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March 2000

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***** Feature Articles *****


*N'omi Rose provided publicity for the Buffy contest. She agreed to tell us a bit about herself. She actually has yet to read the Sime-Gen books. "My library doesn't carry them, though I have put in an interlibrary search. I hear I would really enjoy them! I am trying to read the one J[acqueline] has on free site, but have been unable to so far. Hard to *enjoy* a book when I have to paste those very small amount of text per page into my reader each time!

"However, I adore her Vampire books!" N’omi also enjoys other SF & SF/F, cozy mysteries, Jewish, Lesbian, and leather themed books, poetry, and Vampire (non-thriller) books!

Her other interests include "Ginger my companion dog, who is a cardigan corgi fluffy. I love gardening, and have a special passion for yellow roses. My main passion is writing, and I am learning to polish my skills on a daily basis by taking classes at WVU (Writer’s Village University), readings your writing lists, and writing every morning. I hope to someday take the JL’s Essence of Story class.

"I am also expecting [my} first grandchild in June 2000."

She is also a serious fan of Deborah Christian (Teramis), who is a novelist of mainstream science fiction & fantasy, an activist in leather and alternative lifestyles, a lesbian filmmaker, a writer of kinky erotica, artist, educator, and essayist

*Susan Ross Moore has agreed to put in 4 hours/week of html work. She says, "I've been a Sime~Gen fan since 1981 or earlier. I remember staying in the S~G room block at the 1981 and 1983 WorldCons; I gophered for JL at the 1983 WorldCon. I go by the name of "Sosu Su" because my persona is of a First Order Donor. I could probably handle a Farris or two! I'm also the unofficial S~G button, and soon mouse pad and t-shirt, maker.

"I came into Sime~Gen fandom through Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover books, and into that fandom from having read the first Pern trilogy and having a bookstore clerk suggest I try Pern. I've also been a Star Trek fan since Day One (showing my age there!).

"I write as much as time allows and have finally made my first professional sale. I work as a Senior Editor for Macmillan USA, for the Que imprint of computer books. I'm obviously an email and Internet junkie. I live in central Indiana with a husband and (currently) 10 cats.

*Vallorie Lennox can provide graphics and html help. She’s stronger on graphics, so she may be most helpful in the Art Department.

*Robyn King-Nitschke who has myriad experience designing web sites, doing graphic design, is good with PhotoShop and other graphics programs.

*Bruce Gray will start to build the /fandom/ section of the web site.

*Carol Castellanos has volunteered to post reviews on the web.




A couple of months ago, Michelle Freeman wrote to Jacqueline Lichtenberg. She wanted to relate how her life was influenced by reading Jacqueline’s books.

She wrote, "I read them as a miserable, malleable, Midwestern teenager, and they helped to establish some of my core values. From them, I learned not to fear those who are different, and that it is possible and sometimes even necessary to love someone who is unlike oneself. I've since grown up to marry a Jewish man (I'm Methodist), and we have adopted a daughter from India. I am eternally grateful that I, as my mother often put it, "wasted my time reading science fiction, which has nothing to do with the real world."

When I asked her for a write-up for the newsletter, she also wrote the following. "I grew up in an nice, white, middle-class neighborhood with little exposure to anything or anyone ‘different.’ My parents were less than pleased to find I was marrying a Jew, not for religious regions but because I ‘would never be able to understand his culture.’ When, after several miscarriages, we informed my parents that we were adopting a baby girl from India, my father replied, "Couldn't you 'Buy American!'? Wouldn't it be better to have a baby that was at least white?" It's as if they are afraid of anything different. If not for the worlds I found in books during my formative years, I probably would have their narrow viewpoint and be the poorer for it. Not much of a story though, I think.

"One area I think would be interesting to explore is what literature, besides the Sime-Gen novels, we list subscribers hold dear. The books I read out of school had at least as much influence in my life as anything I learned in classes. There are probably 15-20 authors who introduced pivotal concepts into my life through fiction. Off the top of my head these include J. R. R. Tolkien, Frank Herbert, Samuel R. Delany, Suzette Haden Elgin, Megan Lindhom, Elizabeth Lynn, Ursula K. LeGuin, Madeline L'Engle, Kurt Vonnegut, Herman Hesse, and of course Jean Lorrah and Jacqueline Lichtenberg. I love other people's reading lists, such as "My 10 Favorite Science Fiction Universes" or "What I'm Reading Now" because by reading the books I learn more about the person that made the list.



***** News *****

*NEW LOOK FOR WEB SITE: Patric Michael has been working hard to redesign the pages on our web site. He started in the reviews area, but I believe he will have done a lot more by the time you read this. The new look is really snazzy. Check it out.

*OCTOBER POETRY CONTEST WINNERS can be read at <>. Parody contest winners will also be posted at the same site.

*WORLDCON IN CHICAGO. If you are planning to be at the convention, please plan to help organize and attend the Sime-Gen party. Larry Ulrey ( is the contact for the party, which is tentatively scheduled for about 9pm on Friday, 1 September. Information about the convention can be found at <>.

*Don’t forget the BUFFY PARODY CONTEST at <>.

*FOUNDING 400: There are 279 Hardcover orders, and 36 for the paperback. We need 400 hardcover orders before we're able to publish. Anyone who orders the hardcover can have a name as "Naztehr [Name] ambrov Zeor" listed in the book. Those interested in signing up can do so at <>.

*Reminder that CLASSES are being conducted almost continuously: Many topics are available. Recent offerings include Editing and Radio Plays. Interested people may register for classes at <>. Classes are held on a private chat server.

*USEFUL SITES: If you missed Jacqueline's first novel, THE HOUSE OF ZEOR, you can now read it at <>.

Early Lichtenberg article: "The Refurbished Character" is now posted to Companion in Zeor #5 <>.

*HELP WANTED: Sime-Gen Inc. and need volunteers with a variety of different knowledge and skills to help with the work on For the most part, we're looking for people with just a few hours each week, to take some of the burden off our full-time staff. Some jobs require little or no technical knowledge. Please take a look at <> for the latest update-and please check back often. We update frequently! If we don't have a job you're interested in today, there could be one day after tomorrow.



***** Recent and Upcoming Publications *****

*Leigh Kimmel reports a new sale. Alexandria Digital Literature (<>) will be reprinting her short story "The Stirge." It should be available on their web site in the next month or two. Her short story "The Claws of Vengeance" is already available there.

*Sosu Su (Susan Ross Moore) reports that her story "Family Matters" will appear in STRANGE NEW WORLDS III, published by Pocket Books/Star Trek Division. The ISBN is 0-671-03652-1; it's 384 pages, and sells for $13.95. It's a May 2000 book, but may be available as early as late April. Her story is a "Star Trek: The Original Series" story in which Spock travels to Earth to assist one of his mother's relatives.

She has also written RING OF DECEIT, a ST:TOS novel, published by Jean Lorrah's Empire Books. Copies are also available directly from her.

She also reports having co-edited three issues of TO THE FULLEST X-TENT, an X-Files fanzine.



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