Sime~Gen Perspectives Newsletter for June - July 1999 Issue #8

Things have been very active during the past few weeks. We've had active class participation in the Writer's Workshop, where story crafting is developing. Information on "The Essence of Story" can be found at bus.html


A number of the students speak fluent Simelan, and very possibly there may be some new stories from them for CZ Online.

Class logs on "The Essence of Story" can be found at One interesting lesson consisted of Jacqueline and Jean crafting one of Jean's 'Zhag and Tonyo' stories. Zhag and Tonyo are musicians in the Sime~Gen world.

Marge Robbins is finished with the next story in her Chanel Saga. It's terrific, so watch this Newsletter for notice of the posting of that new story -- titled "The Worst Way To Die." The story has been submitted for a final editing before webposting. Marge is now hard at work on a whodunnit -- which was workshopped by Jean as a live-demonstration in plotting technique at the second online class meeting for "The Essence of Story" -- see /OnlineLessons/classlogs/ for a preview of that story.

We've had recent feedback for long time Sime~Gen fiction already posted on Rimon's Library. D. Yon Klempner commented on Kerry Lindemann-Schaefer's "The Only Good Sime" --- I think "The Only Good Sime" and the other Frevven stories are probably the best of the best, combining engaging characters, a taut, gripping plot and marvelously skilled wordcraft. My only complaint is that, in a way, they are too good . . . As with "Unto Zeor Forever," the story is so complete, so intricately imagined and so perfectly described there is little for the reader to add. Thank you, Kerry!

A direct link to "The Only Good Sime" is: You will also find additional wonderful fiction there. Feel free to explore.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Our Romance Writers group has also been active. There have been a number of recent discussions open to interested people. Sherrilyn Kenyon graciously gave of her time. A complete transcript of that can be found at

One of her favorite authors is Daniel R. Kerns (a pen name used by Jacqueline). Sherrilyn gave us the following quote: "Daniel R. Kerns writes with the majesty of CJ Cherryh, the precision of Gordon R. Dickson, and insights into human nature that Darwin and Freud would both envy. For anyone who loves a great military SF tale, Kerns takes his place with Pournelle and Drake, and Indiw could take on Hammer's Slammers any day and reign victorious."

Author Karen Lebo's Chat gave good advice for "Writing a Selling Synopsis"

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ NEWS DIRECT FROM THE ROMANCE SECTION

1. Redesign of the boards 2. New Guest Speakers 3. Special surprises coming

1. We are in the process of giving the boards an overhaul. As more and more people have shown up, our needs have changed and we're taking a second step into expanding our categories. Please excuse our construction or links that might lead to nowhere. If in doubt, check out the moderators page and email us. Or use our convenient signup forms that are now on the site.

2. We have a whole list of new speakers scheduled. Patience Smith will be back to talk on the Historical romance, 'Sister' Krissie a/k/a Anne Stuart will also be one of our speakers and Karen Leabo. These are three women do not want to miss.

3.And as a special surprise, Sue Krinard will be our guest speaker the Friday before Halloween and we will be having a book giveaway. Don't forget to stop by our webpages and check us out. We have many more new and exciting things planned!


Karen Litman is working on bringing the Founding 400 up-to-date. Right now our count of people willing to purchase "The Farris Channel" is under 280. If you haven't signed up for advance purchase of the hardbound book the registration can be found at:

Once I have caught up with all the people who have signed up for the book, I will be compiling the names for the Villain contest, and submitting them to the selection committee.


Quote of the Month: "We can admit that we're killers, but we're not going to kill today." James T. Kirk in "A Taste of Armageddon" How apt for Sime~Gen.

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