Eskalie's Destiny

Mary Mendum
Thu, 12 Sep 1996 20:05:01 -0700
Margaret, Jacqueline (and Cherri),

I know where Eskalie's going to end up, eventually.  At least
aproximately--there are some details I haven't decided on yet, but I know
where she's going to be psychologically, and how she's going to come to
terms with Householding Dar.

I don't yet know exactly how she's going to get there, though there are
some obvious steps, like accepting herself as an adult Sime, making
her peace with her family (and forming an adult relationship with
them), and of course, getting over her Killer Gen phobia, and settling
down to the business of making a living.

Jacqueline, a large part of the reason for your impression that Eskalie
isn't moving in a particular direction is simply that you, and Cherri too,
like the kid.  As a result, you're adamently opposed to the direction
she's going, and you keep trying to force her back on a more comfortable
course.  Hence your comments asking about when Eskalie is going to decide
that Tallin is a person, and by extension that all Gens are people.

That's the lesson a young Sime would have to learn in the process of
joining a Householding, but it isn't necessary for Eskalie's journey.

Fair warning, then.  Eskalie's accomodation to her world was decided
before I wrote the first paragraph of Pilfered Pen, and no amount of
anguished howls of frustration will change my mind.

Bonb threats won't work, either.

Mary Lou

Cousin Cherri
Fri, 13 Sep 1996 21:47:32 -0700
Oh come one ML.....Eskalie's going to get a clue...she has to.

Cousin Cherri 

Leigh Kimmel
Fri, 13 Sep 1996 14:08:42 -1758
Mary Lou, you've succeeded in one very important thing -- you've made your
readers care about Eskalie! Because of that, they want to see you write a
certain kind of story for her, the kind of story they feel is going to be
the best for her. Unfortunately that's just not the story you're trying to

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Margaret Carter
Sat, 14 Sep 1996 13:03:13 -0400

Yes, Mary Lou, you have really made us care about this character.  You have
an enviable talent that way.

Margaret Carter