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Gary Campbell, President 

of The Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club


Gary Campbell, President of The Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club
by Lois June Wickstrom

Gary Campbell runs the The Official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club. His web address is

He kindly consented to answer some questions for Nessie's Grotto.

1) Have you ever seen a lake monster? If so, please describe.

Yes, this is what started the fan club - I saw a black hump in Loch Ness in 
March 1996. When I went to report the sighting I discovered that no one 
place was keeping a record of all sightings - from this the fan club was born

2) Are you involved in any of the research projects to find Nessie?

Yes, we try to help anyone who requests assistance. This year we welped the 
GUST team from Sweden get a boat and someone with experience to skipper it in 
the loch. We have also run our own expeditions at other Scottish monster 

3) What kinds of high-tech research are being used to hunt for Nessie?

All kinds - the most recent have been sonar and this year hydrophones - in 
all cases unknown contacts/ sounds have been picked up in the loch. 
Unfortunately, the results just leave us with more questions.

4) Please describe at least one more research project you've helped with.

At Loch Lochy in 1997 we helped in a sonar search of the loch there, at Loch 
Ness in 1997 we helped in the search organised by Nova TV, in 1998 we helped 
Japanese TV to get on to the loch and obtain good quality footage and sonar 
contacts and last year we helped the Discovery Channel.

5) What about Nessie fascinates you?

Everything but mainly the fact that something so far unidentified can live so 
close to us without giving up its secrets

6) What is the purpose of your Loch Ness Monster Fan Club? (Why would
somebody send you $35?)

We register all sightings, have a twice yearly bulletin and generally try to 
keep as much of the Nessie story publicly available as possible. As noted 
above, we have run expeditions and in 1999 organised a symposium on 
cryptozoology at Loch Ness. For the $35, the bank takes $9 and the rest 
will get you the fan club pack which appears to have become quite popular - 
we currently have 196 members worldwide. Having said that, although we 
charge a subscription, the whole thing runs at a loss each year!

7) Please tell what's in the membership kit.

A membership certificate, badge, postcards, brochures on Nessie, introductory 
issue of the NESSPAPER and a unique cuddly Nessie!

You can read more about Gary's work, the Nessie sightings he's logged and other projects at

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