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Ahlvastin is a Sime~Gen Household, a combination of a fictional place and a fan group. Sime~Gen is a fictional universe. A Household in the fiction is a group of people who share beliefs and choose to live together. There's more to it than that, but that's a start.

Deann, First Companion in Ahlvastin, on the topic of households:

A Household is a place where the shape of your body doesn't matter. All that matters is whether you share our hopes and want to work for them to become reality.
A Household is not a place of safety, simply of acceptance and shared dreams.


House Ahlvastin's virtue is Perspective. The word Ahlvastin means - roughly translated - the view from a high place, or looking out over the landscape from a high place.
House Ahlvastin teaches that one can often solve a problem by gaining a new perspective on it - by seeing it in a different way, changing your point of view.

Deann, First Companion in Ahlvastin, on the topic of Perspective:

Sometimes a thing looks impossible to accomplish. When that happens, you're looking at it wrong. Step back, walk around it, get over it and look down, get under it and look up. Look at it from the corner of your eyes. There's always a way of looking at it where it becomes possible again.


"Make it Happen," or, as the First Companion has been known to say it "Have a go."

Deann, First Companion in Ahlvastin, on the house motto:

"'Ave a go, y' mug!"
Whatever you want to achieve, it is worth achieving. Whatever your dream, try for it. Your accomplishments are not limited by the shape or health of your body or mind, nor by your status in society, geographical location, financial situation nor by any of the myriad of other factors that affect us.
These things determine where you stand, where you begin your quest. They also may limit which paths you may take to achieve your goal, and how swiftly you may move along the path. Paths are tricky things, from some angles it looks as if you will never reach your destination - but if you keep moving, your goal will come within sight again. Sometime.


Purple, silver, gray

Deann, First Companion in Ahlvastin, on the colours:

Purple, the colour of dreamers, dreams, and fantasies. It is also a blend of Zeor's excellence with Keon's practicality. Don't let yourself drift so high that you lose touch with the practical side, but don't immerse yourself so deeply into practicality that you forget your lofty goals.
Silver, the shade of moonbeams and metal. Bright, cheerful, expensive - and it tarnishes easily. We all have our flaws. Work with them - the tarnish in the etchings makes the surface seem much brighter.
Gray. Dull, prosaic and practical. The colour of depression and of washed-out work clothes. Also the shade of mists, mystery and delightful madness. It just depends on how you look at it.


Writing, design, synthesis of ideas

Deann, First Companion in Ahlvastin, on the topic of ideas:

Ahlvastin attracts those who suffer some form of disability, sometimes mental, sometimes physical, usually a combination of both. Some of our members are sufficiently disabled that they can only rarely leave their rooms.
All contribute to the House.
All our members have active, willing minds and fertile imaginations. Our members are encouraged to develop their minds, and to feed them with information, ideas and dreams. Because of this support and encouragement, people who seem to be severely disabled turn out to be merely inconvenienced. The fact that our bodies or the health of our minds slows us down is just a problem to be solved - not a major handicap to our lives and goals.

It's just a matter ot perspective.


Ancient members

Members from the 'real world'.

Fictional members

Members used in fiction.
Kennet GencksSectuib
Jenn VespermanFirst Companion
Richard GencksGen
Allison McGaw
(Around Digen Farris' time)
DeannFirst Companion
(Around Klyd Farris' time)

Founding Members

Kennet Gencks, Jenn Vesperman, Richard Gencks, Gwyn, Allison McGaw.

The House was founded when the Sime~Gen role-playing game was started, and the founding members are the original team working on the game. As with the fictional House, most of the members are disabled - some to the extent that they cannot often leave their room or their house.
Despite this, House Ahlvastin members have (since mid-year 1997):

And our programmers have: ... and that's just our Sime~Gen interests.

If you're interested in House Ahlvastin building something for you, let us know.

Jenn K.L. Vesperman.

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