2016 New years General Chat
1st January 2016 US time, covering the year 2015

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‹MaryLou› I've got to get Bud showered. I'll be checking back in erratically for the next bit.

‹JL› Great - see you later Mary Lou

‹EdWilson› Let me see if I'm her

‹JL› Ed seems to be here!

‹EdWilson› Yes and I can see myself here too!

‹JL› It helps to see yourself!

‹EdWilson› :)

‹JL› Yes, it takes a bit to get settled into the chat-rooms.

‹JL› Jean noted on the Group she will likely be late. And I will have to leave in 2 hours - no leeway.

‹JL› I'm not seeing Zoe unless she's guest 307

‹EdWilson› That was me Ed wilson.

‹EdWilson› 307===> Ed Wilson

‹JL› Ah, OK - so now we wait for people to turn up.

‹Seanara› Karen says she'll be here in a bit.

‹JL› Oh, that's good.

‹JL› I'll BRB

‹Zoe Farris› Hello everyone.

‹Seanara› Hi Zoe

‹Zoe Farris› just setting up docs for logging, and waking up.

‹JL› Aha, Zoe is here!

‹JL› Seanara said Karen will be here soon.

‹KarenMac› I am here....

‹Seanara› Hi Karen

‹KarenMac› I've slowed down, as Seanara knows, but I'm still poking along.

‹JL› Yay! HAPPY NEW YEAR Karen, Seanara, Mary Lou (who will be back soon) and Ed and Zoe

‹JL› Oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR Andrea

‹EdWilson› Happy new year. Hope I get a job this year!

‹Andygal› Thank you!

‹Zoe Farris› Happy New Year. The only day of the year I am up before the birds.

‹JL› We do have 2 Andeas among us - but I don 't think Andrea Alton is coming. She doesn't do a lot "online." But boy is she a great writer!

‹EdWilson› Meanwhile I'm writing. Took Bite of the Lamprey from nothing to 390 hand-script pages since Sept. It has trilogied.

‹JL› Yeah, Ed, I've seen more dire stuff about price of oil -- fell again yesterday -- lots of "world economy" down and Saudi pumping UP going on.

‹Seanara› Thanks, JL! you, too

‹KarenMac› JL -- just received and replied to Sharon Emily's snail mail (Trek fan writer if others don't know her.)

‹JL› 2016 should see a lot of bottoming out and turning around in a number of industries. I saw how FedEx lost a distribution point to storm, and was overwhelmed by online shipping.

‹Zoe Farris› As I will be doing the logging manually I will first focus on the biz page, but still try and capture what is happening in here. While the biz is on, and because JL has to leave earlier, could we try and focus on teh one room. If anything interesting happens in chat we may miss it.

‹EdWilson› And when it turns around it will hit like a tonne of bricks. Meanwhile my writing is doing better. Got an Honorable Mention at Writers of the Future in July.

‹JL› UPS likewise maxed out because of online buying. I went to see the SW film, and the MALL was full (Monday after Xmas), but deserted before.

‹JL› HONORABLE MENTION is really good Ed!!!

‹EdWilson› I think I put it on the S-G FB page.

‹EdWilson› I am now going to be deducting (if there is income left to deduct from) writing expenses because BoL is going to have to self publish.

‹JL› Ed, you need a page on your own domain to collect those things. Now they don't make much impression, but later they will.

‹KarenMac› YAY, Ed... which story, because you work hard on them.

‹Andygal› Meanwhile the end of 2015 saw the death of my poor nana from cancer and one of my aunts being diagnosed with breast cancer, she's going in for surgery this month.

‹Zoe Farris› Ahhh, Weatbix, the breakfast food of a nation.

‹EdWilson› I'm still farting around on Ironwood &Associates to get it back up. That will have to move to something other than November due to NaNoWriMo.

‹JL› Who is guest958?

‹JL› Make sure you've done the / join and #simegenbiz -- we'll log that with official biz/

‹KarenMac› JL --- should you start the biz meeting because of your schedule... it's almost 15 past already.

‹EdWilson› Won WoF with Medal of Wisdom a free stander in my Empire Series. It also provokes a second free stander about the "Mike Huckaby Clone" in the white house that morning... It does not end well.

‹Zoe Farris› JL, whenever you are ready, we can move to the biz chat.

‹Zoe Farris› If we can concentrate on the biz then we can get it done and have some time in chat before JL has to leave.

‹JL› Oh, it was hard, but I put the correct year!

‹Zoe Farris› I think we know the rules for the biz page.

‹EdWilson› I'm planning on "Ride By Frost Bridge" for NaNoWriMo next year - I'm tired of Man Alones (and RBB is an action romance!)

‹JL› Anyone know the URL for our transcript logs?

‹Seanara› I'm actually not a shareholder; should I be here at all, then?

‹EdWilson› I think you should be.

‹Seanara› I've been at every S~G meeting for years, but if JL calls it a meeting of the non-voting members of S~G, then I shouldn't be here and I shouldn't be voting on anything. A change from last year and the years before, surely.

‹KarenMac› Anyone can come to the meetings and vote... its always been that way, Seanara. So yes, you belong here.

‹Seanara› OK, Karen. Thanks. Then it hasn't changed.

‹Seanara› Nonvoting shareholders, I meant, as I'm not a shareholder. But no matter.

‹MaryLou› Okay, I'm back for a bit.

‹KarenMac› Shareholders are only that because they do "jobs" that benefit the domain. Other than that, I don't see why you shouldn't be here.

‹JL› In biz

‹Andygal› I'm just here to observe and chat in this window.

‹KarenMac› Ed, the writer's school basically doesn't exist anymore --- but I still help people with their writing.

‹EdWilson› Sad to hear.

‹Zoe Farris› please refrain from posting in biz during reports

‹JL› Andygal is more than welcome -- chat here, VOTING you will do in simegenbiz so be sure to be logged in.

‹JL› We will nominate for our other awards after REPORTS.

‹JL› The President's report (sketchy as it is) is now posted.

‹JL› Any other Reports? Zoe??

‹Andygal› I'm watching the biz channel

‹Zoe Farris› Any questions arising, please note and ask at end. thank you.

‹JL› Zoe - your report?

‹Zoe Farris› yes

‹KarenMac› I'm still available to help writers if asked --- my bio page needs updating, however. Several titles aren't on there that have been released in the past 6 months.

‹Zoe Farris› it is brief, and apologies for typos it is only 6.30am. ;)

‹JL› Karen has become more than good at copyediting.

‹KarenMac› Thanks for the compliment, JL, but I'll let Zoe do the logs this year.... she needs to figure out how to do what I've done for a long time.

‹JL› Oh, yes, and Eliza recorded one of her stories from the Anthology -- WHAT A KICK!! I do ever so love this online world.

‹Andygal› I love it too, though I was only 9 or so when we first got Internet (that was in 96 or 97).

‹MaryLou› This is big. I've become addicted to audiobooks as I have less time to actually sit down and read.

‹JL› Yes, Mary Lou -- that is why audiobook format is favored so much these days.

‹JL› Also you saw we have TRINROSE "in the bag" -- someone I hope will post to the Group when it appears on audible.com

‹KarenMac› Zoe has worked extremely hard on the Concordance, and I look forward to going through it.

‹EdWilson› Need to get them into the car for long drives (like Calgary Grand Beach 14 hours) BTW anyone here want to come to the beach please let me know!

‹Andygal› I find I can't really listen to audiobooks and do anything else at the same time, I tend to lose track of the audio.

‹JL› Yes, Karen - and a lot of the words are yours, or words you copied off the card file. We are going to get this thing into PRINT. But much proofing lies ahead.

‹MaryLou› It depends on what you're trying to do. You can listen just find and manage laundry or other mindless chores.

‹EdWilson› Try Calgary - Grand Beach across the prairies for 14 hours. Karen (my wife not MacLeod) reads to me.

‹KarenMac› I've never really gotten into audio books, and I have several so old they were released on cassette.

‹JL› Oh, gee - I remember cassette -- totally hopeless. What a new world, I just love it.

‹Andygal› My parents rented some audiobooks on cassette for us to listen to in the car when I was small.

‹Zoe Farris› ok, short and finished.

‹Seanara› It took me long enough to start reading e-books. Audio -- music only; I'm afraid I don't care for being read to, so no audiobooks for me. But I can see how they would be useful to many people.

‹JL› Anyone else have a report to post to official log?

‹KarenMac› I still have cassette capabilities, including my 1998 van....

‹KarenMac› Loss, not good... sounds like a fanzine income report... we always lost money on most of them.

‹JL› READY for nominations for annual awards?

‹KarenMac› Digen Award --- for Meritorious Service....:-)

‹EdWilson› YoYo is for?

‹JL› Do we have a Golden Yo-Yo award nomination? I think Zoe has done the do-over-and-over service of the year.

‹JL› YOYO is for going back and forth, up and down, and everywhichwayagainandagain for a year.

‹MaryLou› That sounds like Zoe, indeed.

‹Seanara› It does.

‹JL› Good we'll do the Karen Award next.

‹KarenMac› Definition: Karen Award Created in 2002, this award for Creating Foundations is awarded to those individuals or organizations who have helped to create the Sime~gen fan universe or, who have proven indispensable in growing and maintaining the Simegen domain. The following people have won the Karen Award in 2002:

‹JL› OK, Karen we'll do the next one. VOTE FOR ZOE

‹Seanara› Are we voting on Zoe for the Karen or the Golden Yo Yo award?

‹JL› Zoe for the Golden YoYo

‹Zoe Farris› Thanks guys.

‹JL› See how confusing it gets if too many are talking in biz? Keep chat here.

‹JL› Zoe is still eligible for the Karen award.

‹JL› Any more for Zoe?

‹KarenMac› I was also thinking of Eliza for the KAREN --- according to the definition, its perfect.

‹JL› WE can have two or three people nominated and vote as a group.

‹JL› Too true, and we still haven't conquered format-compatibility (but then neither has anyone in this whole world!)

‹Seanara› Oh good, Jean's here! Hello, Jean, happy new year!

‹Andygal› Hello Jean!

‹Zoe Farris› Hello Jean

‹MaryLou› Hi!

‹Jean› Hi, everyone. Sorry I'm late.

‹JL› Jean - I abbreviated the Treasurer's report, we did President's and Zoe did a report and now we're doing the service awards

‹Jean› Okay. Thanks.

‹KarenMac› I gather the stock awards will be announced later?

‹JL› Karen - you said you have another for the Karen Award?

‹JL› Yes, I have the stock awards cued up as soon as we finish service.

‹KarenMac› Zoe and Eliza... so you can offer it to Zoe as well if you feel it appropriate

‹Zoe Farris› shen, now the cats are awake.

‹JL› I'm not seeing JEAN on this room?

‹JL› She's grayed out in Biz.

‹Jean› I'm here.

‹JL› Aha, Jean's here.

‹JL› What award should John Betancourt be nominated for?

‹Jean› I keep going back & forth between biz and chat.

‹KarenMac› We can nominate Aharon for an award.... I found one....

‹Zoe Farris› if there is not one more suited i will say the Karen Award

‹KarenMac› Or even John ---- There's this award:

‹JL› But WHICH AWARD -- give a person and an award name.

‹KarenMac› Our Territory Awards This award is given to those whose non-Simegen related sites bring visitors to the domain.

‹JL› Oh, I'd say he's in-T fellow. Been a SG fan since forever.

‹KarenMac› That would include Loreful and Wildside

‹Zoe Farris› sorry, trying to keep up with two rooms and two logs. And now I think I am awake. :)

‹JL› since DOUBLEDAY at the very least.

‹JL› OK, voting John for the KAREN AWARD

‹JL› Do we have a CERTIFICATE or something like that to send him?

‹JL› Any other votes for John?

‹Jean› Remember the days when every PC came with a certificate program?

‹KarenMac› We haven't had certificates for 20 years --- maybe we can make one up for him

‹KarenMac› I have an old collection of Digen awards on paper....

‹EdWilson› I'm hoping for a certificate for my Honorable mention but...

‹Jean› Kluge from that and make a template in Word.

‹JL› Oh, yeah, Marge made those certificates.

‹EdWilson› My calligraphy is so so.

‹KarenMac› Maybe use Patric's starred cross for John's award... Patric never made up an image for KAREN Award

‹JL› Do we have any further award nominations?

‹KarenMac› You wanted something for Aharon, but I can't seem to find a category for him....

‹Jean› Someone should nominate Aharon for out-T.

‹Seanara› Is he out-T or in-T?

‹JL› I'd say he can start out-T -- I think we gave him one last year.

‹KarenMac› We had a Ronnie Bob award, but I can't find it.

‹Zoe Farris› lol

‹Zoe Farris› sorry Jean

‹Jean› Aharon is out-T for now. He'll come in when he gets to the S~G game.

‹JL› VOTING in biz for OUT-T award

‹JL› We'll invent the Orbital Award for Loreful one day.

‹Andygal› For going above and beyond?

‹JL› Pretty much - and crossing the final frontier.

‹KarenMac› We must track down all the names of the already EXISTING awards and file them somewhere. I know we have more categories, but not at my fingertips.

‹JL› Any further recognition and service awards to nominate for?

‹Seanara› Karen, are there more than these? http://www.simegen.com/sgfandom/awards/ (editor's note: The correct link is: http://www.simegen.com/history/awards.html which is where you are if you are reading this.)

‹JL› Any further nominations please put them in BIZ

‹KarenMac› There are more, but we'll have to dig them out from the old chat logs.

‹Jean› Yes, there are more--I just can't remember them.

‹JL› Are we ready to move on to Announcements?

‹Seanara› I know more people have been awarded them than are listed on the page, but that's understandable.

‹KarenMac› Patric made up that site.... I know there's a PATRIC award and a Ronnie Bob as well.

‹JL› Any further nominations?

‹Andygal› maybe a project for this year, finding the awards so we can award them next year.

‹JL› Going once - going twice....?

‹KarenMac› No new nominations that I can think of.

‹JL› Shall I end AWARDS???

‹Zoe Farris› everything is still in simegen. nothing was removed so that page will still be there

‹KarenMac› The page is an incomplete list, Zoe. We need to mine the logs to find all the awards. I am looking at the existing page.

‹Andygal› Looks like it hasn't been updated in ages.

‹Jean› Zoe, is there a free or cheap way to put a simple search on simegen.com?

‹Zoe Farris› next year i will add the awards list to the chat announcement so people can see them beforehand.

‹Zoe Farris› I will check jean and let you know.

‹KarenMac› When Patric passed, it stopped being updated.

‹EdWilson› How long ago was that?

‹KarenMac› Several years at least.

‹EdWilson› More like 5 or 10

‹Andygal› Looks like at least 10?

‹Seanara› Not that many, I don't think.

‹KarenMac› He had been ill for quite awhile.

‹Andygal› Ah, that would explain it, also.

‹EdWilson› I mounted my IronwoodandAssociates through SimeGen in 2002, and it disappeared after I was in Houston, but that was 2004 or 2005.

‹KarenMac› We lost the capability of domain hosting when we lost the s~g server, Ed....

‹JL› So what else is new? I can't do numbers to save my life! 16:23:50

‹Zoe Farris› me either, so i understand.

‹JL› No, we can still HOST DOMAINS -- we have a large number hosted.

‹Andygal› add me to the "cannot math" club.

‹KarenMac› I sit corrected, JL. You can also add me to the "avoid math" club.

‹Zoe Farris› will fix the log later, put th e chat that is in biz into here for record keeping purposes.

‹Seanara› Same here. No math aptitude to speak of!

‹Jean› I don't trust myself on math either--hence the immediate printing of the minutes to have everything straight if I need to look it up quickly without turning on the computer.

‹JL› I'm fine with MATH -- I just can't do NUMBERS.

‹Zoe Farris› Jl, Jean. Let me know the right numbers and i will add it as an amendment to the log.

‹Jean› Same here. I understand the concepts, but can't retain numbers and see them backwards.

‹JL› 2 each for Eliza, Karen, Zoe -- 1 for Kaires (but I'm SURE she'll earn more next year).

‹Jean› Apparently there is something about S~G that appeals to dysnumerics!

‹JL› We'll get the numbers correct, and mail out the Awards letters.

‹Andygal› I checked out of math more or less completely after 9th grade, I hate graphs.

‹Zoe Farris› That is the word i was looking for. i cannot retain numbers in my head. if i try to remember a series of numbers, especially double or more I am lost.

‹MaryLou› I made it through calculus, but never used more than algebra and statistics.

‹EdWilson› I handle sets of 3 just fine to about 5 sets.

‹Seanara› I was good in high school geometry, and in accounting, but algebra and trig, forget about it!

‹Zoe Farris› I used to be able to play mind chess though. But not any more, so out of practice.

‹Jean› Oh, I love graphs and pie charts! But cannot grasp the kinds of graphs produced in analytical geometry--just cannot see the relationship between the graph and the equation!

‹Andygal› I actually enjoyed algebra, somewhat, but then they wanted me to graph equations and it was like NOPE.

‹EdWilson› Just checked BoL stats: showing just under 150K at 2/3ds done. The issue I have is that from P. 121 on I expect my lines have more than 60 characters in hand script.

‹Zoe Farris› I never learned that. Left one school as they were about to star and arrived at another just as they finished.

‹EdWilson› KarenMac: Don't hesitate to call if you need help on the Aeronautical Engineering aspects. There are a lot of them in the Wright Brothers work.

‹Zoe Farris› it's ok Ed, I barely have any memories from childhood anyway. But i remember my favorite class was science. whether i was any good i don't know.

‹Jean› You read the same thing too often and stop being able to see it as a whole.

‹Andygal› I owe her some commentary on some of the early chapters.

‹KarenMac› If I need help, believe me, Ed, I will call on you and other experts. I have a whole list of people I can call on for various expertise.

‹MaryLou› I'll keep you in mind for that, Ed. I don't know much about aeronautics, but Den will have to.

‹Seanara› It's why they say writers should not try to edit their own work, lol!

‹EdWilson› Engineers certainly don't, by the third pass we can't see what is wrong at all! The same applies to writers, and we do WAY more than 3 passes before we pass it along to our critique group!

‹KarenMac› I'm looking forward to it.... I also have a pilot among my experts.

‹Seanara› What is the technology, Jean?

‹MaryLou› I've got ~ 20,000 on the second draft, three quarters of which is all-new material.

‹MaryLou› er, 20,000 words

‹Andygal› Going to be awesome to read MaryLou

‹KarenMac› Really looking forward to editing it, Mary Lou.

‹Zoe Farris› Looking forward to it.

‹KarenMac› Jean --- we know a lot of esoteric thinking people if that is helpful to you... and not just Jacqueline..

‹KarenMac› I enjoyed doing work on the Anthology....

‹Seanara› Esoteric technology... like MZB's matrix sciences?

‹Jean› You'd be surprised at how much I know about the occult, Karen.

‹Andygal› Someday maybe I'll write something. I keep swearing I'll actually write something to share with others in some setting or other.

‹KarenMac› Wouldn't surprise me, Jean... not at all. * Seanara smiles at Jean

‹Jean› I'm fascinated at the way people are attempting to promote and perform magic today under different terminology, the most prominent being The Secret, also known as the Law of Attraction. Very, very familiar stuff being used mostly to separate seekers from their money.

‹Seanara› I am shuddering at the idea of anyone trying to create S~G games or graphic novels without understanding the universe. Such as artists did on some of the book covers.

‹EdWilson› Given the density of my Empire Serieses I'm needing a very good Dramatus Personare and a general concordance for my own use, and nobody else is writing in that world. The situation in Sime Gen is much more pregnant with opportunities for screw ups!

‹KarenMac› Ed --- whoever you get to edit your work needs a copy of your materials to understand how to keep them all straight.

‹Andygal› I am reminded of Mary Lou's "octopus convention Sime" from the Den and Rital stories.

‹JL› Please vote on adjourning the biz meeting.

‹EdWilson› Karen, we should exchange emails on this because I agree with you but don't fully understand what you just said.

‹KarenMac› We can do that.

‹KarenMac› I can explain to you privately.

‹JL› bubbly porstan - what a thought! It is frothing over.

‹MaryLou› You will be glad to know that I've gone through a great deal of trouble to preserve the octopus convention pamphlet in the novel.

‹Seanara› Pass the chocolate. :-)

‹Zoe Farris› I have finished logging in biz. thank you all for being patient and quiet in there.

‹KarenMac› I need to get some of your ACTUAL chocolate to enjoy right now... its been mostly just resting here since my birthday.

‹JL› Yes, Mary Lou has my full (eager) support preserving the octopus pamphlet - it may become a Facebook MEME!!! (don't tell Eliza)

‹Seanara› Thank you for all your hard work, Zoe. Especially as it's oh-dark-early in Australia!

‹EdWilson› I was hoping to finish Rev. 0 on two books in 2015, Dearth of Eagles that is now with my writing partner Cathy Clessig, and Bite of the Lamprey, that I'll be giving to my wife for Rev. 2 when that happens.

‹Zoe Farris› it was daylight at 5, i am just not a morning person

‹JL› Yes, the time-difference does sometimes work against us.

‹KarenMac› I might have missed that meme

‹Andygal› Now we have to have somebody actually draw said pamphlet so it can become an image macro.

‹EdWilson› I'm working one of my few "Independent" stories for next Wof. Sundown in about 1 hour for me.

‹Zoe Farris› lol JL.

‹JL› Altogether having Eliza and Zoe in Australia and Karen on Eastern time (and Jean on Central) is working out very well in terms of keeping the project-work-flow going smoothly.

‹EdWilson› :D

‹Seanara› Glad we are meeting in the afternoon, eastern US time. I'm no morning person either, not by any means!

‹MaryLou› Fortunately, since Save Our Kids had no idea what a Sime's tentacles "really" look like, imagination can run free.

‹EdWilson› How long are they?

‹JL› @Karen -- we haven't deployed Mary Lou's slogan signs and octopus pamphlet as a meme yet, but if we do it will be in conjunction with publication of her novel.

‹Zoe Farris› That will be fun.

‹Seanara› LOL, Mary Lou! I never did understand how the tentacles could not be longer than the fingers. It seems to me they'd have to be a bit longer to be useful for anything other than transfer/the Kill.

‹JL› Oh, and I do so LOVE the SAVE OUR KIDS in the stories.

‹Andygal› They remind me of the idiots that picket abortion clinics.

‹JL› Mary Lou, do we have a subtitle for the Den and Rital stories? Do we want to call the just that, DEN & RITAL -- people might think male and female?

‹KarenMac› SOK --- oh I remember the poster cover for the original zine release of that, JL.

‹MaryLou› Well, part of Chapter 6 will be their second appearance.

‹JL› Someone have the URL for the Den and Rital material we have posted already?

‹JL› Did Eliza make any index pages for Rimon's Library?

‹MaryLou› Their initial effort, to keep Den and Rital from getting off the train, got side railed because our intrepid pair came earlier.

‹Zoe Farris› http://www.simegen.com/fandom/...om.html (Editor's nore: the correct link is - http://www.simegen.com/fanfiction/fanfiction.html

‹Zoe Farris› top left link goes to all stories

‹MaryLou› It did hijack Den's luggage, however, leaving him to spend his first week in Clear Springs dressed as a hobo.

‹JL› Put that link into the biz chat record when posted.

‹KarenMac› A lot of the old zine stories are listed here --- www.simegen.com/sgfandom/rimon...et.html (Editor's note: The correct link to Fanzines and related links is: http://www.simegen.com/fanzines/fanzines.html

‹EdWilson› At least he isn't on crutches for 6 months!

‹Zoe Farris› Any stories are in the links from that link previous.

‹MaryLou› Extra credit for any beta reader who spots the musical reference in chapter 3. ; )

‹Seanara› You know, the clothing question is an interesting one. Any Gens in-Territory once the Householdings were well-established, but before after-Unity integration had really taken hold

‹Seanara› well, how did Gens find things in their size in the shops? Everything would have been sized for the thinner Simes.

‹Zoe Farris› Before unity it would be hard, outside of Householdings, i would imagine

‹JL› I particularly love the accurate depiction of the typical "university town" Mary Lou has shown us. She lives in one. Jean does too. It is so appropriate a setting for inventing airplanes.

‹Seanara› They either kept them naked, or in rags, or in yawls in the Pens, but Householder Gens whose Householdings didn't make their own clothes, or free traveling Gens...?

‹MaryLou› I know college towns. It's non-college towns I don't understand.

‹Andygal› Zeor probably did a particularly brisk business in finished clothing in the immediate post-Unity period.

‹Zoe Farris› maybe there was a specialty shop for those who kept pet gens and liked to dress them up, but other than that i doubt there would be any 'fashion' type clothes.

‹JL› I expect lots of people in-T SEW (when I was a kid, EVERYONE had to sew; they taught it in grammar school).

‹Seanara› Ah. Even the traveling Donors from Sime center to Sime center?

‹Zoe Farris› I taught myself as an adult when I need costumes for stage and could not afford to buy them

‹MaryLou› Hey, on a Donor's salary, one could afford to hire a tailor.

‹Andygal› I suspect most Householdings would make enough clothing to keep shirts on their members backs, just not enough to sell.

‹JL› OK, I just got TIME called on me. I absolutely have to GO -- but I have to say I am in love with what Mary Lou is doing with these characters.

‹Seanara› Ah yes, if one could be found who'd make Gens clothing. At least early on, when a lot of Simes didn't consider them people.

‹JL› Have a great new year's party. BYE

‹EdWilson› In the Wealth and Poverty of Nations that I read for Das Nerdal (Moral Philosophy) the scope of the clothing trade in the industrial revolution is made clear. It is HUGE!!!!

‹Seanara› Bye, JL. Happy New Year!

‹MaryLou› Bye, JL!

‹Andygal› goodbye JL, take care!

‹Zoe Farris› Good Bye JL, have a great day.

‹EdWilson› Happy new year bye!

‹Zoe Farris› I too have to go. If the chat continues could someone manually log it and email it to me?

‹Jean› Bye, Jacqueline17:01:52

‹Jean› Trying to do two things at once here.

‹KarenMac› I bet I can help with the non-college town aspect, Mary Lou.

‹Jean› The question of clothing for in-T Gens post-Unity. I did a lot with that in To Kiss or to Kill.

‹Zoe Farris› And that is one I have to re-read when i get back to that.

‹MaryLou› By the way, Zoe, thanks for tracking down the changeover info. I haven't had time to write on that chapter yes, alas.

‹Jean› You come up with these things when you immerse yourself so much that you automatically imagine trying to do your own day to day things in the setting you are creating.

‹KarenMac› Read? I have very little time for recreational reading.

‹MaryLou› I definitely wish I could get along on a Sime's sleep schedule, since I have one, anyway.

‹Zoe Farris› After three years of sorting terms and such I have to read the books again to get them back in their rightful places in my head. And I have only just started on the fan stories, for the wiki in the future

‹Seanara› I will have to go back and re-read TKOTK, then, for a reminder.

‹KarenMac› Actually, I should be going soon.... need to make dinner and do some cat care chores, as well as get back to some charity research AND editing work.

‹Andygal› I would love to see some more stories set in the immediate post-Unity period.

‹Zoe Farris› You are welcome Mary Lou.

‹Jean› In the 1980's I taught full-time, had a part-time job, and wrote both S~G and Savage Empire books. Yet I had time for recreational reading AND writing!

‹Jean› No internet, and maybe five hours of TV per week in those days.

‹MaryLou› For me, it's the five or six hours of caregiving added to my regular schedule every day.

‹Zoe Farris› There's always time for reading. Although lately it is reading snippets for wiki and concordance. But then it will make me enjoy the re-reads even more.

‹Andygal› I do too much puttering around on the Internet.

‹KarenMac› I've been working lately with a local charity I support to try and get donations of items for their fund-raising auction... filling out website forms.

‹MaryLou› The other thing that prevents me from reading is writing.

‹KarenMac› I'm lucky if I'm caught up on my newspapers... I get them in print every day.

‹Jean› Oh, yes--writing time always comes out of reading time.

‹Jean› Well, my dogs want a walk before the sun goes down.

‹Zoe Farris› Yes mary lou, I am practicing Uku for church concert and learning Bodhran and working on a new story. So my reading is minimal, but I get to do some before sleep. But then i do stay up till about 12 or 1.

‹Jean› Thank you for coming, everyone!

‹MaryLou› Goodbye!

‹Andygal› Thank you Jean!

‹Jean› Bye.

‹Zoe Farris› Bye Jean. have a good day/evening

‹KarenMac› Hope Eliza is well on the mend....

‹KarenMac› Best wishes to everyone for the New Year.

‹Zoe Farris› I have to go as well, get the day started, cats to feed, birds to feed and then go out.

‹Zoe Farris› Eliza is fine now.

‹MaryLou› Glad to hear that.

‹KarenMac› Good to hear that.

‹Zoe Farris› if anything else interesting comes up can someone just cut and paste it and put it in a pm on simegen. Take care everyone, have a great new year and see you in the group.

‹Seanara› Take care and be well, everyone, and a Happy New Year to all.

‹KarenMac› I'm going to leave, too. Cats are trying to convince me about their dinner 2 hours early.... good day, everyone. End chat log – may have been more after I left. – Zoe Farris 2nd January 2016 (1st January 2016 for the Northern hemisphere)