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Interview with Carol Fraser

 Legends of Lochness Website

Carol Fraser is the creator of the Legend of Lochness website:  Her website has some of the best scientific evidence for the existence of Nessie on the web.

by Lois June Wickstrom

You've said you live near Loch Ness and can look for Nessie every day. Have you seen her?

No, I haven't seen her but I know many people who have, people I know to be honest and who have shunned publicity for fear of being ridiculed.

How were you first told about Nessie? Do you remember who told you? What was said? What you thought about this monster as a child?

I was born in Edinburgh and my parents always took me to the Highlands for holidays, especially round the Loch Ness area. It was on these holidays that I learned about Nessie. In the house we used to stay in

near Loch Ness, the folks talked of her and that was when my interest was first aroused. I believed from then that the Loch held something unusual.

Do you feel differently about Nessie as an adult than you did as a child?

No, I still believe she exists though not necessarily a monster.

Have you ever talked with folk who have seen Nessie? If so, what are some of your favorite stories?

As I said before I know many people who have seen Nessie and the stories are numerous but they all say the same thing, Loch Ness is inhabited by something large and unusual.

Have you been to other lakes that have monsters? If so, have you seen the other monsters?

No I haven't visited any other monster inhabited Loch.

Do you dream about monsters?

No but I read about Nessie every chance I get.

Why do you suppose people love monsters? And Nessie in particular?

It's the mystery that surrounds her that people love. There has been talk of a monster in Loch Ness for centuries, since St Columba recorded the first sighting in fact, in 565 ad. I think that Nessie is talked about more because ordinary people are involved and they have told of their sightings over the years. There have been certain people who have concocted stories, in the past and even now, for who knows what reason but it hasn't affected the legend.

You have built my favorite Nessie website on the internet -- -- How did you meet all the scholars and adventurers who have contributed to your website?

Legend of Nessie site was built over a number of years. I decided to get together all the evidence I could find and was allowed to use, and put it on the net to allow other people to decide for themselves if they believed in Nessie. I have been contacted by numerous Nessie fans and have made many many friends through Legend of Nessie site. I met Richard Carter, Nessie Hunter, through the net. I am also involved with a film producer in the States who is making a Nessie animated film. I met him throught the net. I am waiting on an article from Tony Healy, an author from Australia, who I met when he was over in Scotland last year Nessie hunting. I get emails daily from people all over the world, who say they didn't believe in Nessie till they read the evidence on the site. I have even had people visit me at home who I have only spoken to through email previously. There are many nice people in the world.

Have you ever gone swimming or boating on Loch Ness?

I used to swim in the Loch when I was a child and oh it's very cold. The temperature doesn't vary much between summer and winter, I'm afraid. I also like to go boating so I had a boat on the Loch for a number of years and went out on it every opportunity I had.

Do you enjoy the tourists who come to look for Nessie?

Yes. I enjoy speaking to people from different countries. Loch Ness is a beautiful place and it brings lots of people from all over the world but although they are looking at the scenery they have a hope in their hearts that Nessie will be popping up for a look around.

Do you think living with a monster next door improves the neighborhood?

Yes, in many ways but it can also be a small drawback when you can't cross the road for tourist traffic.