Shirley Maiewski: A Tribute

Continuing a tribute for Shirley Maiewski, long time head of STAR TREK WELCOMMITTEE who passed away in April, 2004.  The entry page to Shirley Maiewski: A Tribute

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by Dr. David A. Williams

As a child growing up in the American Midwest in the 1970s, I was drawn to the syndicated television show "Star Trek," which was usually on weekdays after school. Watching that show daily from 1971-1979 (as well as the animated Star Trek series on Saturday mornings), I became fascinated (pun intended) by this interacial crew of explorers boldly exploring the galaxy and at the same time exploring themselves and the nature of the human condition.

Needless to say, Star Trek had a profound impact on me, and inspired me to pursue a career in planetary science (I am now a planetary geologist on faculty at Arizona State University where I have participated in the NASA Magellan Mission to Venus, the NASA Galileo Mission to Jupiter, and the ESA Mars Express orbiter mission). It was during my formative teenage years that I heard of the Star Trek Welcommittee and the work of Shirley Maiewski and others to introduce new people to the growing phenomenon of "Star Trek."

I remember thinking at the time that if a group of adults formed an organization like the Star Trek Welcommittee to promote fandom for the show, then I must not be crazy in enjoying the show so much! Many of my scientist colleagues over the years have enjoyed Star Trek in its many incarnations, and I know that many individuals have been motivated to become doctors, scientists, engineers, and military officers at least in part from watching Star Trek. It has become an American icon that exemplifies the best that humanity can be, and this is in part due to the great work promoting the show by individuals like Shirley Maiewski.

In tribute to her I offer this statement: May the best ideals of "Star Trek" continue to inspire people from now into the 23rd century and beyond!


This Acrobat PDF file contains an interesting article about the influence of Star Trek in shaping Dr. Williams' future. It was featured in the 'Fan Focus' section of the "Star Trek Communicator" (Official Fan Club Magazine) that was published last fall (2003) in issue #146. "Star Trek Communicator" is edited by Larry Nemecek. This file was supplied to us, at Jacqueline's request, by Dr. Williams.


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