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Blood Will Tell


Jean Lorrah 

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Those of My Blood


Jacqueline Lichtenberg

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What is the difference between Good and Evil?

Both Good and Evil people have needs.

The difference between Good and Evil is not in what is needed. It is in what will be done to sustain Life.

Both Good and Evil people face death if their needs are not met -- death of the soul, death of the spirit, death of the body.

Will you take what you need to live, no matter the harm to others?

Will you negotiate for it? Trade for it?

Will you give it to someone in need?

Will you save a life at the risk of your own?

Will you give the Kiss of Life? Or the Kiss of Death?

In the Sime~Gen series, Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah explore this archetype in a unique way. Read Jean's free short story, "Best of Fools," to see how the parallel between the Need to Receive and the Need to Give is presented in the Sime~Gen Universe. You will see this paradoxical twist on horror and ecstasy in Jean's next novel, To Kiss or to Kill.

In Blood Will Tell, Jean returns to the traditional symbolism of Blood as Life -- but this book puts a new twist on the old archetype. The first chapter is available here--but if you think you know what is happening in the university town of Murphy, Kentucky from that first chapter, then you have never read a book by Jean Lorrah before! Oh, you may find that on the surface you are right -- but it's what lies below the surface that makes the story.

Like the medical examiner, Doc Sanford, the further you explore beneath the skin, the more you will discover that blood will tell.

In Those of My Blood, Jacqueline Lichtenberg carries the traditional vampire story into the arena of science fiction.

Questions? Jean Lorrah and Jacqueline Lichtenberg will answer selected questions from readers in their quarterly Newsletter, Lifeforce-l. To ask your questions or make a comment which may be quoted in the newsletter, send e-mail to

Sime~Gen: The Unity Trilogy


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