The Rising Generation: Episode 15

Nick is relaxing with his channel in the gardens behind the Sime Center.

Katsura is enjoying the sun, the sight and scent of the flowers, and as always, the zlin of Nick's nager.

Nick's nager is always happier when he's outdoors.

Katsura: Oh, I zlin Lanard coming. Hm. She's in a good mood this time.

Nick: That's an improvement.

Katsura chuckles.

Nick is still feeling a little ~ guilty ~ for failing to give a channel a decent transfer.

Katsura: You can't win them all, Sosu.

Nick: So I've been told, but it's my job to do it anyway.

Katsura: I'm sure you did what you thought was the right thing. You can't get it right all the time, no matter what the Zeor Farrises try to get everybody to believe.

Katsura pats Nick's hand, then idly caresses it with a tentacle.

Nick clutches the tentacle for ~~ comfort ~~. He reflects that at least he was able to keep Kat healthy under trying circumstances.

Lanard walks through the gardens in search of Kat and Nick. She's still small and young-looking, and her House colors, fuchsia and scarlet, still clash as badly as ever, but her clothes are much more attractive, and both her Gen-visible manner and her nager radiate ~~ calm confidence ~~.

Nick looks away from Lanard's colors in self-defense.

Katsura squints as Lanard approaches. Teal and orange may not be the best of House colors, but at least Sat'htine livery can go with dark or pale teal, and just use touches of orange.

Katsura: Good morning, Sectuib Lanard. Sat'htine offers respect to Nysek.

Lanard: Respect to Sat'htine, and do call me Lanard. ~~ mild amusement ~~

Nick arranges his nager to lightly ~ support ~ both channels comfortably.

Lanard signals ~~ thanks ~~ to Nick.

Katsura: You zlin well today, Lanard.

Lanard: I certainly should, Katsura. And there's not much point in formality when our Houses have become intertwined, eh?

Lanard demonstrates what she means with a complex and graceful tentacle gesture. She isn't stuttering at all.

Katsura: I suppose they have, in a minor way. ~~ amused ~~

Katsura figures a transfer-for-merchandise deal isn't all that much, and Roger, being retired, can spend some time at Nysek, if he likes. Sectuib certainly isn't going to stop him.

Nick: Roger has been doing well for you, I assume?

Lanard: You might well say that. ~~ more amusement ~~ I would even say that ~~ He's ~~ turned my life around completely.

Lanard makes the capital letter entirely audible, not to mention the nageric reinforcement.

Katsura: Has he?

Katsura wonders what naive and loony notion Lanard has gotten into her head this time. Well, Roger can handle it, whatever it is.

Lanard: Of course. ~~ He ~~ is my Master. Now that I belong to ~~ Him ~~, everything in my life is so very much clearer.

Katsura groans mentally, behind her ~~ calm ~~ and ~~ interested ~~ showfield.

Lanard: My lips, my tentacles, my vriamic node, my sexual organs -- all are at ~~ His ~~ service. And of course my mind and heart as well.

Nick exercises the control learned while dealing with two insane Farris channels and prevents his reaction from being seen or zlinned.

Lanard: So when ~~ He ~~ commands me to be calm and self-assured, I am -- in submission to ~~ Him ~~. As you can see and zlin for yourselves.

Katsura: Indeed I can.

Katsura wonders if this is some kind of therapy Roger has come up with, or if it's some plan of Lanard's that he's trying to cope with.

Lanard: I would make ~~ Him ~~ my First Companion of-but-not-in Nysek if he wanted it, but of course that would depend on your Sectuib's attitude.

Katsura thinks it would depend on Roger's attitude too, but it might just go with Roger's sometimes quirky sense of humor.

Katsura: I see. And what does your current First Companion think of all this?

Katsura refers to the TN-2 who is the best, though inadequate, match Nysek has for its new Sectuib.

Lanard: ~~ compassion ~~ Stee has known for a long time that his position is now only nominal. He wouldn't be hurt by it, I don't believe. In any case, that's for the future. I know my Master may not always be with me, but if he requires me to do without him, take transfer from other Gens or sex from other men, I will do so proudly.

Nick doesn't envy Roger.

Katsura is very glad that Lanard is Not Her Problem. But she'll no doubt be a challenge to Roger. He could use a good challenge about now -- he's probably getting bored with retirement.

Katsura: I see.

Lanard: I know you can't really understand, even though you zlin as if you did. But it doesn't matter. What matters is that I've discovered my true way of life.

Lanard is ~~ proud ~~ in her ~~ humility ~~.

Katsura: I can certainly zlin that he's been good for your self-confidence.

Lanard chuckles.

Lanard: Oh yes. And for so much more than that. But as I say, you can't possibly understand it without being part of it.

Lanard turns to Nick.

Lanard: In any case, Nick, I'm sorry for trying to drag you into a role you weren't suited for. I really made a mess of things before my Master taught me my place. ~~ sincere ~~

Nick: I'm glad that Roger and you suit each other so well.

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