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April 1999

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April 28, 1999


We are pleased to announce that House of Zeor is now available online at Bibliobytes House of Zeor was the first Sime~Gen novel published and has been out of print for some time. The other Sime~Gen novels will also be available on Bibliobytes over the next few months. Ambrov Keon and Zelerod_s Doom are both being prepared for this site.


Please, one and all, visit We have brand-new boards (sometimes called forums) up there, just waiting for you to come and participate. Click on "Sime~Gen Online" to reach the fan boards where you can communicate with the other fans of the Sime~Gen universe, as well as other science fiction and fantasy. Stop by, introduce yourself, and participate in any of the discussions that interest you. The nice thing about boards/forums is that the messages stay there on the website for you to read whenever you have time, and you can choose which topics you wish to read or participate in without having to read them all.


We have lots of exciting news for you this month, as the WorldCrafters Guild at continues to grow. There are boards for the WroldCrafters Guild linked to the board URL--see above.


On April 17, our first guest chat was a rousing success! A hearty "Thank You" from all of us to Australian editor Julie Bauer of JB Books for being our very first guest. That chat was followed on April 23 by a chat with romance and sf author Sherrilyn Kenyon. We are very grateful to Sherrilyn for making time in her very busy schedule to chat with us.

If you missed these chats, you will find them logged at Please check these logs out--Julie Bauer's chat is filled with exciting news from an innovative editor who has a growing, thriving publishing house specializing in cross-genre books. Sherrilyn Kenyon's chat has all kinds of insight into writing in different genres. She uses several names--go readand find out if you have read her work under a different name!


Harlequin Historical Editor Patience Smith will be our guest. The time is

dependent on your tine zone--see our website for help in figuring out what time it will be where you are. Go to the Romance area on for both the announcements of chats and the ways to get to them either with your Internet browser or with an IRC program. It's _easy_!


Things have been flying for the romance section in the last month.

1. We've finally got the romance review section up and running, and it's so popular that they actually have 33 volunteers just for that site. Of course,if you consider just how many books they might end up reviewing each month, that isn't really that many people.

2. Our boards are doing great and we've had our FIRST chat with an Australian editor who is interested in futuristic/fantasy type books. More and more of these publishers are popping up all over in small press. There's a small demand that the NY publishers ignore, so others are taking up the slack. This is great news for those who love these types of crossover books.

3. Webpages. We have several people who have expressed interest in webpages and have started assembling them. Watch for upcoming pages soon.


4. Hits. The romance site is now registered with search engines and is registering quite a few hits. Old friends and new friends are finding their way to the site to post. Some are on the Romance-L list where we are talking about different things regarding writing.

5. AND finally, our library page is up and running. We have one file there! It's an archive of a point of view discussion. Be sure to stop by, peruse the area and sign our guest book. Suggestions are welcome.,/reviews/


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Looking for print copies of the Sime~Gen novels? Jean Lorrah's Savage Empire series? Jacqueline Lichtenberg's Dreamspy or Molt Brother books? Out of print books by any other sf author? An excellent source is Dangerous Visions, or email to You can also call (808) 986-6963.


Another source for out-of-print books, this one not confined to sf, is to be found at You can sign up to be notified when they locate a copy of a book you are looking for.


Sime~Gen Inc. and the WorldCrafter's Guild writing school are now on --Check now and often to find links to our newest features. Today you can find the link to read FREE the first Sime~Gen novel published, House of Zeor by Jacqueline Lichtenberg -- a rare bookcollectors have paid $140 for is now available to read free online, with more to follow. While you are at, join the Sime~Gen Listserve, surf Virtual Tecton Webring, sign up for any of the free Email S~G Newsletters (a few pages, twice a month max) at WorldCrafters Guild is a Trade Mark of Sime~Gen Inc.


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