Transfer Station

Also known as Trade Stations in the more populous areas, these structures use Gunther-Shift technology to move vessels interdimensionally across multi-parsec space


Docking Station

Considerably larger than any transfer station, this supertructure can Shift even a mega-carrier interdimensionally. At present, there are only five docking stations in existence.


Robot servants are not uncommon in the Galactic League, but they are used almost exclusively by the Wealth and Ruling Classes. (The two pictured carry the Ne-Bantu symbol)


Weight Displacement technology is fairly common on League worlds. These vehicles pictured ('skimmers') are the equivalent of 20th-century 'hot rods'

Security Tank

Designed by the Tren Vai, this heavily- armored vehicle is used for boarding hostile spacecraft and invading enemy fortresses


Placed mostly in the systems of League worlds, these intelligence satellites act as space radar and communications relays

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