2014 New Years General Chat



5:44:36 ‹Aharon› Yeah, I see that.

15:44:44 ‹~JL› By pulling the window down (longer) I found a bunch more buttons and stuff.

15:45:13 ‹~JL› ;)

15:45:21 ‹Aharon› This changes color of text.

15:45:32 ‹~JL› The C changes the colors

15:45:38 ‹Aharon› Yes

15:45:48 ‹~JL› REDDDD!!!!

15:45:58 ‹Aharon› Ha!

15:46:05 ‹~JL› BLUE!!!

15:46:19 ‹~JL› kid in candy shop comes to mind.

15:46:49 ‹~JL› And you can type BOLD but it's awkward

15:47:00 ‹~JL› :drizzle:

15:47:10 ‹~JL› symbols are fun!

15:47:45 ‹~JL› hello new guest -- change your ID

15:48:16 ‹~JL› type a /  and then the word nick  and your ID

15:48:21 ‹Karen Mac› Jacqueline, I'm on a laptop with a laptop keyboard... lucky I can type at all.  Hello, all.

15:48:22 ‹~JL› Aha, Karen!!!

15:49:02 ‹Aharon› Hey Karen!

15:49:23 ‹Karen Mac› Hi, Aharon, and everyone else.

15:50:02 ‹~JL› I saw an ad on TV showing a virtual keyboard which is just a hologram projected onto your desktop -- don't think you can really buy that -- but somehow KEYBOARDS seem a necessity still for "real work"

15:50:51 ‹Karen Mac› I can type 70 words per minute on a real computer keyboard, but all bets are off on a laptop. Office Depot is running that hologram keyboard commercial.

15:51:20 ‹Ed› I believe you can. I have the heroine in Three Highland Lads doing it the hard way, on air, no laser assist. No return key, do an old fashoned carriage return on an Underwood.

15:51:29 ‹ZoeFarris› Good morning. Happy New Year!

15:51:42 ‹Ed› Hi, Zoe

15:51:42 ‹Aharon› Happy New Year Zoe!

15:51:59 ‹~JL› I agree - the flattening of the keyboards has been a pain for me -- but kids who never typed on a manual learned differently.  Up to us to ADAPT!  This keyboard is a Dell and has just a bit of a tilt.

15:52:19 ‹ZoeFarris› Give me a sec to get ready.

15:52:36 ‹~JL› ZOE!!  We were talking earlier about changing colors of our ID's and maybe choosing a darker color for the background. 

15:52:42 ‹Seanara› Ah! I see how to change the color of my text, but not my name. Now I look like I'm a member of the Red Hat Society. My name's in red, my text's in purple, lol!

15:53:11 ‹~JL› For a free php program, this thing is pretty fancy featured. 

15:53:41 ‹~JL› Hello Sieglinde -- can you remind us who you are?  I recall your sig from the SimeGen Group.

15:53:41 ‹Ed› Saw a squeeze box keyboard, hands palms toward each other on TV once. This is all for specialty marketing companies - the main device makers won't bother - it is a costly item that only us text fiends will be interested in.

15:53:43 ‹Aharon› LOL @Seanara

15:53:48 ‹Karen Mac› I do fine with dark print on light background.... dark background may be a troublesome thing.

15:54:21 ‹~JL› Seanara - I suspect everyone sees their own name in RED -- my ~JL is red on the list.

15:54:25 ‹Seanara› I remember Sieglinde. You helped at the party at Worldcon. Welcome!

15:54:27 ‹Ed› Yeah, and I'm commenting in dark red in the text I'm cirtiqueing now.

15:54:34 ‹Seanara› And hi, Karen!  LOL, for Sectuib ambrov Zeor to have her name in red!

15:54:51 ‹~JL› Karen - no, we meant the green panel around the chat-box.

15:54:59 ‹Ed› JL you look purple on mine

15:55:15 ‹~JL› And Seanara looks purple on my list.

15:55:20 ‹Sieglinde› Kaires will be trying to have a party at Loncon. I don't know if that is possible at the convention in Dublin

15:57:54 ‹Seanara› Hi everyone.

15:57:57 ‹~JL› OK, here we are, most of us. 

15:58:12 ‹Seanara› Missing Ed still.

15:58:27 ‹Sieglinde› When I did that the simegen biz disappeared

15:58:32 ‹~JL› Jean isn't on AIM -- you should all get on AIM for alternate communication if we need it.  I also have Facebook up

15:59:05 ‹Seanara› Jean can get here, surely? It's just web browser.

15:59:08 ‹Karen Mac› I see 3 tabs on my screen... My room, simegenbiz, simegenchat

15:59:22 ‹Ed› This is NOT Face Book.

15:59:32 ‹Seanara› No, it's just the Web, Ed.

15:59:45 ‹Sieglinde› Got it. I am Linda Robinett on Facebook.  I just called Kaires, she had forgotten again.

15:59:58 ‹Aharon› Seanara, now your name is Dar brown.

16:00:00 ‹Ed› That is a good thing. FB is fine for long talks, but for fast action like this - God NO!

16:00:02 ‹Karen Mac› I closed facebook.  I didn't want interruptions.

16:00:03 ‹Seanara› webchat or whatever. Although I see something about IRC in the URL.

16:00:31 ‹Sieglinde› I am not seeing anything on simegen biz. What is the join thing again?

16:00:38 ‹~JL› Ed   yes I have two browser instances open.

16:00:53 ‹Karen Mac› I have everything in one browser

16:01:24 ‹~JL› You need a # in front of the simegenbiz  --

16:02:18 ‹Karen Mac› type / and what you need to write #simegenbiz, for example.

16:02:47 ‹Aharon› Ruth from Loreful, apologizes for not being on today. She is traveling. Most of the team is out for today...so you just have me. Ha!

16:03:14 ‹Seanara› Aharon, we're delighted to see you. :-)

16:03:22 ‹Karen Mac› Good we have someone here, Aharon, from the team.

16:03:38 ‹Aharon› Always delighted to be here! ;)

16:04:10 ‹~JL› Aharon -- I do expect that very few people will be around on NEW YEAR's (with holiday cheer, parade, football, family, and with the storms hard traveling) but the choice of this dead-space is deliberate.

16:04:21 ‹Karen Mac› Jean has found us here.

16:04:35 ‹~JL› I see Jean

16:04:39 ‹Aharon› Yeah Jean!

16:04:41 ‹Seanara› Hi Jean!

16:04:42 ‹Jean› Okay--I now have all three rooms open. Hi, everyone!

16:05:09 ‹~JL› Pretty neat little program. 

16:06:05 ‹~JL› Linda -- ok, you're Sieglinde -- why can't I remember that?  I would have done poorly in a Royal Court where everyone has a zillion names.

16:06:35 ‹Karen Mac› My computer clock says it's after 4 p.m. eastern, so do we soon start?

16:06:42 ‹~JL› Jean, you should sign into AIM in case we need alternate communication. 

16:06:47 ‹Ed› The russians were a horror, everyone had a fimilar, a business and half a dozen other names. Hell on Earth for a Nerd.

16:06:53 ‹~JL› Yes, Karen - we're past 2PM here. 

16:07:12 ‹~JL› Oh, yes, Ed -- RUSSIAN COURT NAMES - wow.  I'd be lost.

16:07:31 ‹Karen Mac› I'll put  up AIM, JL, if you think I need it...

16:07:46 ‹Aharon› On AIM as well

16:07:59 ‹~JL› Is everyone signed into the biz chatroom?  We need to get this organized.

16:08:20 ‹Sieglinde› My badge name at SF cons is Sieglinde and my SCA name is Sieglinde so people know me like that. Gene is Kaires and Kaires is Gene. :)

16:08:24 ‹Aharon› ~JL, Looks like it

16:08:25 ‹ZoeFarris› Because this is being logged manually, I will only be logging the bizroom until business is over. Then the chat room, so I ask that people only talk on the business room when they are asked once business starts. Thank you

16:08:38 ‹~JL› The protocol we worked out is to keep the biz chat room CLEAN -- with just the official or "moderated" person talking.  Side convo is permitted and welcomed in #simegenchat

16:09:19 ‹~JL› Zoe -- is there no way to log BOTH AT ONCE because usually they correlate very well.

16:09:53 ‹Seanara› OK. I haven't used AIM in so many years I don't know if I still have it, or how to use it.

16:10:06 ‹ZoeFarris› I am not sure why but no. And it is too late to fiddle

16:10:12 ‹Ed› Do I need to be on aim?

16:10:31 ‹~JL› Ed - always a good idea to keep another channel open in case you lose connection.

16:10:40 ‹ZoeFarris› I will do what I can to get both but mostly I will focus on teh business room first. Will have to investigate late

16:10:43 ‹Aharon› ~JL, I have both open in different browser windows next to one another. Seems to work ok. But I have a huge screen.

16:10:45 ‹~JL› Jean should be typing in Biz to call the meeting to order.

16:10:45 ‹Ed› How to?

16:10:51 ‹Sieglinde› What is the third room called? I have simegenbiz and simegenchat.

16:11:05 ‹Karen Mac› I have editing work to do... but not during the time we're meeting.

16:11:16 ‹~JL› Third room is MY ROOM -- the entry hall where you arrived.

16:11:33 ‹Karen Mac› Jean just called the meeting to order...

16:11:42 ‹Sieglinde› If Kaires was where I think she was, it will take her about 10 minutes to get to her computer at home. Oh, OK..

16:12:52 ‹~JL› Aharon's report first.

16:12:58 ‹Sieglinde› This conversation operates slow enough that I can monitor all three rooms and not miss anything

16:13:39 ‹Sieglinde› A first person shooter is a fun idea

16:14:11 ‹~JL› Yeah, this initial game will sizzle -- and make a NAME for Loreful, give people trust in their ability to write code that doesn't crash.

16:14:47 ‹Kaires› Thanks, Siegi, for calling me. I was at Jennifer's New Years Party and ignoring the time.

16:15:00 ‹~JL› To be sure you don't miss news on AMBROV X -- just monitor the SimeGen Group on Facebook.

16:15:01 ‹Seanara› Hi Kaires. Welcome!

16:15:13 ‹Ed› Hi Karies - Happy NY.

16:15:17 ‹Sieglinde› In the past you usually remembered to skip out in time.

16:15:24 ‹Sieglinde› :)


16:15:40 ‹~JL› Kaires!!  Aharon is talking GAME in #simegenbiz


16:16:39 ‹Sieglinde› Yeah, your OS should handle three tabs.

16:16:53 ‹~JL› 15,000 reach - wow!

16:17:52 ‹Sieglinde› Sounds like a good start. This is a game both men and women will like as it is character and adventure driven. Who is going to Loncon and or the Eurocon in Dublin this summer?

16:18:27 ‹Ed› How much value in a tweet? Not a big tweeter myself - have more followers than tweets.

16:18:57 ‹~JL› Ed - tweets are huge and becoming bigger b/c twitter went public, raised capital, and is monetizing like crazy.

16:19:17 ‹Karen Mac› I have enough to keep track of without joining twitter....

16:19:23 ‹Seanara› Sieglinde, I'm planning to be at both Loncon and Shamrokon.

16:19:52 ‹Ed› I agree JL. How do we do it?

16:20:32 ‹~JL› How we do it -- that's Aharon's profession.  But first he needs product.  Wait, Jean and I have announcements later.

16:21:20 ‹Sieglinde› Twitter is used by people who use their mobile phones mainly. I don't really use it but others I know, use it extensively. It is part of any marketing campaign for technology and now other things including politics.

16:21:37 ‹~JL› Sieglinde -- you may want to ask Aharon - do it here, not in Biz

16:21:52 ‹Seanara› I very rarely do anything with Twitter nowadays. It's hard to keep track of everything -- Twitter, Facebook, email, ordinary web pages... and listservs.

16:22:39 ‹Sieglinde› I like the emphasis on a beautiful game. Nothing like eye candy to be attractive. Attractive sets, attractive characters etc.

16:22:39 ‹Seanara› we still have Yahoogroups and such.

16:22:40 ‹Jean› I'm planning on Loncon.

16:22:44 ‹Karen Mac› Since I don't have a smartphone, I guess twitter can wait for if I ever catch up.

16:22:45 ‹~JL› Did you see what he just said?

16:23:05 ‹Seanara› Karen, you don't need a smartphone to use twitter. Use the web. www.twitter.com

16:23:34 ‹ZoeFarris› Can we try to keep chat down while business is on please. Let’s concentrate on what is being reported. We can chat after. Thank you

16:23:35 ‹Sieglinde› I am now lusting after the graphic novels. :)

16:23:46 ‹Karen Mac› Who has time for everything? I just hope the graphic novels will be edited well.... by someone

16:24:42 ‹Sieglinde› Jean, are you on any panels to your knowledge?

16:25:07 ‹ZoeFarris› Can you ask these questions after the business chat please?

16:25:09 ‹~JL› I use hootsuite on firefox -- it makes columns to sort out the topics I follow.  There's no way to explain twitter.  You just have to do it.  You can get an app for it on Kindle.  (there's an app for hootsuite, which consolidates all your social networks if you want, or not if you don't want)

16:25:45 ‹ZoeFarris› That way everyone can join in. Thank you

16:25:53 ‹Sieglinde› I thought this is what chat was for? I must be misunderstanding something. To ask questions

16:26:25 ‹~JL› It is what it's for -- but we have a lot to cover and want to be sure nobody misses anything important.

16:26:27 ‹ZoeFarris› It is easier if people can concentrate on business first and not be overly distracted.

16:26:42 ‹~JL› Yes, I suspect the GRAPHIC NOVELS will be a big ice-breaker.

16:26:46 ‹ZoeFarris› and I don't want to miss logging anything

16:27:08 ‹Sieglinde› Oh, I am reading both at the same time. I thought that was the purpose of chat

16:27:12 ‹Jean› Let's ask Aharon about the game now, and graphic novels, and WorldCon later.

16:28:02 ‹~JL› Aharon - do you have a MAILING  LIST for people to join?

16:28:51 ‹ZoeFarris› You can ask that on the biz room JL if you want.

16:31:16 ‹~JL› He's talking about the ART or "look" of the whole thing, plus a different way to present the concepts.  Sime~Gen is HARD to introduce, but holds interest.

16:31:49 ‹~JL› So it's going to be an exciting year.

16:31:16 ‹~JL› He's talking about the ART or "look" of the whole thing, plus a different way to present the concepts.  Sime~Gen is HARD to introduce, but holds interest.

16:31:49 ‹~JL› So it's going to be an exciting year.

16:33:13 ‹~JL› Any questions for Aharon?

16:33:52 ‹~JL› Remind me to mention the novel sales.

16:34:11 ‹ZoeFarris› Can aharon answer after business? it will take people away from business if he answers now?

16:34:25 ‹Aharon› Fine by me

16:34:42 ‹~JL› Jean, what's next?

16:34:49 ‹Aharon› I'm done in business, unless I forgot something Jacqueline and Jean?

16:34:50 ‹ZoeFarris› thank you, just trying to keep things contained till end of business

16:35:04 ‹Aharon› No worries ZoeFarris

16:35:11 ‹Jean› Okay--then I'm going to discuss the state of Sime~Gen Inc.

16:35:30 ‹~JL› Be sure you're in the biz tab.

16:36:59 ‹ZoeFarris› I can talk about the Concordance etc when you are ready.

16:37:01 ‹~JL› Waiting for Jean in biz

16:37:53 ‹~JL› Yes, Zoe - that's another bit of biz.  We have DONE SO MUCH this year!  More biz reports than usual.

16:38:15 ‹ZoeFarris› It is brief so it won't take long

16:38:18 ‹~JL› Maybe next year we'll need a formal agenda!

16:38:42 ‹Karen Mac› We USED to have an agenda list... long time ago.

16:38:51 ‹ZoeFarris› Yes, I was almost going to suggest it.

16:39:40 ‹~JL› Jean is doing her report, then I have the President's report, and we'll talk about new projects, then stock awards I think.

16:40:48 ‹Aharon› One thing to add to Jean's note on the website. We have promised to help Sime~Gen, Inc. with some web stuff and branding this year as well.

16:41:31 ‹~JL› Yes, Aharon is now in charge of our

16:41:35 ‹~JL› "look"

16:41:57 ‹~JL› The entry-points and bridges into the meat of the simegen.com content.

16:44:48 ‹Ed› NEW BOOKS SOON - HURRAY!!!!!!

16:44:49 ‹Aharon› Yay!

16:44:54 ‹Seanara› Are any of the books available in ebook format? I couldn't find them in iBooks. Wanted to buy them for my iPad.

16:45:27 ‹Aharon› Oh yeah, I've bought most of the ones I have from the iBook store Seanara.

16:45:33 ‹ZoeFarris› yes, will explain after biz where to get them

16:45:41 ‹Sieglinde› Many are in Kindle and would work with the free Kindle app

16:45:47 ‹Karen Mac› Lots of them are available as e-book.  JL and Jean have an Amazon store where you can get them.

16:45:51 ‹Seanara› I don't have a Kindle.

16:46:05 ‹~JL› They are all in e-book and iTunes and some in audiobook.  Links are here http://astore.amazon.com/simegen-20

16:46:11 ‹Aharon› There is a kindle app for iPad

16:46:12 ‹Seanara› After biz, will someone please tell me how to download them to an iPad to open in iBooks?

16:46:26 ‹~JL› You don't need a KINDLE -- you can download kindle app for iPad at iTunes app store

16:46:34 ‹Karen Mac› Kindle has apps for computers and other devices... check amazon, bet they have something for iPad.

16:46:36 ‹Aharon› Absolutely Seanara, I've got you covered, Will message on Facebook

16:46:37 ‹Seanara› OK, I am not a techie either.

16:46:42 ‹Seanara› thanks Aharon

16:46:42 ‹Kaires› And if you buy through the Amazon store, that makes money for the franchise. Always a good thing.

16:46:50 ‹Seanara› yes

16:47:07 ‹Karen Mac› I just added Kindle to both laptops... the XP and the Vista machine.

16:47:13 ‹~JL› and if you buy via our store - you pay the same, but we get a few cents on each purchase.

16:47:21 ‹Seanara› :-)

16:48:33 ‹~JL› If you buy from amazon, you can still read on ios devices.

16:49:29 ‹~JL› Jean is correct on the theme of THE NAMELESS -- it's a human-history trait that mutation doesn't change.

16:50:57 ‹~JL› I suspect that even after the leap into space that Aharon is chronicalling, MAJOR contributions will be made by people whose names do not get recorded.

16:51:36 ‹Karen Mac› Seanara --- try this for iPad download of Kindle app ----  http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb...s%2C858

16:51:56 ‹Karen Mac› A LONG url, but its listed there.

16:52:07 ‹Kaires› Any idea on timeframe for THE NAMELESS?

16:52:52 ‹ZoeFarris› Questions after biz if you can, thanks

16:54:38 ‹~JL› Jean is answering on time etc.

16:54:41 ‹~JL› ‹~JL› Yes, that's BRANDING -- be sure to pick a byline and stay consistent, connect everything aimed at a given market with a BRAND.

16:52:46 ‹~JL› Jean is telling about the novel she's working on now which connects to what Aharon will be doing.  Laying a firm foundation for the space age developments.

16:53:14 ‹~JL› also showing where some of the tech came from that Aharon's characters will build

16:54:49 ‹~JL› I typed in wrong window.  Sorry.

16:56:29 ‹~JL› Zoe - do you know the character-limit for the typing field here?

16:57:22 ‹ZoeFarris› no, but a short paragraph at a time is probably easier to read.

16:57:55 ‹~JL› I have my report written and I'm just waiting for Jean to finish.

16:58:14 ‹ZoeFarris› you will have to do your essays in installments ~cheek~ ;)

16:58:28 ‹~JL› Looks like it.

16:59:39 ‹ZoeFarris› mine is very short. Next year it will be longer I think.

17:05:29 ‹Aharon› *cheers* Great stuff

17:06:48 ‹Seanara› I'd think there's enough S~G fanfic to publish several anthologies by now. :-)

17:07:24 ‹Karen Mac› We have to get NEW permissions to use some of the old fanfic... finding people, and worthy stories is the problem.

17:07:26 ‹Ed› You gotta get the writers who may or may not be in touch, to sign off. It may be easier to get new stuff.

17:07:39 ‹ZoeFarris› will be explained soon, please wait with questions

17:11:46 ‹Karen Mac› We should be able to reach SOME of the older material's writers, as many are on facebook

17:14:06 ‹Aharon› Thank you Jacqueline. That was only a test, wait until we actually have a marketing budget. :-/

17:14:55 ‹Kaires› 17:08:40 ‹~JL› Karen and Zoe accepted the task of compiling that anthology...they would like a couple more new stories

17:14:58 ‹~JL› Jean, you want to call for Zoe's report next?

17:15:54 ‹Kaires› I still have 'Vincent at the Gate' by the author of (I think it was) 'Raison d'etre'. And I am still in contact with her.

17:15:57 ‹Karen Mac› New stories would be welcomed, but we also have Mary Lou Mendum on Facebook, Katherine Rylien (friends with Kerry Schaefer) and Andrea Alton was on facebook, too.

17:16:29 ‹~JL› Let's get Zoe's report up – Jean???

17:16:48 ‹Kaires› I tracked Andrea Alton down last year after the chat. He, he. The wonders of 'whitepages.com' and a cell phone.

17:17:16 ‹~JL› Ah, Jean's back.

17:17:30 ‹Kaires› I'd love to see the Frevven stories published. They are super.

17:17:49 ‹Karen Mac› We just need to have a way to contact these people and show them what contract there will be....

17:17:50 ‹~JL› OK Zoe - front and center!

17:18:09 ‹~JL› Note the number of people we now have on the FB Group

17:21:55 ‹~JL› Yes, we will have a coherent "look" on simegen.com, the wiki, Aharon's game domain, and all the sites where we present Sime~Gen will have the art-theme woven through.  That's why we haven't done much YET.  

17:23:58 ‹Karen Mac› I still believe we can contact some of the original fan writers I mentioned to use their work in addition to new pieces when it comes to the anthology.

17:25:15 ‹~JL› I would love to see new 10K size stories about the fanfic characters who have captivated so many.

17:26:06 ‹Karen Mac› I'm doubtful the original authors would do a re-working of anything, unless we make it appealing to them to do that.  Many have moved on to other projects.

17:26:28 ‹~JL› Jean -- what next?  Shares?

17:26:58 ‹Kaires› Could I report on parties et al?

17:27:33 ‹~JL› Oh, yes - THE PARTY REPORT -- where's Jean?

17:27:39 ‹~JL› Maybe she's lagging.

17:28:02 ‹ZoeFarris› she has just announced your report on stocks

17:28:03 ‹Jean› Okay, Kaires--we'll put you on before Jacqueline.

17:28:06 ‹Karen Mac› Jean's called for stock shares.... Jacqueline.

17:28:15 ‹ZoeFarris› so the party report can go after that maybe

17:28:41 ‹Jean› Sorry--Kaires has a report first on parties, etc. She's been doing a great job for us. Kaires, you're upp.

17:29:27 ‹~JL› OK, I'll do stock now.

17:29:44 ‹Jean› Yep--definitely a lag!

17:30:03 ‹ZoeFarris› lol I am definitely doing an agenda next year.

17:30:20 ‹~JL› OK, Kaires is going -- good! 

17:30:27 ‹Ed› Yeah and Verrily - Amen!

17:31:01 ‹Jean› Karen, do you want to report on S~G at Darkover?

17:31:25 ‹Seanara› I think it's wonderful that so many people are coming to our parties and enjoying them even though we don't, thank goodness, serve alcohol!

17:31:29 ‹~JL› Karen - oh, yes, please do!

17:32:04 ‹Karen Mac› I can do that... tell me when I'm "up."

17:32:49 ‹~JL› Good - Jean is Kaires finished? 

17:32:53 ‹Kaires› I could talk a bit about stuff I do...or can't do on the website, too.

17:33:33 ‹~JL› Jean?

17:33:48 ‹Seanara› And if there are parties we can participate in at Loncon and Shamrokon, I'll help  -- as I did at Worldcon.

17:33:51 ‹Jean› I think we should move on to Karen. Thanks, Seanara.

17:34:18 ‹~JL› Seanara - you're right Our Parties Are the Best!

17:34:28 ‹Seanara› :-) You're welcome, Jean. I will not be driving, so can't carry heavy stuff, but I'll do what I can.

17:34:33 ‹Ed› I'm hoping to be at London and Shamrockon too.

17:35:03 ‹~JL› You're up Karen!

17:35:04 ‹Seanara› Hotel booking is open now for Shamrokon, opens tomorrow for Loncon.

17:35:11 ‹Sieglinde› I will also be at Westercon and am not driving.

17:35:32 ‹Ed› Who's at NaSFIC?

17:35:35 ‹Kaires› Oh, yes. My goodness. Seanara was a HUGE help at the WorldCon party!

17:35:52 ‹ZoeFarris› questions after biz please.

17:35:55 ‹Seanara› :-)

17:36:05 ‹Kaires› Can I add her to my party report when I edit the chat files?

17:36:12 ‹~JL› I don't think I'll be making it to NasFic this time, but you never know.

17:36:38 ‹~JL› Kaires - yes, you can add the thank yous for the permanent record.

17:37:07 ‹Seanara› I had fun giving out those stars!  We should have them, as other parties do. People collect them on their badges.

17:38:19 ‹~JL› I'm hoping we'll have original GAME ART on RIBBONS for one of the upcoming Worldcons - won't be LonCon though.

17:38:48 ‹Sieglinde› I haven't decided about Detcon (NASFIC) yet

17:39:42 ‹Jean› If Aharon has game art ready, no reason we can't have it on ribbons for LonCon. It's just a matter of what is available when.

17:40:11 ‹Kaires› Is "ChessieCon" the new name for what used to be Darkover?

17:40:15 ‹Seanara› We will have to have an opportunity to distribute it at LonCon. At this International Party, perhaps?

17:40:21 ‹Seanara› Yes, Kaires.

17:40:23 ‹~JL› True, Jean - but I don't think there will be new artwork in time for that. 

17:40:37 ‹ZoeFarris› Eliza just made me a lovely cup of hot trin, waking up now.

17:40:44 ‹Seanara› Jaelle died last year; she had been granted the right to use the name Darkovercon by MZB's estate... they had to change the name after her passing, if I got it correctly.  So it will be ChessieCon from now on. A nod to "Nessie," Jean. :-) Imaginary creature in the Chesapeake Bay.

17:41:50 ‹~JL› KAREN - by next year, you will be wearing the title EDITOR for the anthology, definitely representing us.

17:42:08 ‹~JL› JEAN - what next? Shares?

17:42:26 ‹Karen Mac› We'll see where I fit in the scheme of things.....

17:42:35 ‹Jean› Anything else before we go to shares and awards?

17:43:07 ‹Jean› While Jacqueline reports shares, who has the list of our crazy awards?

17:43:29 ‹Karen Mac› I know a lot of them....

17:43:34 ‹~JL› I think Aharon should get an award, but beats me which one!  He WORKED HARD last year.

17:43:51 ‹Karen Mac› Kaires should have a list from the older chats....

17:44:38 ‹Jean› Probably the Bloody Shen award, for having his work aborted in midflow.

17:44:57 ‹Kaires› Hoo boy! Yes, I did have a 'breakout' on awards in one of the old chats. I'll have a look.

17:45:00 ‹ZoeFarris› lol

17:45:23 ‹Kaires› And don't forget, we invented two new awards at the 2012 meeting:

17:46:10 ‹Kaires› Keon Salesmanship Award - for promoting Sime~Gen on- and off-line that generates sales

17:46:30 ‹Karen Mac› Some of the awards are found HERE --- www.simegen.com/sgfandom/awards

17:46:38 ‹Seanara› I like the idea of a Bloody Shen award, lol!

17:46:51 ‹Kaires› first awardee: Karen, for taking books to Darkover and selling them all

17:46:59 ‹Jean› Aharon, our Awards are a combination of humorous and semi-serious awards.

17:47:07 ‹Karen Mac› I didn't take books this year, Kaires.

17:47:17 ‹Aharon› Oh yes, I remember from last years chat. Very fun.

17:48:27 ‹Kaires› Karen Mac, That award was at the January 2012 meeting, for your marketing efforts in 2011

17:49:02 ‹Kaires› I have to look up the other award Jean invented in 2012...

17:49:04 ‹Karen Mac› Okay... yes, I did take books in 2011 to Darkovercon.

17:49:32 ‹Aharon› Congrats Stock award winners! *cheers*

17:49:39 ‹~JL› Yes KAREN for above-and-beyond tasks, chores, persistence, and keeping my head on (when she's not knocking it off for my stupidity).

17:50:09 ‹~JL› Aharon - these folks put in a LOT of the value you are about to unlock for the world.

17:50:11 ‹ZoeFarris› Thank you, on behalf of Eliza as well.

17:50:14 ‹Karen Mac› Oh, please!  I rarely knock of anyone's head... and who holds MINE on?

17:50:48 ‹~JL› Karen can barely stand, but she's the one who holds us all UP.

17:51:18 ‹Jean› We don't give every award every year, and we often invent new ones on the spot.

17:51:19 ‹~JL› Jean - does that conclude the business meeting?

17:51:24 ‹Karen Mac› Actually, can barely walk these days... forget standing for more than about 15 seconds. We've done the fan awards in the business meeting in the past....

17:52:01 ‹~JL› Up to Jean - she's gaveling the meeting.

17:53:11 ‹~JL› JEAN???

17:53:13 ‹Jean› Awards are next--who has a list later than 2002?

17:53:21 ‹~JL› ah, there you are

17:53:23 ‹ZoeFarris› ignore SectuibFarris, that is me on my ipad in case my ‘puter goes wibbly wobbly

17:53:47 ‹ZoeFarris› it keeps slowing down

17:55:04 ‹~JL› OK, you can put your award nominations into the biz chat

17:55:26 ‹~JL› I think Jean is lagging -- and Zoe seems to be, too.

17:55:51 ‹Karen Mac› Some of the more recent chats (and awards) may be here --- www.simegen.com/sgfandom/chats

17:56:22 ‹~JL› I have an orange warning in the biz chat that I'm trying to speak to an unconnected user.  No idea what that could mean since I'm not speaking.

17:56:26 ‹Seanara› >snicker< That's what a yo-yo does, go on and on, back and forth. ;-)

17:57:03 ‹Karen Mac› I think you got disconnected from the chat room in Biz, JL.

17:57:03 ‹~JL› Yeah, Yo-Yo awards are for do-over-and-over etc.  I think AHARON should be getting a GOLDEN YO-YO this year.

17:57:12 ‹ZoeFarris› JL say test in biz

17:57:22 ‹Karen Mac› I was thinking that about Aharon.....

17:58:43 ‹~JL› That's what happened - Jean apparently got dropped.  Say AYE in biz for the record.

17:58:44 ‹Karen Mac› Try this for an award list that's more recent ----  http://www.simegen.com/sgfando...tg.html

17:58:55 ‹Karen Mac› That's the 2010 meeting.

17:59:10 ‹~JL› 9 people hre - 5 AYES is a win.

17:59:45 ‹Aharon› Thank you so very much :D

18:00:31 ‹Jean› Got dropped--am back.

18:00:33 ‹~JL› Aharon, you have joined an illustrious company!!!

18:01:03 ‹~JL› I saw that Jean -- Aharon has the Golden YOYO - any more nominations?  Put them in Biz

18:01:09 ‹Aharon› Whew. I'm honored. Truly.

18:01:42 ‹Seanara› How about Karen for silver yo yo for everything she keeps doing for the Domain.

18:01:45 ‹~JL› any further award nominations?

18:01:48 ‹Karen Mac› Aharon, I'll find you the URL of that award so you know the meaning of it.

18:01:48 ‹Seanara› Is that an appropriate award?

18:02:10 ‹Seanara› for an editor?

18:02:24 ‹~JL› Nominate her.  Yeah, editors are yo-yo's by defn. 

18:02:25 ‹Aharon› No worries, Karen, I found it -- thanks so much!

18:03:10 ‹Karen Mac› Thanks a lot JL >grumble<   Here's a partial list of awards ---- Silver Yoyo | Golden Yoyo | Digen Farris Award. Risa Tigue Award | Nager Awards | Tech-ton Award. Out T Awards |

18:03:10 ‹Karen Mac› Thanks a lot JL >grumble<   Here's a partial list of awards ---- Silver Yoyo | Golden Yoyo | Digen Farris Award. Risa Tigue Award | Nager Awards | Tech-ton Award. Out T Awards |

18:04:48 ‹~JL› Any further awards?

18:05:02 ‹~JL› Nominate in biz, please.

18:05:12 ‹ZoeFarris› Congrats Karen. :)

Congrats Karen. :)

18:05:35 ‹Ed› You deserve it profoundly (Chagrinned).

18:06:28 ‹~JL› You all know the URL for the wiki, right?

18:06:37 ‹~JL› I think I know everyone here.

18:06:48 ‹Seanara› no, what is the URL for the wiki?

18:07:22 ‹ZoeFarris› I will get it after biz

18:07:31 ‹~JL› http://simegen.wikia.com/

18:07:43 ‹Seanara› Thanks.

18:07:50 ‹ZoeFarris› thanks JL

18:09:15 ‹~JL› Karen - do the presiding in biz since we got nominated.  We're in shock.

18:09:45 ‹Karen Mac› I keep getting knocked offline, so I'll try.

18:09:45 ‹ZoeFarris› lol

18:10:13 ‹ZoeFarris› I did it

18:10:28 ‹Seanara› good@

18:10:36 ‹Seanara› Can we have more than two Nager awards?

18:10:45 ‹~JL› Yes, these awards stretch.

18:10:53 ‹Seanara› ok good,

18:11:04 ‹ZoeFarris› I will put the Ayes in the right place when I fix the log

18:11:18 ‹~JL› Karen - you can close that vote now.

18:11:50 ‹Aharon› Yay!

18:12:03 ‹ZoeFarris› Congrats ladies.

18:14:34 ‹~JL› Any further nominations?

18:14:40 ‹Aharon› Congrats Kaires!

18:14:51 ‹Kaires› Awwww, shucks

18:15:08 ‹ZoeFarris› Congrats Kaires

18:15:21 ‹~JL› any further nominations?

18:15:43 ‹Seanara› What is the Digen for?

18:15:55 ‹~JL› Meritorious Service is the Digen Award

18:16:12 ‹~JL› It's the "above and beyond" or "risking life or limb" award.

18:16:30 ‹Seanara› Karen again... sounds like!

18:16:51 ‹ZoeFarris› I had to go to Nambour to hand out leaflets. if you knew Nabour you would know why I say that. ;)

18:17:03 ‹Seanara› What is Nabour?

18:17:32 ‹Aharon› Oh yeah, lots of flyer posters this past year. Zoe, Ruth, Karen...

18:17:39 ‹ZoeFarris› Nambour - place a half hour from me, a bit of a hot hole really.

18:17:40 ‹~JL› Oh, yeah, Zoe sprinkled Ambrov X flyers are game shops around in Australia - that's SOMETHING.

18:17:51 ‹~JL› And that was 2013.  Gee. 

18:17:52 ‹Aharon› Ruth went to 4 cities and handed out over 700 flyers

18:18:02 ‹~JL› A lot happened in 2013, a lot.

18:18:15 ‹Kaires› I handed out the Ambrov X flyers at two Mensa conventions, and all over the town where I live, as well as at cons.

18:18:19 ‹~JL› OK, flyer distribution is worth a Digen Award.

18:18:19 ‹ZoeFarris› wow

18:18:30 ‹Karen Mac› Sounds like Zoe needs a Digen award

18:18:48 ‹Kaires› They are very beautiful! People; took 'em for friends who were gamers, even if they weren't interested themselves.

18:18:51 ‹~JL› Aharon, nominate Ruth, Zoe and Kaires.

18:19:22 ‹ZoeFarris› I think Ruth deserves an award for her work in the field, as it were.

18:19:35 ‹Kaires› Ruth?

18:19:47 ‹Karen Mac› I didn't distribute that many flyers, only at one con.  Ruth works with Aharon....

18:20:03 ‹Aharon› Ruth is our Loremaster/Writer at Loreful

18:20:15 ‹~JL› Yeah, pity she's not here -- Kaires she's the Loremaster for Sime~Gen in the Loreful organization.  and a partner in that biz.

18:21:07 ‹Kaires› COOL! I look forward to meeting her sometime soon.

18:21:45 ‹~JL› Kaires, you will really like Ruth - she's on the Group and all over Facebook, but also works a day job.

18:21:48 ‹ZoeFarris› I had lots of great chats with her, she is a great lady

18:21:59 ‹~JL› Any more votes?

18:22:44 ‹Kaires› Ah, I finally found the second award invented in 2012:

18:23:11 ‹~JL› Any further nominations?

18:23:16 ‹Karen Mac› We had a Ronnie Bob award somewhere.....

18:23:23 ‹Kaires› Harris Emstead Award - for traveling to far-off lands in service to S~G.

18:23:38 ‹Aharon› Ha, nice

18:24:01 ‹Kaires› First awardee: Zoe Farris, for journeying to the wildes of America for WorldCon in 2011

18:24:09 ‹Sieglinde› Does going to Texas count?

18:24:19 ‹Karen Mac› Might also need that one for NEXT year with the foreign conventions.

18:24:29 ‹~JL› And it was THE WILDS, too -- she went to worldcon in Nevada - the wild-wild WEST.

18:24:33 ‹Kaires› That's pretty dangerous, Sieglinde, I must admit

18:24:36 ‹Seanara› I should think so, Sieglinde! It's a wild foreign land!

18:24:45 ‹~JL› Texas is civilized by comparison.

18:25:00 ‹~JL› Zoe had New York Pizza in Nevada.

18:25:08 ‹Ed› Still it caused me to by a Canadian flag belt buckle.

18:25:23 ‹ZoeFarris› I went from 28 feet above sea level to 4000 feet above sea level, quite an experience

18:25:46 ‹~JL› Almost the stratosphere.

18:25:53 ‹Karen Mac› New York pizza in Nevada? That's like a Philadelphia cheesesteak in Connecticut.  Not possible.

18:26:02 ‹Sieglinde› LOL, I have been to Bhutan you flatlanders.

18:26:03 ‹ZoeFarris› it felt like it, too.

18:26:05 ‹~JL› Karen - you got it!

18:26:25 ‹Kaires› But I still can't find the update I wrote about awards, I know it was in one of the chats, but apparently I didn't 'anchor' it at the top level.

18:26:27 ‹Karen Mac› Thought so.

18:26:45 ‹Sieglinde› Philly cheesesteak is better in Ridgecrest, CA due to the fact Californians insist of real cheese not cheez whiz

18:26:53 ‹Kaires› When I find it, I'll (update it with the two new awards and) put the link on Facebook

18:26:57 ‹Karen Mac› Lots of the awards are in the 2010 chat.

18:27:24 ‹Kaires› Yeh, Karen Mac, but those are just links to the awards page.

18:27:42 ‹Karen Mac› NO...  Cheez Whiz is one of two allowable Philly standards, the other is Provolone cheese.  Nothing other than these two are acceptable.

18:28:01 ‹ZoeFarris› If there are any more nominations put them in Biz.

18:28:03 ‹Sieglinde› ick

18:28:19 ‹Ed› Jean: gavel down Biz?

18:28:37 ‹Jean› Okay.

18:28:49 ‹ZoeFarris› if not then Jean can continue

18:28:50 ‹Karen Mac› True Philly cheesesteaks only have those 2 types of cheese.... no other kind.

18:29:24 ‹Aharon› I didn't know that Karen, interesting.

18:29:25 ‹Karen Mac› There are people that battle saying one is better than the other --- two purist camps.

18:29:36 ‹~JL› Thinking more about it, I really am pleased AHARON won a Yo-Yo because (though you all don't know it) he REJECTED artwork and had it done over-and-over and really pushed and fussed over the tentacles.  And now he's launching into another round of over-and over to get the artwork BETTER.

18:30:04 ‹Kaires› Aharon, you are the coolest!

18:30:08 ‹Aharon› The cutting room floor is a mess, LOL.

18:30:21 ‹Jean› Just asked if anyone has further business for the meeting, preparatory to shutting down and throwing #simegenchat open for questions.

18:30:22 ‹Karen Mac› I lived 30 years in Atlantic City, NJ where there were the two major Philly steak shops.  Pats and Ginos... one uses one cheese, the other uses the other type.

18:30:35 ‹Seanara› That is good. So much previous art has made the tentacles look ridiculous. Remember the book cover with the tentacles on the ANKLES?

18:31:11 ‹Karen Mac› The artwork was exceptional to begin with... even better?  Love it.

18:31:39 ‹Kaires› Philly cheesesteak, bah! You haven't lived 'til you have experienced Martian hand pies.

18:31:41 ‹Karen Mac› Channel's  Destiny DAW paperback had those ankle tentacles.

18:31:45 ‹~JL› Yeah, Karen -- he has a VISION and is pursuing it like a fan with professional thoroughness.

18:31:53 ‹Aharon› I've collected a lot of the old book covers to show what NOT to do.

18:32:17 ‹Sieglinde› I loved the German cover with thick octopus tentacles.

18:32:20 ‹Seanara› Do we have to have a formal motion to adjourn the biz meeting?

18:32:22 ‹Kaires› Do you have the octopus cover (Das Haus Zeor, I think)

18:32:23 ‹Karen Mac› Kaires, didn't you make those for me?

18:32:27 ‹Seanara› hahaha, Sieglinde!

18:32:28 ‹Aharon› Ha, I've seen that one, hilarious

18:32:33 ‹~JL› Yep, and CD pb was a terrific piece of artwork.  We've had covers that were HORRIBLE Sime~Gen that won art-awards.  Churlish us for being so picky.

18:32:57 ‹Jean› Thank you all for coming. I'm going to be popping in and out now, as I have to get some tasks done at the computer.

18:33:12 ‹Seanara› I rather like the Unity Trilogy cover, it's lovely. Although you could make a fan of his tentacles big enough to keep cool around the equator!

18:33:26 ‹~JL› OK, biz is ADJOURNED.  ~~~~party-down-time~~~~ HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

18:33:40 ‹Sieglinde› See ya all next year

18:33:40 ‹Ed› I’ll put together an Ed Buchan Annual Epistle for the end of the week on writing and where I am.   Also have a nasty bit of conclusion to data I’ve already posted in S~G on trains and Oil.  Thanks to my ‘new’ ISP who’s been stable and not faded to nothing whole chat!

18:34:10 ‹Karen Mac› I still like a lot of the fanzine art of sime tentacles.

18:34:11 ‹Kaires› I have The Unity Trilogy cover as the 'wallpaper' on one of my computers.

18:34:28 ‹~JL› Yes, for artwork value, the Unity Trilogy cover was the best as of that date -- the re-issues of the novels are just place-holders, but we HOPE to get better covers.

18:34:48 ‹Kaires› A couple of times, technicians have glanced at it, started to do something else, gasped, and gone back to look at it more closely. LOVE IT

18:35:01 ‹Aharon› Kaires, we are striving for that level of art with accuracy in this next round.

18:35:13 ‹Karen Mac› I should actually get back to editing work....

18:35:23 ‹~JL› Yeah, and Aharon's art will MOVE!

18:35:56 ‹ZoeFarris› ahhh, the computer survived all the cut and paasting and switching between rooms and documents. i can now breath a sigh of reliefe.

18:36:04 ‹Karen Mac› The cats are about due for their evening meal in a half an hour.

18:36:05 ‹ZoeFarris› Congrats everyone for a great year

18:36:15 ‹~JL› ED -- trains, oil and BEES.  not to mention volcanoes

18:36:31 ‹Karen Mac› They are letting me know that food should be forthcoming.

18:36:45 ‹Aharon› Yes, congrats everyone. Looking forward to a great 2014!

18:36:59 ‹ZoeFarris› Oh, if anyone has contact with fan authors could you give them my email and ask them to contact me if they are interested in the Anthology? slognoth@hotmail.com, thanks

18:37:28 ‹~JL› Oh, and the train fire may presage a re-energizing of the pipeline project.  Which is "safer" -- (frankly, I'm flat against burning complex hydrocarbons for fuel.  We gotta get off this mud-ball!)  Up, Up And Away!!! 

18:37:43 ‹Ed› JL The item is a conclusion about one item I've posted. I realized this morning that the document I posted said the tank car companies were booked for two years. That means that it is decided - they can't get out of those contracts.

18:38:07 ‹Karen Mac› Zoe, they are on facebook, in the Group.  Reach out to them....   Katherine Rylien knows Kerry Schaefer.  Mary Lou Mendum is on the group, so is Andrea Alton.

18:38:28 ‹Ed› So NA has 200 more oil unit trains by 2016, and they'll be around to 2056 - mostly.

18:38:37 ‹~JL› Yes, I know -- two years.  But they HAVE TO book like that, nature of the biz of transport. 

18:38:41 ‹Karen Mac› Kerry Schaefer is KERWIN SCHAEFER now.

18:39:52 ‹Aharon› Any questions before I head out?

18:39:54 ‹ZoeFarris› I know those ones and i will be privately contacting them, but if there are any others.

18:40:26 ‹Karen Mac› Let me know who else you are considering for the Anthology, and we'll go from there.

18:40:50 ‹ZoeFarris› Yes, I will Karen.

18:40:58 ‹~JL› THANK YOU AHARON!!!

18:41:07 ‹ZoeFarris› Thanks for joining us Aharon, it was great.

18:41:08 ‹Kaires› Make a big thing of finding a perfect name for the Anthology.

18:41:32 ‹Aharon› Thank YOU!!!

18:41:32 ‹Kaires› We have lots of creative people on the FB page. They will come up with something spectacular.

18:41:39 ‹~JL› Yes, I'm hoping to get a story with the title for the anthology as the title or a phrase.

18:41:45 ‹Aharon› I love "The Nameless" btw

18:41:51 ‹ZoeFarris› I will probably have something on facebook page about naming s we can keep track

18:41:57 ‹ZoeFarris› good name

18:42:10 ‹~JL› So do I -- this book of Jean's has been a long time in the making. 

18:42:17 ‹Karen Mac› Don't know if Ambrient Nager would work because the words mean nothing outside of S~G so others wouldn't buy it without a clue.

18:42:23 ‹Kaires› Seanara, that name will certainly catch some attention.

18:42:32 ‹Seanara› That's the trouble with it, but it will attract attention as Kaires said.

18:42:43 ‹~JL› Yes, Karen that's the one problem I have with Ambient Nager by itself as a title.

18:42:45 ‹Karen Mac› **shrug**

18:42:47 ‹Kaires› What would the cover be like for "Ambient Nager"

18:42:53 ‹ZoeFarris› we will treat it as a brainstorming activity, nothing is out until we look at them all.

18:42:57 ‹~JL› But the underlying concept has something to work with.

18:43:17 ‹Ed› Ambient Emanations?

18:43:19 ‹Seanara› That's what I figured, as it's something "unique" about the S~G universe.

18:43:51 ‹Ed› Cover art suggesting radiation coming from people - Curlian like but only from the head?

18:43:59 ‹~JL› Kaires is asking the rigbht question -- what's the GRAPHIC visual pitch for the title.

18:44:04 ‹ZoeFarris› remember these ideas and I will put a notice on fb and pin it in the next few days.

18:44:19 ‹Karen Mac› Ed, the nager is the whole body, not just the head.

18:44:34 ‹Seanara› I remember Eliza did some lovely illustrations of nager.

18:44:38 ‹Ed› No Prob.

18:44:39 ‹~JL› The nager eminates FROM the whole body -- like your aura.

18:44:52 ‹Karen Mac› Yes... her illos were amazing.

18:44:54 ‹Ed› As I said Currlian like

18:45:02 ‹~JL› Rays from a head looks too much like a "halo" -- misleading.

18:45:03 ‹Aharon› We are actually incorporating ambient nager in the game, we have been in pre-visualization of it for our game design documentation.

18:45:21 ‹ZoeFarris› I can ask her to share one on fb to show the idea if you like

18:45:31 ‹Seanara› With today's CGs I imagine it could be done.

18:45:34 ‹~JL› See what I mean about Aharon adding a whole dimension to this universe?

18:45:49 ‹ZoeFarris› she is out buying things to make a chook run

18:46:51 ‹Aharon› It actually ties into some game mechanics...but we are early in the investigation phase, I think it will work though.

18:46:56 ‹~JL› The ambient is so very much a part of both Sime and Gen perception of reality, getting it conveyed VISUALLY will add so much to all the stories.

18:47:08 ‹Karen Mac› I should go... I've been sitting too long, and my knees and legs will hate me for it.  Four days in the wheelchair during Darkover had my legs so swollen I couldn't kneel.

18:47:41 ‹~JL› Yes, go MOVE Karen -- and you have editing to work on.  Oh, will we have work for you!

18:47:48 ‹Seanara› Hugs, Karen!

18:47:51 ‹Karen Mac› It's ^*&*%$^^ getting older.

18:48:12 ‹Seanara› We are all getting older. <ruefully amused look>

18:48:15 ‹Aharon› Take care Karen! I'm off too. Bye everyone and thanks for everything!

18:48:18 ‹Karen Mac› Editing can wait... I wasn't going to touch it until tomorrow.

18:48:31 ‹Seanara› Bye, Aharon! Happy New Year!

18:48:32 ‹Kaires› Karen Mac, did the BroadUniverse lady contact you? She wanted a 'critical editor'.

18:48:33 ‹~JL› My husband has a minyan call, so the day is truncated for me -- so I'm going to go do kitchen work and feed my husband.

18:48:42 ‹ZoeFarris› it is nearly 10am for me, the bigging of the day. Concodence and my own short story to play with, and feeding chickens Parrots and oh yes, ME

18:49:02 ‹Karen Mac› Happy New Year all.

18:49:04 ‹~JL› So thank you all for coming. 

18:49:09 ‹Kaires› ZoeFarris, Short story??? Ears prick up.

18:49:19 ‹~JL› HAPPY NEW YEAR -- and do stay in touch via FB.

18:49:22 ‹Ed› Got one too.

18:49:23 ‹~JL› BYE

18:49:24 ‹ZoeFarris› Have a good stretch karen, it will help alot

18:49:28 ‹Seanara› Happy New Year, everyone. Hope to see some of you this summer at Loncon and Shamrokon.

18:49:42 ‹Kaires› Happy New Year, one and all.

18:49:50 ‹Karen Mac› I don't think I heard from BROAD UNIVERSE Kaires, unless it might have been at Darkover.

18:49:56 ‹ZoeFarris› Good bye JL have a good night

18:49:59 ‹Kaires› It's always a huge pleasure to participate in these meetings.

18:50:01 ‹Karen Mac› Give them my e-mail, Kaires.

18:50:03 ‹ZoeFarris› thank you for the chat

18:50:24 ‹Karen Mac› Thanks Zoe, I'll try stretching.

18:50:52 ‹ZoeFarris› Kaires, I am working on a short story for the Shadow People stories I have planned. Been a while since I did short stories, they all tended to get long

18:50:57 ‹Seanara› I lost the URLs mentioned here for the ebooks and the Wiki -- could someone please message me on FB with them? Thanks.

18:51:00 ‹Kaires› ZoeFarris, I was going to ask if the time stamps could be removed from the logs, but now I think they should stay in the final posting.

18:51:16 ‹Karen Mac› Bye, all.  You each know how to find me.  I'll message you, Seanara.

18:51:16 ‹Kaires› Let's not pull them out this year, and see how it looks.

18:51:22 ‹ZoeFarris› and rotate the ankles to get blood flowing, I have to do that because of my back

18:51:24 ‹Seanara› Thanks, Karen.

18:51:33 ‹Kaires› I think there was more interaction between the two rooms than usual.

18:51:40 ‹Karen Mac› I hate time stamps in the logs.... looks cluttered. Bye

18:52:02 ‹Seanara› Bye, everyone!

18:52:06 ‹Kaires› bye.

18:52:18 ‹ZoeFarris› I will fix that Karen and you will see both versions in Dropbox tou will.o do with what y

18:52:46 ‹Kaires› How do I log out?

18:53:15 ‹ZoeFarris› just leave, it will log you out

18:53:44 ‹ZoeFarris› ok that second last sentence got jumbled

18:53:51 ‹Kaires› On my screen, the time stamps are really light grey. You can read them if you want to, but they don't interfere with reading the brightly colored data.

18:53:53 ‹Jean› Bye everyone. Thanks for coming.

18:54:06 ‹ZoeFarris› Bye Jean. Kaires, on the doc the times are as bright, so I will be fixing those.


End of Chat