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Borderlands -- Cooperative Fiction

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a Sime or a Gen? Are you going into attrition waiting for some new S/G material to read?

Several years ago, a group of intrepid fans got together in an IRC chat room and adopted one or more Sime or Gen personae. As the characters began to interact, a story began to emerge, and it took on a life of its own. Since then, fans have played in a good half dozen different scenarios, generating spontaneous, cooperatively written fiction.

Unlike traditional roleplaying games, there are no dice or game master: plot twists are arrived at in a cooperative fashion through discussions between the players. New characters are generated as the story demands, to create problems or situations for existing characters to solve. The result is an ever-changing cast of three-dimensional characters, who seem to take on lives of their own.

The currently active scenario, called Borderlands, begins in Gen Territory about 35 years after Unity. A sudden snowstorm stops the trains, stranding a channel diplomat and his Donor in the insular small town of Gumgeeville. The consequences of that one event are still multiplying as the game continues.

Current participants include Mary Lou Mendum, John Cowan, M. Alexis Pakulak and Beverly Erlebacher.

Index to the Borderlands episodes.

We welcome comments on the story. Please send them to borderlands AT cs DOT toronto DOT edu or post them to the Sime~Gen Facebook group. Inquiries from potential players are also welcome.


Several people have asked what happened between the last posted episodes of the Snake River Dam scenario and Borderlands so we've written a summary.