Nageric Detectors

Ronnie Bob Whitaker
Fri, 13 Sep 1996 23:57:41 -0500
Friday, 13 September 1996,
Dear fellow venturers,
I was thinking about the computer technology and who might come up with it
first, but got diverted by another issue.  I was imagining a "virtual
reality" type of environment where gens could actually "see" the nageric
output of other gens as simes "see" it.  Of course, it wouldn't be the same
because their brains aren't developed exactly the same way and don't have
experience with the actual detectors.  If you saw the Star Trek Next
Generation show where the Captain and crew rigged up a transmission to view
things through Jordi's visor, and the comments they made about how "unusual"
the input was, but that Jordi thought it natural, since that was all he was
used to.
I picture this "virtual reality" experience the same for the gens, they can
"see" the nageric frequencies translated into something they can see
visually, just as an infrared video translates heat to red which can be seen
To pull this off, there would need to be detectors developed which could
detect selyn and its nager.  Of course, this is a logical extension of the
"discovery" of the existence of selyn in the first place.  I'm not sure
whether the Simes would want an "artificial" way to detect selyn, since they
have their own natural way, but just because we have natural vision, that
doesn't stop us from viewing videos which show incidents "artificially."  I
KNOW that the O-T gens would LOVE to have selyn detectors, but they would
have to first get over their denial that selyn exists in the first place.
Thus, the most logical developers of these selyn detectors would be in-T Gens.
With small enough integrated circuits, portable selyn detectors should be
possible and gens could wear glasses that would display the nageric
vibrations as possibly "halo like light" around the sources similar to the
way pilots have their heads up displays which gives them the information
without interfering with their regular vision.

What are your thoughts on this and the uses it might provide?

Having Fun in the Sime/Gen Universe,
Ronnie Bob

Cheryl Wolverton
Sat, 14 Sep 1996 11:38:33 -0400
Ronnie Bob...funny you should ask about selyn detectors...I was wondering
last night how a computer would work if invented by Simes.  Of course, the
Tecton would have a hand in it...which means it's possible a non householding
Sime would do this so I figured it would be invented totally without the Gen
in mind.  For instance, our cumbersome keyboard would be useless to a
Sime...I would imagine they would have one totally different in shape...maybe
for one hand only since they have tentacles...Perhaps a "T" shape where all
the tentacles can reach...but would make it impossible for Gen hands.

And they way we use a mouse...hmm...maybe they used something that had to do
with selyn in this...I'm not making sense with this...but can see what I mean
in my mind<G>>.....After all, look at the problem Hugh ran into inHOZ when
the message container was found.  Klyd could open it.  It was impossible for
a Gen.....Just a thought;)

Cheryl Wolverton

Leigh Kimmel
Sat, 14 Sep 1996 11:33:55 -1758
>.....After all, look at the problem Hugh ran into inHOZ when
>the message container was found.  Klyd could open it.  It was impossible for
>a Gen.....Just a thought;)
>Cheryl Wolverton

In tht society, Gens were not considered to be people, but very clever
animals. Using a Gen-proof container was more analogous to "keeping the
dogs out."

Of course that raises the interesting question of how Simes were able to
think that Gens were animals when children born of Simes established.
Obviously we're dealing with a single species here -- or have they
forgotten the principle of "like produces like"? Is it a case where the
definition of "person" is not congruent with the definition of the human
species (rather like at various times certain groups and classes of people
were regarded as subhuman, even while most people recognized that they were
of the same species, even if they didn't have the scientific terminology to
say it that way). Or was it simply a case of _denial_? (I'm using the term
in the psychological sense, for a willful blinding of oneself to
inconvenient facts).

"I do believe my crucifiction before the public has about reached its limit."
                                Admiral Husband Edward Kimmel

Leigh Kimmel, Ph.D. student in history, Southern Illinois University