What's Yours Is Mine: Episode 22

Kleandjurk ambrov Dar strolls down the street of the quiet little mining town. She had been quite excited, at first, about getting her first out-T bodyguarding assignment. But this little town doesn't look as if it's terribly exotic, or much of a challenge.

Kleandjurk is a bit surprised at how run-down and dingy the place looks. Don't the mine operators know that the better you treat your staff, the better they'll perform?

Piledon makes his way down the street in a ~~ funk ~~, wondering how to make ends meet. He's well aware that if the company bigwigs learn that he's been active in the union, he'd be first fired, then jailed for failure to pay off all his debts on demand.

Kleandjurk sees someone approaching and brushes imaginary lint from her uniform, determined to represent Dar at its best. One should always start every scuffle clean and neatly pressed.

Piledon ~~ wonders ~~ if he'll be able to stay employed long enough to go on strike, if that's what's required.

Piledon notes the stranger ahead and stops, ~~ staring ~~.

Kleandjurk trots out her best Genlan.

Kleandjurk: Good morning, gentle sir.

Piledon assumes, naturally enough, that anyone so well dressed must be a Company employee. Or the wife of one, anyway.

Piledon tugs the grubby brim of his cap.

Piledon: Morning, mum.

Kleandjurk: I am Kleandjurk ambrov Dar.

Piledon: Ambrovdar?

Piledon tries to remember the last names of all the company bigwigs, and doesn't find an Ambrovdar among them.

Piledon: Don't recall hearing that name before.

Kleandjurk: Householding Dar, of Nivet. We are security people and bodyguards.

Piledon's eyes widen.

Piledon: Coleman's bringing in new guards?

Piledon has the ~~ sinking ~~ feeling that comes with learning that he and his fellow miners have been outmaneuvered, as usual.

Kleandjurk: I am here with Hajene Katsura ambrov Sat'htine and her Companion, Sosu Nick.

Piledon: Sosunick?

Kleandjurk: Nick ambrov Sat'htine, formerly known as...

Kleandjurk pauses to try to remember

Kleandjurk: Nicholas Garbage, I believe. No, Wreckage.

Piledon's jaw drops.

Piledon: Nick Debree is here?????

Kleandjurk: Debree? Yes, I believe that was another of his names. But no matter; he is Sosu Nick ambrov Sat'htine now.

Piledon: Does Coleman know yet? He's going to be furious.

Kleandjurk: Since Sosu Nick was assigned here on a diplomatic mission as requested by Hajene Seruffin, I would assume that his presence is officially known.

Piledon looks around with ~~ alarm ~~.

Piledon: Coleman will never let Debree leave safely. He hates anybody who defies him.

Kleandjurk: We of Dar are here for his protection. I assure you, Sosu Nick and his party will be safe.

Piledon: I dunno. The company goons are tough. And there are lots of them.

Kleandjurk: We are six of Dar's finest. We will keep him safe.

Piledon: Six? There are fifteen of them!

Kleandjurk shrugs.

Kleandjurk: Then they are badly outnumbered.

Piledon shakes his head.

Piledon: Things are gonna get rough.

Kleandjurk shrugs again.

Kleandjurk: That is why we of Dar are here.

Kleandjurk could use a good fight, in fact. It's been nothing but training exercises for much too long.

Kleandjurk: I am seeking, at present, the local police station. Can you kindly point me towards it?

Piledon shuffles uneasily.

Piledon: Ma'am, trust me, you don't want to go there. They can be pretty... rough. And you a lady and all.

Kleandjurk: I thank you for your concern, but I am Dar. And I have a task to do.

Piledon: Well... it's the building down the street there. With the hitching rail in front.

Kleandjurk: The one with the two horses? Or the one farther along, with one?

Piledon: The first, ma'am. The second is the store. But you should really stay away from them.

Kleandjurk: I cannot. I have work to do. But do not be of concern; I will not be harmed.

Piledon shakes his head.

Piledon: It's your funeral, ma'am.

Kleandjurk smiles up at the much taller miner.

Kleandjurk: Not for many years, I expect. I am still young.

Piledon shakes his head in ~~ disbelief ~~ and continues on his way.

Kleandjurk proceeds towards the police station.

Phlem is sitting behind his desk, playing with his pistol as he contemplates the worsening situation.

Phlem is a lazy fellow at heart, which is why he took up his current job rather than something more vigorous, like mining.

Phlem is ~~ not pleased ~~ at the increasing tension between his boss and the miners, as breaking up potential strikes is hard, violent work. He has never heard of Dar, of course.

Kleandjurk ~~ signals ~~ outside the door and then walks into the station, looking cute, petite, blonde, and very very Dar.

Phlem looks up and ~~ admires ~~ the newcomer.

Phlem: Good morning, ma'am.

Phlem stands politely.

Kleandjurk: Good morning, gentle sir. I am seeking the officer in charge.

Phlem: That's me. The mine office is up the street. I could escort you there, if you wish.

Kleandjurk shakes her head.

Kleandjurk: Not the mine. The security officer.

Phlem: Oh. Do you have a crime to report, Ma'am?

Kleandjurk shakes her head.

Kleandjurk: No. I am Kleandjurk ambrov Dar, here with five of my naztehrhai as guards to the Tecton diplomatic mission. I am here to give greetings, to avoid misunderstandings.

Phlem: They've got guards now?

Phlem is ~~ offended ~~ that he wasn't informed ahead of time.

Kleandjurk nods.

Kleandjurk: Six of us, to protect Hajene Katsura ambrov Sat'htine and her Companion, Sosu Nick.

Phlem: Another channel? One wasn't enough? The boss is gonna flip.

Kleandjurk shrugs. She leaves channels' business to the channels and diplomacy to the diplomats.

Kleandjurk: We are six in number, all of us Gen, all wearing uniform as you see here.

Kleandjurk gestures proudly at her Dar turquoise and gray.

Kleandjurk: If you require aid of us in trouble, we will gladly assist.

Phlem: The only trouble we're likely to see will be caused by you meddlers.

Kleandjurk: We do not meddle. We come only where requested. We are here because danger was feared for Sosu Nick.

Phlem: The guy's a troublemaker? Must be quite a drunk, to need six bodyguards.

Kleandjurk: He has given us no difficulties.

Kleandjurk is too professional to mention any of the stories she's heard about his past, or his ancestry.

Kleandjurk: But he has been here before, and therefore trouble was feared.

Phlem: Huh. Has the guy got a record? What was the name, again?

Kleandjurk: Sosu Nick ambrov Sat'htine. Formerly known as Nicholas Reckage or Nicholas Debree.

Phlem's jaw drops.

Phlem: You brought Nick Debree here? Damn, his arrest is gonna cause trouble.

Kleandjurk: We intend to make no trouble. And what was done to him in the past is as if forgotten.

Phlem snorts.

Phlem: Coleman never forgets an insult. And Debree has offered plenty.

Kleandjurk suddenly seems much taller.

Kleandjurk: We will keep him safe. From this Coleman or from anyone else.

Kleandjurk speaks with all the certainty of a Dar bodyguard.

Phlem leans forward, leaving no doubt that he's a lot bigger than her.

Phlem: You tell Debree this from me: he'd better keep his nose clean. I'm the law in this town, and I don't tolerate troublemakers.

Kleandjurk: I will tell him. But he is not here for trouble. He is here as diplomat, to aid in the ending of troubles.

Phlem: Debree? A diplomat? Fat chance.

Kleandjurk: He was requested by Hajene Seruffin for that purpose.

Phlem: I told Coleman that Sime was trouble.

Kleandjurk remains calm despite the other's insulting comments. She knows one must never let emotion rule in a dangerous situation.

Kleandjurk: I have told you, we are not here to do trouble. Can you promise the same?

Phlem: I do what Coleman tells me to.

Kleandjurk: And I, too, will do my duty.

Nasdrip comes into the station, after a shift spent supervising unruly miners. He likes what he sees in front of Phlem's desk.

Kleandjurk is very aware of a second person at her back, but keeps her eyes on Phlem, whom she considers the greater threat.

Nasdrip: Oho! Who's the pretty little thing? Hey, I'm lots younger than he is.

Nasdrip puts a hand on Kleandjurk to turn her around for a closer inspection.

Kleandjurk grabs the hand and flips its owner over her hip, using his own strength against him.

Nasdrip gives a yell and hits the ground hard.

Phlem gapes down at the little woman.

Kleandjurk: If this is one of your men, sir, he requires better discipline.

Phlem stares after her as she flounces out of the station.

Phlem: There goes trouble.

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