To Contribute to Sime~Gen Online

Here we are assembling the documentation, rules, and procedures, to give newcomers guidance in how to get their own Sime~Gen work accepted and presented on the Virtual Tecton sites. Those who have contributed to the various on-paper Sime~Gen 'zines already know the drill. And this will be essentially the same - we don't intend to lower the editorial standards for online publication.

At the end of April, 1997, we are just beginning to organize this. Hitherto, everything posted on the web sites has been through all of these procedures, from rewriting to editing, to editorial approval, to copyediting, to copyrighting, and finally printing on paper. Forms and explanations will be posted on this site as we get this organized.

Now that we have gathered a number of readers entirely new to Sime~Gen - or who barely remember reading the published novels in the '70's - and they have read everything posted online, they are In Need of new material that is only now being written.

Karen Litman ( has put out the call for contributions to the new Companion in Zeor Online - which will have a paper edition and a disk edition as well. She is preparing the masthead, logo, and statement of editorial slant. Contact her directly via email if you are thinking of contributing.

Meanwhile, she approves of my statement of what kind of content she's looking for.

Here is what I posted to the Sime~Gen List re: contributing to Companion in Zeor:

Many of you may feel intimidated by the idea of contributing FICTION to a fanzine. For those who haven't seen many of the S~G 'zines on paper, I have to point out that they usually have letters, articles, poems, artwork, cartoons, and features.

CZ has the added editorial slant of emphasizing the humor of the situation from all angles (our passion for this imaginary world is quite humorous actually -- the S~G world while very grim indeed nevertheless is filled with people who do have a sense of humor however crude or refined it might be, and as there are so many academics on this List, may I point out that Academe has provided some of the funniest material in the form of erudite "papers" written by Sime academics trying to explain their world.)

The occasional writer's article also appears in CZ -- and CZ is the 'zine among this group that hosts our interests in other sf universes such as Trek. Someone might want to contrast/compare S~G with the trends in this industry.

This List has generated a number of really informative discussions that should be assembled into articles by someone with an organizing bent of mind -- so those who don't feel up to contributing fiction have the option of founding a column in CZ-online or an ongoing feature. Once organized, Listposts can have solicited material added to fill in the gaps of the logic or connect it into the worldbuilding effort. And don't forget all our other favorite authors both onscreen and inprint -- Sime~Gen doesn't exist in a vacuum. Reveal the connecting links to everything else there is.

One of the best features the 'zines presented was the small town newspaper that "reported" on the goings-on in a typical small town in the S~G world in small-town newspaper style. It was the funniest thing I've seen since Ferdinand Feghoot!!

Many of you probably have your favorite places in the S~G world that you visit in imagination every once in a while. Take us there - show us how you have fun in the S~G universe.

And this is ONLINE -- free of paper -- THINK about what can be accomplished on a website that can't be done on paper. We are (as I've pointed out on the Work topic occasionally) creating NEW FORMS for our fiction delivery system. Innovate. Create something NEW. Experiment. Don't be limited by old-style thinking.

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