Shirley Maiewski: A Tribute

Continuing a tribute for Shirley Maiewski, long time head of STAR TREK WELCOMMITTEE who passed away in April, 2004.  The entry page to Shirley Maiewski: A Tribute

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It has been suggested that Shirley Maiewski's life would make a fine subject for an A&E Biography segment, since they have done Gene Roddenberry. If you agree and would like to urge A&E's Biography producers to consider Shirley, you may e-mail though at this time (April 2004) we're not certain this is the most effective target eddress.

Jacqueline's letter to A & E's BIOGRAPHY



I would like to propose a candidate for A&E's show BIOGRAPHY.

Her name is not famous, but her work has affected tens of thousands of lives over decades, and I'm sure you've heard of it, or have a close relative who has.

She passed away recently, and there is a growing swell of emotional outpouring in tribute to her unrelenting dedication to helping people connect with others to share a hobby.

She is Shirley Maiewski, who headed the STAR TREK WELCOMMITTEE for decades.

Through her work of finding an involved and active Star Trek fan to write a friendly welcome to every new Star Trek fan who contacted the Welcommittee, she has ignited the fires of creativity in thousands of young and old alike. She managed a crew of dozens of active fans (before e-mail became common) all over the USA and the World. Over the years, hundreds of people worked under her management and leadership. Gene Roddenberry was very greatful.

There is a STAR TREK WELCOMMITTEE table cloth signed by most of the actors and crew of Star Trek.

Many people feel that finding Star Trek Fandom through this Welcommittee changed their lives, kept them in college to get a degree, helped them choose a major or find a spouse -- in other words, shaped their future.

A Tribute website has been launched in her honor with at the moment only a few contributions, but many more leaders of Star Trek Fandom have indicated they will send in contributions.

Here is the URL:

Live Long and Prosper,
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