were bright and translucent,
Its stones were like glas or crystal.

18. A coat of moss covered the ground,
With scattered spring flowers all around.

19. And as the sprite was just away,
I felt fearless, happy and gay.

20. I saw approach, high in the sky,
A white turtledove in full flight!

21. And that bird knocked with its small beak
At the crystal wall of the freak.

22. I was stupidly pitying,
Ran to the door and let it in.

23. Once inside, it fluttered about
To and fro within the whole house,

24. Now on my shoulder, now on my head
And now on my bosom it fled.

25. Three times it pecked at my ear
And off it flew to the wood near.

26. The bird was merry, I am not,
A curse on that day and that spot!

27. My poor eyes are now full of tears
And the cause is this cradle here!

28. Could I send to a hell of ice
All the dreadful breed of the sprites!

29. I wish I could wake of that dream,
And no one would know of my pain!"

30. Her son, although a newborn child,
Retorted laughing to her cries:

31. "Be quiet, mother, and stop crying;
I shall cause you no suffering.

32. But it's a heartbreak I can't bear
That curse you call on my father!

33. For between the earth and the stars
My father shines as the moon does.

34. My father loves everybody,
When he can, he helps the needy.

35. And may God save him for ever
From the abyss of icy hell!

36. But I do bless the happy hour
When just to do good I was born.

37. Born for the good of my country
That God may protect from worry!"

38. Astounded stood his mother there:
"Such WONDER is beyond compare!"

(1) "DISKAN" refers to the Breton alternate song system "Kan ha Diskan" which allows one singer to rest while his partner goes on, a device made necessary by the length of most songs.

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