15 May 2006:   from Jacqueline Lichtenberg to Greer Watson


If I were a Genfarmer, I'd separate away the 7-16 year olds, use them for labor, control them (probably Gen overseers in some places).   I wouldn't allow parental bonds to develop with any children so, even before seven, kids have been shoved around from place to place and dragged up by any Gen adults who happen to be around.

The drugs are of course originally herbals—and remember there are some new plants out there.   A real refining chemical industry isn't developed until the Gen supply steadies enough for civilization to crystalize.   But when there's profit to be made in herbals, refinement doesn't lag by much.

Genfarms might well shrink in territory needed as farming techniques improve—you can grow enough food to feed the people on a smaller area that the people have to work.   Then it becomes easier for fewer Simes to control all the (drugged and docile) Gens.

Remember the feudal system in Europe—there really weren't that many nobles as you read about in Romances.


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