Imagine a world, our world, in the far distant future. Humanity has mutated into two different races. There are the GENS or generators of SELYN the energy of life. Their bodies produce more selyn than they require to live. Then there are the SIMES. They require SELYN to live, but their bodies don't produce SELYN. The only way the can obtain it is from a GEN, which can kill the GEN. Can humanity survive under these conditions?

This is the Sime~Gen universe created by Jacqueline Lichtenberg. Humanity did survive. Householdings formed around the channels, a special submutation of Sime. Channels can take selyn from Gens without killing them and channel it to Simes thus preventing them from killing.

Fans of this delightful universe have banded together loosely, forming Householdings with names and virtues that might have existed in the Sime~Gen world of our future.

For more information on the Universe and links to lots of Sime~Gen fiction on the web visit Rimon's Library.

For questions or comments about this web site, contact the Householding Registrar.

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