Galactic League


GLV Windfall

One of three mega- cruisers in the Legion, it is the meeting site of the League Council, located in space not claimed by any of the League worlds.


Legion Patrol Ships

The backbone of the Legion defense system, these well-armed craft are deployed all over League space, protecting citizens and interstallar commerce.


Legion Patrol Ship and Fighters

This patrol ship is shown surrounded by its four fighters, which were launched from its understructure.


Tren Vaian Heron Class Patrol Ship


Tren Vaian Swallow Class Fighter Ships

Twenty of these ships are carried in each Heron Class patrol ship


Vikscan Repair Ships

These ships represent the five types of vessels the Vikscans use for repair and/or re-fit operations.

Hospital Ship

There are three Sector-Class Hospital Vessels in the League

People of the Sky Explorer Ship

When a legion patrol encounted these hawk-like beings, the aliens did not impress the legion as much as their explorer ship did

Shirresh Fighters

Fast and manueverable, these are their best warcraft against pirates who enter their nebula

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