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Dissections logo pterodactyl by Deena Warner

Dissections logo pterodactyl by Deena Warner





Interview with Elizabeth Miller
by Gina Wisker
Artwork: Tooth Fairy by Kathy Davis Patterson: 1

Interview with Suzy McKee Charnas
by Gina Wisker
Artwork: Communion by Kathy Davis Patterson: 2

Interview with Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
by Gina Wisker
Artwork: Longing by Kathy Davis Patterson: 3

Writing in a Different Vein
by Lawrence C. Connolly: 4

Woman with a Chainsaw
by Judith Kerman
Jack Knife
A Stabbing
Harsh Light
by Nicholas Alexander
Artwork: Repose by Kathy Davis Patterson: 5

Inner Vampire
by Jaleen Grove
The Thing That Vampires Fear
by Nenad Jakovljevic
Zombie Sonnet
by Jamieson Ridenhour
Resistance, Transformation and Heroism in Blade
by Anthony Hernandez: 6

A Fragment
by Diane Mason
Artwork by Andrew Selwood: 7

Challenging and Restoring Normacly in Stoker's Dracula and Matheson's I Am Legend
by Sarah Benton: 8

Victim vs Companion: The Vampire Consumed by Love
by Barbara Gaddy: 9

Discovering Dramatic Horror
by Thomas K. Fagerholm: 10

Rotted Soil
by Sam Williams: 11

Timbuk 2
by Liam Wisker: 12

Extract from Serbian Nocturnal Sheriffs, Chapter XII: 'Choices'
by Nenad Jakovljevic: 13

Dissections Editorial Board

editorial board photo

From left to right: Gina Wisker, David Sandner, Michael Arnzen, (Al Wendland) and Lawrence Connolly

                                       Frances Auld photo Frances Auld (for student                                                       submissions)      

         michael arnzen photo Michael A. Arnzen

    brian attebery photo Brian Attebery

   photo Clive Bloom Clive Bloom

              lawrence connolly photo Lawrence C. Connolly

                                           Linda Holland-Toll photo   Linda Holland-Toll (for reviews)

             william hughes photo William Hughes

      nickianne moody photo Nickianne Moody

                       mariemulvey-roberts photo Marie Mulvey-Roberts

 David Sandner

  photo andy smith Andrew Smith

gina wisker photo Gina Wisker

Stephanie Moss

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