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Gavin, Gabe, Imagenie, Keon and Kailan play with magnets at the Book Corner in Philadelphia PA for the first Imagenie show.


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  Episode #2 - Earth is a Magnet -- on Youtube - Click here   If you have trouble loading the video, go to and search for Imagenie        
Magnetic Field Mellyda Maia Jonette
Episode #3 -- Paper Topology
Imagenie Paper Topology on YouTube
paper topology Emani, Imagenie, Quinn, Tyrone


Emani, Imagenie, Quinn and Tyrone
Episode #4: Imagenie Rainbows, Color and Light
The video on Youtube:

To download a copy of the photon spectrum, right click here.

(note: this spectrum is from wikipedia)

Kyle, Imagenie and Kennedy
Kyle, Imagenie and Kennedy

Imagenie Balance and Inertia

Episode #5

Cameron, Imagenie, Jevon