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Sedona Method -- to relieve stress

The Sedona Method free tape offer

Most of the time people deal with stress by expressing it -- yelling, hitting, getting angry, or by suppressing it.  Sedona Method teaches how to release the stress.  Honestly -- stress does not help me get more  work done or help me meet deadlines.  I get more work done and feel happier about it when I release the stress.  I've also found that this technique helps in social situations.  This is an endorsement.  Those of you who know me, know I don't endorse easily, and I never accept payment for my endorsements.

With all the house guests I've been having lately, I've been releasing almost constantly for days. It feels great! I honestly feel less stressed than usual today and the last house guest just left, and I still have to clean up from him and we've got a guest coming over this evening and I have to cook for him, and I'm behind on stuff due to a zillion reasons, including the fact
that its seems part of my rock collection got lost, and I've ordered more rocks to photograph for the science activity book, but the store I ordered the from hasn't responded, and and and, and I keep remembering to release and I'm basically feeling calm and happy like I can get this done.

You can read more about the Sedona Method, developed by Lester Levinson of New Jersey by clicking on the link at the bottom of this article.

Both sites sell sets of 10 audio tapes.  Don't be intimidated.  You don't just listed to them. These tapes talk you through the technique, explain the technique, help you apply the technique to your life throughout the day. The Sedona Method is also available in seminar form.  I tried one and found that I work better at my own pace rather than trying to cram it all into a few days.   I much prefer the tapes.  They let me replay something I didn't understand as often as I want. 

And Hale has now written down the method in book form which I highly recommend!Sedona Method Book

Even after several years of using the method, I find that reading it in the book and doing the exercises as I read, releasing has become easier than ever.

Read an excerpt here:

-Lois Wickstrom

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