Galactic League


President Benson Freedman

Secretary General Darwyne VonHelsun
Representative of the fun-loving Vikscans

Grand Admiral Noru Ndenga, Jr.

Marcus Sweeve
Genius Engineer, former councilor from Travesty

Jua Mfalme, Ruler of Ne-Bantu, Ne-Bantu Councilor

Queen Florese, Wife of Jua Mfalme, Co-Ruler of Ne-Bantu

Musiki Mfalme, Sister of King Jua
She manipulates Power behind the Ivory throne (and not always to her brother's best interest)

Raymond Treece, Merchant and Power Broker
His prestige was greatly diminished after the disasterous Stormhaven conference

Serillo Griffith, Cyborg Warrior
His espionage agenda is entirely his own

Ojore, Nebantu Warrior
He has brought new technologies to the League, from the mysterious "Elders"

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