2013 Sime~Gen Chat

General Chat Log




<ZoeFarris> -- Zoe Farris

<Jean> -- Jean Lorrah

<JL> -- Jacqueline Lichtenberg

<Anne> -- Anne Pinzow

‹SosuEliza› -- Eliza Leahy

<KarenMac> -- Karen MacLeod

<Kaires> -- Kaires Tevesu

<Ironwood> -- Ed Wilson

<Lexie 13> -- M. Alexis Pakulak

<Aharon> -- Aharon Cagle

<Sieglinde> -- Linda Robinett

<Seanara> -- Seanara Coyote

<MJC> -- ?

<Rob McCann> -- Robert McCann

<Deirdre> -- Deirdre Murphy
<Deborah> -- Deborah Christian

‹WingedWolf› -- Donna Fernstrom




‹KarenMac› I haven't heard from Kaires in a while.

‹Ironwood› I thought so. Ed Wilson there are a million of, but Ironwood nearly one of me.

‹Sieglinde› Let me give her a jingle.

‹Deirdre› Profit is good!

‹JL› aha, here comes Aharon Cagle.   You all want to meet him.

‹Seanara› HI Aharon!

‹Debora› Profit yay, always good

‹Ironwood› Need to change the small, something bigger would be nice.

‹JL› He has garnered the knack of creating Sime~Gen stories and material and background and CHARACTERS -- not to mention aliens.   You want to meet this fellow!

‹Sieglinde› Kaires let the time get away from her so she is coming home from where ever the heck she is (I assume somewhere in Ridgecrest) and will be on soon.

‹Debora› you had me at aliens

‹Sieglinde› I love mobile phones.

‹Aharon› Happy New Year all!

‹Sieglinde› Looking forward to the game.

‹JL› Anne please post here not in #simegenbiz until we call for votes.

‹Jean› If anyone is interested, the business chat has begun over in @simegenbiz.

‹Debora› What platforms for the game?


‹Deirdre› I love mobile phones too, Sieglinde, though your name is nearly invisible on my screen!

‹Debora› web, ps3, xbox?

‹JL› I just told everyone they want to meet you and in the biz chatroom Jean just announced you.

‹Aharon› The game will be for iOS, Android, PC/Mac and the new console Ouya

‹Sieglinde› BTW, planning on having Kaires Sime-Gen party in Austin. Am keeping an eye on the hotel reservation page.

‹JL› Good because we're planning on Texas. Aharon you can type in #simegenbiz  We want this on the record.  We post the logs of these chats.

‹Aharon› Yes, indeed

‹Ironwood› I'll be in Austin with a CAR. So supplies can be picked up. I'll not be in the con hotel but a Motel 6 on the edge of town.

‹Sieglinde› IOS include iPad, easier to use than iPhone.   (and you can see my name better.) 

‹Debora› I prefer my android tablet

‹JL› Apparently we don't have "moderation" on these chats, so we have to keep ASKING you to chat here and leave #simegenbiz for the business reports.

‹Debora› ipad is just a big iphone that doesn't make calls 

‹Seanara› Just bought my membership for Worldcon in Texas.

‹SosuEliza› JL we have moderation - if you want it

‹Sieglinde› Thanks Ironwood, transporting stuff on airplane sucks. But the Riverwalk ought to have plenty of stores.

‹SosuEliza› I thought you might not like it

‹JL› Wonderful Seanara - we hope Worldcon in Texas will go well.

‹Seanara› Hope so. I've never been to San Antonio… or anywhere in Texas yet.

‹Sieglinde› My large iPhone can do phone calls with others who run Lion so I use it as a phone with my friend who has a Mac running Lion. Free also, works with wifi.

‹JL› SosuEliza, Yes, the biz room should be moderated.   Me, Jean, and Aharon should be in there now, everyone else "listening" (I hope carefully.)

‹Ironwood› So do I. I like Bill, the Chairman. Good buddy and frequent book club dining member.

‹Sieglinde› I have been in Texas, mostly just going through, have never stayed overnight.

‹Ironwood› You didn't go longways then.

‹SosuEliza› not sure I can do it quickly now - I expected everyone to understand

‹KarenMac› I probably could have bummed crash space at my Cousin's home in San Antonio, but physically I can't handle travel these days... so staying home.   

‹SosuEliza› I'll see what I can do without changing the logging

‹JL› I posted an article recently about how Amazon has again changed the way they "recommend" books -- so OUR books are in a black hole right now.   You'll find them only if you stubbornly search for them

‹Ironwood› Karen, sorry to hear that. I may have to drop in on you at some point then.

‹JL› Amazon has been DELETING reviews - especially reviews by writers who review other writers' books.  

‹Sieglinde› Vampire's Challenge?   Is that a hardcopy (soft cover book) or only an e-book. Without messing around with my book collection is that the story anthology?

‹KarenMac›    I enjoy short term company.   My lease doesn't allow more than a 2 week visitor, though.

‹JL› VAMPIRE'S DILEMMA is an anthology of vamp stories (none by us) edited by us.   It's in paper and e-book.   Not audio.

‹MJC› Where could I find that article? It sounds interesting. I had seen comments on their forums about writers reviews going missing though

‹Ironwood› Karen, I'm thinking 3 - 4 days, and when god knows - I don't

‹KarenMac› VAMPIRE'S DILEMMA's a good read.... I helped with the text editing, not the story selection.

‹Sieglinde› Have a JL (both) JLs autographed copy, thought it may be that book.   I don't know how well anthologies do in audio.  

‹JL› I believe I put the article on my tumblr -- look for Jacqueline Lichtenberg or check my FB page, somewhere in Dec I parked the Amazon articles I think.

‹KarenMac› Ironwood --- we'll work on that down the road.

‹MJC› Okay, I'll   have a look 

‹Sieglinde› I forgot, Karen, do you live in New Jersey or Maryland or am I a state or two off?

‹KarenMac› Been in Northern Maryland since spring 2001.

‹Sieglinde› I will dig up my copy, read it and review it on Amazon.

‹SosuEliza› ****How about we watch the business now and chat when it's finished?*****

‹JL› That would be very helpful.  yea!!!   Aharon is posting in biz.   Watch.

16:25:28 ‹Sieglinde› I have been doing both, there are little tabs (I love my lovely large Mac) and I just have been switching back and forth and even running down stairs and fixing lunch.) 

‹KarenMac› I've been switching between tabs, too.

‹Seanara› Which is going to be the more official con hotel; they list two?

‹JL› If you're just signing in, also join and watch #simegenbiz   where Jean and Aharon are posting.

‹Seanara› Marriott Rivercenter or Marriott Riverwalk?

‹KarenMac› So much for me enjoying the planned game.... can't afford new technology.   

‹JL› I haven't studied the TX hotels yet - but Jan is the time to make arrangements. watch for the next Worldcon prog report.   

‹Deirdre› It is standard now, I think, to ask authors in a small press anthology to help with promotion.   Do authors get a code to order copies at a discount, so they can carry them to cons to sell there?

‹Seanara› Thanks, JL

‹JL› Deirdre, problem is Amazon - see that article. Authors are virtually prohibited from "helping with promo" now.

‹Aharon› @KarenMac I doubt you will need anything beyond what you have today. Send me your computer specs and I can give you an idea.

‹Jean› There are other places to promote than Amazon.

‹Deirdre› JL -- what?   You mean, prohibited from reviewing on Amazon or ,more than that?

‹Jean› Put it on your blog, your Facebook, your website.

‹KarenMac› Will do that when you have the time, Aharon.   Thanks.   I suspect eventually I'll be helping somewhere with this project.

‹JL› I don't know what the whole situation is on Amazon but the direction of their moves is to BLOCK Indie authors from reaching readers. (which makes NO SENSE to anyone; hence blog posts)

‹Jean› Make yourself an Author's Page on Amazon--that's certainly allowed.  You guys are not Indie authors.

‹Seanara› You have a PC, Karen; your old laptop is running XP and the new one, Vista.

‹Aharon› @KarenMac Absolutely!

‹Jean› You are Wildside authors.

‹Sieglinde› Party and evening event hotel is in Rivercenter the "large Marriot."

‹Seanara› Aharon's game should work with either, I hope.  Thanks, Sieglinde

‹JL› 5 Hours gameplay apiece?

‹KarenMac› Seanara... thanks.   I haven't yet updated the Vista machine.   Only did some of the updating...   if only I felt well enough to finish the job with it.

‹Debora› i gotta go, it was nice meeting everyone

‹JL› BTW, considering the content I see coming, this game SHOULD be of interest to non-gamers!!!

‹Deirdre› Bye Debora

‹JL› Bye Debora -- hope to see you much during the year, and at next year's CHAT.

‹ZoeFarris› May I suggest that we hold off these conversations until   after the business is done, that way we can concentrate on the business and then chat afterwards.

‹Jean› Aharon is describing the game over in #simegenbiz.

‹Sieglinde› Biz and chat are slow, I have been monitoring both and fixing lunch.

‹SosuEliza› it's always slow

‹Deirdre› Have you been offering copies of the book to outside reviewers?

‹SosuEliza› Deirdre - wait until after the biz and they will ask if there are questions relating to biz - that way all the biz is in the one log

‹Seanara› I ducked and hid and went invisible on Skype and turned off Facebook chat so I could concentrate here. Limit to how much I can multitask.  Did anyone talk to David Doersch? A very fine actor and singer who does voice-overs. Used to lead "Coyote Run."

‹Sieglinde› After lunch I will go to my garage to look for the box I think Vampire's Delimma is in.     

‹Aharon› Haven't spoken with him yet Seanara, we aren't really at that stage yet. But certainly will!

‹Seanara› Thanks, Aharon. He's a friend of mine and on my FB friends list so you can find him that way.  

‹SosuEliza› Please it makes it very hard for the log if we have BIZ in the CHAT!!!! That's why we have TWO rooms!

‹Seanara› Sorry, Eliza, I thought this was chat.

‹SosuEliza› it is - and what you asked was BIZ.  Never mind

‹Seanara› Oh.. should I repost to biz?

‹SosuEliza› no

‹JL› We generally chat at lightspeed during the biz postings which generally are slow because it's hard.  

‹SosuEliza› after Jean, JL and Aharon give their report then they open questions

‹JL› No, nobody should be posting in biz until the end of the reports.

‹Seanara› Right... which is why I didn't say anything in biz.

‹JL› Eliza am I misunderstanding?   There are two separate logs running, right?

‹SosuEliza› yes

‹<Rob McCann>› And this one is for chat, right?

‹SosuEliza› and if we talk biz in here what's the point of having a biz room to log?

‹JL› You all know what "Lore" is for gamers?  

‹Debora› detaild of the 'verse right?

‹KarenMac› We always did some biz side chat in the chatroom, too.   That's why both logs get posted... they cross connect.

‹SosuEliza› ok

‹KarenMac› Check the older chat logs online and you'll see that.

‹kaires› On occasion, I have copied sections from one to the other before posting them...annotated by source, of course.

‹Seanara› My question about David was side chat.  

‹SosuEliza› Karen, from this point can you please copy and paste the chat into a doc?   I'm going.

‹JL› Yes, I agree Seanara's question about David is side-chat but a good one   -- the answer is no, nobody's been approached besides the couple needed for the prototype

‹Ironwood› Logs are not minutes. I get to write a lot of those in my new job. Minutes are logical, logs are what happened and too rapid fire for thought sometimes.

‹JL› OK, questions for Aharon?

‹KarenMac› I can't copy and paste...   I'm working on borrowed time with my back today.... no guarantees from me.

‹kaires› When I do that, it's either because one of the masters of this 'verse told me to, or more often I suggest the move and get it approved by the said masters.

‹Deirdre› I admit, it is frustrating to have a chat room and be told not to chat!

‹JL› If Aharon makes his June target for Kickstarter we'll have NEWS and much material for Worldcon.

16:49:40 ‹kaires› I can copy, and I have. It's safe.

‹KarenMac› Kaires --- my bad back went BAD again in November and LAST NIGHT.   Up until meeting time I was flat on a heating pad.   Please send me whatever you copy as a document for editing later.

‹Debora› Karen, sorry you don't feel good

‹Lexie13› I'm wondering if the game developers could get anything useful out of Borderlands, the S~G RPG on IRC that some lof us have been running for years, creating stories on it

‹KarenMac›    Part of getting older....

‹Seanara› Karen, I am sorry about your back.  

‹JL› Karen is having a REAL hard time with sciatica etc.   REAL hard.  

‹KarenMac› I don't think Borderlands would fit.   This game is said to be Space age.

‹kaires› Ooh, yeh, Lexie! I love the "Borderlands" stuff!

‹Debora› I'd beam you some of my 4-alarm chili, but my transporter is off line

‹Lexie13› I'm wondering if the game developers could get anything useful out of Borderlands, the S~G RPG on IRC that some lof us have been running for years, creating stories on it

‹KarenMac›    Part of getting older.... I'm falling apart --- still not completely over a 2 month sinus infection....

‹kaires› The situations in "Borderlands" probably wouldn't translate, but some of the characters--very well developed personalities--might be useful.

‹Seanara› BTW, how do you change the color of your name here?

‹KarenMac› Doctors can do nothing for my back, sciatica, or if I get other bad joints.   The cerebral palsy is the problem preventing "repair" and even therapy.

‹<Rob McCann>› I've been wondering that, too. Our names are too faint!

‹JL› See, if we get new fans who love RPG, that whole BORDERLANDS section of simegen.com will sizzle with new readers.  

‹Lexie13› Thank you, Kaires; we sometimes wonder if anyone actually reads the stuff, so it's good to know

‹Deirdre› I Hate long sinus infections!  

‹Ironwood› Amen!

‹<Rob McCann>› JL, I have to go momentarily. Question: Have you been tackling another S~G novel since TFC was published?

‹Debora› Is the borderlands thing still going?  Can anyone new join?

‹Lexie13› We could afford to sizzle with one or two new writers, too

‹JL› <Rob McCann>, ANSWER: Aharon got me working on a new story bridging from pre to post SPACE TRAVEL era.

‹Debora› what IRC channel/server platform is it on?

‹JL› <Rob McCann>, That's why I said earlier to check CHRONO1.html

‹KarenMac› If the gamers like Borderlands they'd get some of that "background" and probably develop their new game with better characters.   Gamers tend to make better writers....

‹Lexie13› yes, it's still going, though we haven't posted our new stuff in a while

‹KarenMac› There is a "Project Unity" group Aharon set up on Facebook, but it isn't being used that I can see yet.

‹<Rob McCann>› JL: Does that story have anything in common with "Sime from Gen Divided," the post-RenSime novel mentioned in Katie's chronology?

‹JL› KarenMac, Agreed - I would want new fans to work through all the books AND the fanfic (especially CZ) and into the BORDERLANDS material

‹Debora› I'd love to join, even as a lurker to begin with

‹JL› <Rob McCann>, No it's about a NEW Householding I invented to do what I call "lorify" a plot issue that Aharon came up with.

‹KarenMac› If I can sit at a computer <hopeful look> I can always point people toward the various other gems on the domain for gamera.

‹<Rob McCann>› CHRONO1.html, OK!

‹KarenMac› ---- gamers ---

‹JL› My story focuses on a renSime who is a member of this new House -- which specializes in Journalism -- and becomes one of the founders of another new Householding generated by the exigencies of the Space Age.

‹Debora› I wrote a few small story snips on the facebook site...

‹Lexie13› probably the best way to start, Debora

‹<Rob McCann>› OK, one more question before I go: How's the writing going on Special Dispensation?

‹Sieglinde› I thought I was on the Facebook Sime~Gen site. I rarely ever see anything from it.   Is that where Borderlands is?

‹JL› <Rob McCann>, Jean got sidetracked from what will be SPECIAL DISPENSATION (under some other title I think) into the contract and story-development work with Aharon's group.

‹KarenMac› Borderlands is on the Simegen.com domain.....

‹Jean› Special Dispensation. Want to talk about a title contest in biz later--don't let me forget.

‹kaires› <KarenMac> "gamera" isn't that a flying tortoise?

‹<Rob McCann>› OK, I have to go! Happy New Year everybody!

‹Lexie13›  It's Monday and Thursday evenings at 9:30 pm EST on freenode.net; channels are #secretpens and #naros

‹Jean› I'm working on it, but with game legalities and health problems, it's going too slowly.

‹Debora› <lexie13> thank you!

‹JL› My story focuses on a renSime who is a member of this new House -- which specializes in Journalism -- and becomes one of the founders of another new Householding generated by the exigencies of the Space Age

‹Jean› Bye, Rob.

‹<Rob McCann>› Bye bye!

‹Debora› bye rob!

‹KarenMac› I fixed that several lines later, Kaires -- GAMING

‹JL› KarenMac, I like gamera   -- I know that word has profound meaning.

‹Ironwood› so do I.

‹Seanara› Me, too.

‹KarenMac›    Sometimes I DO make a typo.  Not often, though.

‹Seanara› That's how the word "filk" was invented. "Gamera" ought to have a good meaning, too.

‹Ironwood› Now learn to take advantage of it!

‹JL› Ironwood, have you done any RPG playing?   Anything with Videogames?  

‹Ironwood› That's my wife's forte. But I owe you.

‹JL› Ah, Ironwood, has your wife read Sime~Gen?

‹Ironwood› To me a couple of times.

‹KarenMac› Well, it sounds like even us small folk can invest with Kickstarter... in that case I'll send a couple of buck when that's ready for members. ---- damn, can't type for anything today.... BUCKS.

‹Ironwood› She seems to like it

‹Deirdre› Karen, I hate typos, too!

‹Lexie13› and Debora, you can use mIRC or some similar platform

‹KarenMac› When I type 70 wpm, I occasionally get typos.

‹Debora› ya I've been on IRC before, although it was a few years ago

‹kaires› The index to "Borderlands" is at: http://simegen.com/sgfandom/fa...v/boom/

‹Lexie13› see you soon, then?   Which time zone are you in?

‹Debora› CST

‹Seanara› Ages ago I did some of the IRC S~G roleplaying. Not Borderlands though.

‹JL› I think Aharon plans to host a "community" -- chats and such and I suspect anyone who's been gaming at all will love that getting to know new fans.

‹KarenMac› The link was shortened, Kaires.   The wikipedia definition of GAMERA is --- Gamera (ガメラ) is a giant turtle Kaiju (Giant monster) from a series of popular Giant monster films produced by Daiei Motion Picture Company in Japan.

‹Lexie13› So, 8:30 for you, and we're usually done by 11 your time

‹Seanara› LOL, sounds like Nessie, Karen!

‹Debora› I might pop in occasionally. I have a schedule conflict on Thursdays…thanks

‹JL› KarenMac, So Aharon says in biz the bottom kickstarter is $10 -- but you can use PAYPAL instead of kickstarter.

‹kaires› ‹KarenMac› Yes, it was. The latter part of the link is: fans/bev/boom/

‹KarenMac› I think you and I were in the earlier incarnation S~G RPG that ended around 1999.   JL   I think there are times I can handle more than $10.   Income's a challenge, but I'll toss something in.

‹JL› The deal is when you donate via Kickstarter (or whatever) you get something -- in this case since they're making a game, you get a copy of the first game.   If you donate more, you also get something ELSE.

‹Seanara› Karen, you and I were in Bender Cove.  

‹Lexie13› Seanara, as far as I can tell by reading old logs, in Borderlands we're much more serious about creating story than the earlier cycles were

‹JL› http://www.kickstarter.com/pro...otlight   -- is probably typical --

‹Ironwood› Reaper used it to pre-sell figs that it didn't have the moulds to make to raise the money to get the moulds cut (about 20,000 per mold).

‹JL› Look down the right side and see you give more you get more somethings to go-with once the item is created and for sale.

‹KarenMac› Nod....   when Kickstarter opens up for the game finances, I'll toss something there.   My brain isn't working right, Seanara.   I couldn't remember BENDER COVE's name to save my life.

‹Seanara› And probably less beset with, er, interpersonal dysfunction issues also, Lexie.  

‹JL› Lexie13, you said "serious about creating story" -- that is what Aharon's crowd seems to want to add to the typical "game" motif -- more RELATIONSHIP DRIVEN STORY content

‹Sieglinde› Figs?   Those squishy soft fruits?   What did you need the money for?

‹KarenMac› We're already over the hour for biz chat.... what else is going on we should know about.

‹Seanara› Sieglinde, it's only a fig-mint of your imagination. <innocent look>

‹Ironwood› Gaming figurines is what Reaper makes, the muntz ones in metal, and the new ones in a plastic that need a fancy mould.

‹Lexie13› yes, we're all grownups, and willing to work as a group

‹Ironwood› Muntz is cast in sand.

‹Sieglinde› Oh, I am in an agricultural area.   If you drink wine some of it probably came from my county.

‹JL› Each of these formats for game-releases (paper books like D&D; discs, manuals, etc., etc.) is 'for' a different market.   Like audiobooks don't sell to people who want print on paper, and printed books are useless to people who want ebooks because they have no space.

‹JL› MJC is asking some excellent questions!

‹Ironwood› JL and Jean; we have an excellent writing convention in Calgary, second weekend in August (close to worldcon). Love to get you up here for When Words Collide - writing con with lots of good people. I under used it last year, but will pitch harder this. Would love to get either of you up here.

‹Lexie13› Ironwood, you're moving to Calgary  My hometown; stop in and say hi once you're unpacked

‹JL› Ironwood, I do have my eye on Canada -- lovely trip to make -- but as you can see the next two summers are going to be very heavily booked.

‹Ironwood› I am in Calgary! contact through FB. Edward Wilson

‹MJC› Hope you don't mind that I'm being a bit pushy with the questions :\ I'm not trying to be rude, I promise 

‹Ironwood› Look like good solid biz questions to me.

‹JL› Oh, it's not rude.   MJC, you are showing INTEREST - and we love that.   Also knowledge -- great questions.  This log will be posted, and new people will find the answers to their burning questions posted right there.

‹Aharon› @MJC You guys are fine.  Good questions.

‹JL› Someone pointed out we're way over time at the moment, so we should move on to the Awards.

As a group, we have a tendency to scatter -- I wouldn't want anyone to miss things because they didn't log into FB for a few months.   So we try to have lines of info set up for all kinds of preferences.

‹Ironwood› Lexie 13 I am at Ironwood.Edward@gmail.com for link up.

‹JL› subscribe to the blog -- join the FB Group -- follow me on Google+ and Twitter -- or subscribe to that Newsletter at simegengame.com (which will be a URL redirected after a while as Aharon pointed out. )

‹kaires› I missed the beginning of the meeting. (I was hosting my usual New Years Day party, and lost track of time. Multi thanks to Sieglinde for reminding me.)

‹MJC› erm, when I try to sign up to the mailing list I get a "The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled" error. Is that happening to anyone else?

‹kaires› So, did anything else get discussed on the business side except the game?  I kinda wanted to report on the convention parties.

‹KarenMac› Well, eventually the rest of the stuff should be discussed...   The URL for the BLOG is --- http://out-territory.blogspot.com/  Considering that my real life threw me a lot of curves in 2012, I didn't do much for the domain and shouldn't even be here for the business part....

‹Jean› Okay--Kaires, I'm going to ask you for a report, okay?

‹MJC› Cheers for all the answers, Aharon

‹JL› Oh, a party report - YES!

‹Jean› Kaires, you're on, while I go hunting for the list of awards unless Jacqueline already has them.

‹KarenMac› I sent JL one name for an award.....

‹JL› I have the stock awards list -- Karen has a nomination for an award.

‹Jean› Okay--good.

‹KarenMac› You can do that nomination JL... that's why I sent it to you.

‹Seanara› Thanks, Kaires! It was a pleasure. Great party and lots of people dropped by.

‹KarenMac› We should eventually do a creativity award in memory of Patric --- creativity because he was an author, and wore many other hats for Simegen.

‹JL› OK folks, SPECIAL DISPENSATION - watch biz.   MJC, Oh, gee - I did a signup for the newsletter at simegengame.com and it accepted my signup.   I wonder if something broke?

‹MJC› I'll try it again later. Maybe I'm script blocking something it needs to be enabled to work

‹KarenMac› something sounds like it WORKED, JL.

‹Seanara› Special Dispensation -- is that about Sels and Bett?

‹MJC› I expect the problem was on my end 

‹Seanara› Or am I thinking of something else?

‹KarenMac› We can fix the biz log to get the chat's corrected with all of Karies' comments together, and all of Jean's also together, to make it coherent.

‹Lexie13› actually, I think "Special Dispensation" already is a title that grabs the reader, full of intrigue and questions and possibilities

‹Seanara› Yes...

‹JL› Seanara, No, Jean is not writing about Sels and Bet -- she has a few new characters for us, and is using the founding of the Entertainment Industry to advance Orgonics tech to where we can use it for Space Travel.

‹Seanara›  Looking forward to Jean's new story.

‹Jean› With the game coming out, we are going to be reaching a larger audience. I want a title that will pull in people beyond those who already will buy anything that says "Sime~Gen" on it.

‹JL› Jean's characters run athwart a Tecton law/rule that requires an EXCEPTION, and for various reasons, get it.   So it's about the laws of science and the laws made by humans, and getting around limitations.

‹Aharon› @MJC It's working fine on my end. It DOES pop open a window, that might be the issue?

‹MJC› quite possible. After the chat is over I'll reload and try again. I just don't want to lose the chat if I start enabling things at the moment, it's too interesting.

‹JL› MJC, I'm glad you're having a good time.  

‹KarenMac› My damned cats just set off my medical alert machine in another room !!!

‹Seanara› Oh Gawds, Karen, can you call the medalert people and tell them it was a false alarm?

‹Debora› It's a kitty prerogative to get in trouble.

‹KarenMac› I had to get up --- go to that room and answer the call.   Told them they had 4 cats to blame!

‹MJC› I am. It's fun to see this sort of, personal interaction between creators and fans. Even if it feels like I've invited myself to your party because most of you all already know each other. That's a lot of cats

‹Seanara› You'll get to know us, MJC, in no time. 

‹KarenMac› I now disconnected the phone line to the machine.   They can't set it off now.   4 isn't a lot of cats when at one time I had 7. They want to be fed now that they saw me, but that won't happen for at least another hour.

‹MJC› I'm sure they'll try to convince you otherwise though  

‹Ironwood› and you are perpetually pray challenged.

‹kaires› Ooh, I almost forgot another highlight of last year: I got to edit "Blood Will Tell" and "Dreamspy"...not for typos, but to update technological references in one (that took place on Earth's Moon) and correct 20th-Century-American-English references in the other (that took place on a faraway planet). I don't know if that belongs here or as a BIZ report. ?.

‹KarenMac› Yeah... one cat tries to tunnel through the carpet to get past closed room doors.   My carpet is shredded.

‹WingedWolf› I had a cat that did that.

‹KarenMac› I rent, though... can't seem to stop him.

‹WingedWolf› I was at the time, too...wound up declawing her.   Controversial, but it stopped the issue.   Also stopped her from laying open the ankles of people who walked by the sofa--she would hide under it.   Evil kitten, lol.

‹JL› KarenMac, Go ahead and nominate

‹KarenMac› Won't declaw... EVER.... OK, JL

‹WingedWolf› Probably wouldn't now, but it was over 20 years ago.   She never had any problems with her feet in any case.

‹JL› Nominations are now open in the biz chat for Awards - Karen should be typing there.

‹Seanara› <blush>

‹KarenMac› I did nominate... complete with typo.......

‹Seanara› Thank you, Karen. 

‹JL› apparently there is a lag, as Jean noted.   VOTE IN BIZ PLEASE

PLEASE  We have 10   -- any more votes?

‹Ironwood› JL / Jean: How many other published authors has worldbuilding / Sime-Gen writing school produced.

‹Seanara› Am I supposed to vote for myself?

‹Debora› Why not 

‹Ironwood› You should

‹Seanara› Sigh, all right, conspirators! 

‹JL› I haven't kept count - but the percentage is high.

‹KarenMac› Why not.   You lugged the computer to Darkover Con for me.... and I thank you for it.

‹Seanara› You're welcome, Karen.

‹kaires› Definitions of awards: http://simegen.com/sgfandom/ch...#awards

‹Seanara› Thank you, everyone.  

‹Aharon› Grats Seanara!

‹JL› thank you Kaires for looking that up.  

‹kaires› The endgame is: /chats/chat2006_chat2.html#awards

‹JL› Lexie13 is that a MOTION?

‹WingedWolf› The link is clickable, it's fine.

‹kaires› Seanara, I would have voted, too, but I was busy tracking down the awards definitions. Thanks so much for all you do!

‹Seanara› Kaires, thank you for saying that! I don't do much; only a little now and again, when I can.

‹JL› And you realize Patric would run screaming, right?  

‹kaires› Isn't that the whole point?

‹Ironwood› Wish he could. Rather have him than an award for him.

‹Seanara› I'll second THAT, Ed/Ironwood

‹JL› He couldn't believe he DESERVES this - but the truth is, he definitely does.   I wish he were here, too!   Vote please.

‹KarenMac› Yes, JL, I was just thinking that.....

‹MJC› I didn't know him, and I don't understand your awards, so I'll stay out of this one. I think it's a really nice idea though.

‹JL› I need some more votes.   Let's make it unanimous.

‹Aharon› Everyone is allowed to vote?

‹KarenMac› Award definitions are on the link http://simegen.com/sgfandom/ch...#awards  Anyone at the chat can vote.

‹MJC› oh what the hey, sure then.

‹JL› MJC, these awards are given by co-workers for outstanding achievements (some of them unique) during a calendar year.   It's our way of keeping track of the multitude of contributions to our efforts.

‹KarenMac› Anyone can be nominated, too.... (evil grin)

‹Seanara› BTW, how are the Karen award and the Digen award different?

‹Aharon› Well Zoe and Eliza definitely deserve it, they've done some amazing work over the last year.

‹KarenMac› Karen Award: for Creating Foundations, for individuals or organizations who have helped to create the Sime~Gen fan universe, or who have proven indispensable in growing and maintaining the Sime~Gen domain. It was invented in 2002.

‹Seanara› I read the descriptions.

‹MJC› I'm assuming the Digen is more of a catch all for someone you wanted to reward, but didn't really fall under a specific category. Or hit multiples? That was how I read it.

‹Seanara› And the Digen is for meritorious service.. .

‹KarenMac› The Digen Farris Memorial Meritorious Service Award --- apparently two different things.

‹Seanara› so as far as I can tell, the only difference is that the Karen award is more specific.

‹KarenMac› **shrug**   I didn't create my own award.... ask the authors.

‹JL› OK, vote the first Patric and we're on to the next one.  This vote is why I've asked people to ID themselves when they sign on - so the log can be headed with a what sig = which person as our sigs differ from year to year

‹ZoeFarris› Thank you everyone. Eliza says thank you, too.

‹kaires› I really like the way the chat rooms work this year. In the past, I've had to keep two separate windows open. This year, the two 'rooms' are just two tabs at the top, and the one I'm not looking at blinks when it gets new input. Well Done!

‹Aharon› @ZoeFarris Congrats!

‹JL› If there's another award to be given, put it below.  Do we have anyone for the Digen?  Am I lagging or is there silence?

‹KarenMac› Aharon deserves something..... Falling into this strange group of creative people that have been around since the 1970s.  But what?

‹JL› Aharon turned up mid-year.   We award generally for a full year's efforts.

‹Aharon› Nah, I don't deserve anything...leave it until next year! 

‹JL› It's the unflagging PUSH through a year that earns these things.

‹KarenMac› JL and Jean say WAIT, so we wait.....

‹Seanara› Aharon -- Tech Ton award...  Perhaps next year if everyone says not this year.

‹JL› Yep, Aharon will very likely still be PUSHING hard next year and earn a whole bunch of awards.

Vote in the biz chat please.   Kaires definitely deserves recognition.

‹Jean› Anyone remember exactly what the Harris award we created last year was for?

‹kaires› Sorry, I meant to put that comment over here. See how flustered I am?!?

‹KarenMac› I shouldn't be nominated for anything.   This year, real life didn't give me time for the domain.

‹Jean› Something to do with joining territories, shifting alliances, whatever?

‹JL› We have a nomination for the Karen Award -- as I pointed out, despite insurmountable odds, Karen PRODUCED or you guys wouldn't have access to 6 new audiobook editions of Sime~Gen with more coming.

‹KarenMac› Ironwood --- my work for you isn't Sime~Gen domain related, though I appreciate the "shout."

‹JL› Karen - if you win an award, you MAY turn it down of course, but you don't get to DUCK beforehand.

‹Ironwood› Quack!

‹kaires› Harris Emstead Award for travel to and services in a foreign Territory.

‹KarenMac› Patric used to DUCK (so did I) so I'm just carrying on tradition.   I spent very little time doing much for the domain this year.

‹Ironwood› I am afraid Karen is out of the Harris Emstead award biz now.

‹JL› Vote in biz for the Karen Award (BTW this Karen we're voting the award to is the one it's named after -- all subsequent winners will have a high standard to live up to.

‹Ironwood› I vote in Biz, I kibitz in Chat.

‹JL› Karen:   You are allowed to blush and even giggle if necessary.   You are Awarded.

‹KarenMac›      (Love you, too.)

‹JL› Seanara knows how to make me blush too.

‹Seanara› lol!<no guilt>

‹KarenMac› Look at the body of work you've BOTH done, and that doesn't count the Game background work none of us have seen yet.

‹JL› ~~~guilt at Seanara~~~~   Any further votes in biz?

‹Seanara› ...That I don't think you've _ever_ gotten awards for in S~G, either of you/

‹KarenMac› I think you're right, Seanara.

‹kaires› It's about time! Great call, Seanara!

‹JL› Are we finished for the year?  

‹KarenMac› Stock awards, then PARTY here?

‹JL› OK, stock awards then PARTY

‹Seanara› Applause on the stock awards!

‹Ironwood› Clapping. Lexie13 give me an e-mail and we should visit.

‹JL› vote to adjourn and we can use both rooms to party

‹KarenMac› Ok, people... you go party here, but I gotta get off my chair and heat my very angry back.   Blessings to all this New Year.

‹JL› Next year, perhaps Aharon will bring us sneak-peeks at ARTWORK

‹Aharon› This year! Very soon!

‹Seanara› Hugs, Karen, happy new year and feel better soon!

‹JL› Thank you for enduring that awful back issue to be here, Karen

‹kaires› I'll send all the unhurting-back vibes I can muster, Karen. Be well!

‹WingedWolf› Karen needs a laptop.   (I'm typing from bed, my back isn't great either).

‹JL› Oh, sneak-peeks at artwork on the FB group?

‹KarenMac› Safe trip home, Seanara.   My back and walking issues can't be repaired via exercise or surgery, so it looks like more wheelchair use for me and that really peeves me off.  

‹Ironwood› I have a photo for the cover of HJ I could put on FB.

‹JL› BTW if anyone doesn't know what "the FB Group" is -- it's SimeGen Group on Facebook (you have to make an Facebook account to get at it, but then you can join with a click).  

‹Seanara› Thanks, Karen.    Karen has laptops, WingedWolf.  

‹KarenMac› If you own the photo rights, Ironwood, then you can post it.  

‹kaires› Lovely talking with all of you again -- old friends, new friends, and yet-to-be-met friends -- but I have to get back to my party. I am theoretically hosting it, even though it's at someone else's house.

‹Ironwood› I took it.

‹KarenMac› My laptops are connected to a cable modem, though... thanks to JL for that.

‹WingedWolf› Ah, we have a wireless network in the house.

‹MJC› nice to meet you, and take care 

‹JL› Oh, yes, and our writing students are definitely invited to post all their adventures and accomplishments on the SIMEGEN GROUP on FB -- anyone influenced by S~G is going to be producing art and stories we will all want to see.

‹Ironwood› I has an ancestor of the Rikkeau and a person the same age in the right place

‹KarenMac› Nope.... no wireless network for me.    Would like to see it, Ironwood... since I worked with you on the book.

‹Seanara› That's the problem, WingedWolf. The wireless issue.  

‹Aharon› Good night all and Happy 2013!

‹ZoeFarris› Good night Aharon

‹Jean› Karen, do you have a laptop that could connect to wifi if you had wifi? That you may have used in hotels?

‹ZoeFarris› nearly morning tea time here

‹JL› KarenMac, Yes, your modem will do wireless but the computers need a hardware device either inside it or plugged into a USB port to connect wirelessly.  

‹Seanara› Goodnight, Aharon.  

‹Jean› Good night, Aharon--thanks for coming!

‹WingedWolf› If she were near Omaha I'd have my hubby set one up for her, lol.

‹Seanara› It was good to meet you at Worldcon,

‹JL› GOOD NIGHT AHARON - see you tomorrow.  Oh, yes, next year worldcon - we are planning on Texas.

‹KarenMac› Don't know the tech stuff.... but I THINK both 'puters can do wireless networking.... my older laptop did.... back in 2002.

‹JL› The year after that Jean is planning on England but I live near NASFIC -- it's right up the street from me a few miles!

‹KarenMac› Unfortunately, I'm in Maryland, Winged Wolf.

‹Deirdre› I'm connected through my home wifi.

‹Jean› Then all you need is a router.

‹Ironwood› My Karen's old lap top was wireless, and sadly it died.

‹Seanara› When I'm home I've got DSL broadband on the desktop and wireless on the laptop, courtesy of my new tech and a wireless router I inherited from my husband.  

‹Ironwood› our hub puts out wireless, but it has problems receiving - boot it every 10 minutes most the time.

‹kaires› Let's meet at the 2013 parties: WesterCon (July 4-7, Sacramento CA), WorldCon (August 29 - September 2, San Antonio TX), and LosCon (November 29 - December 1, Los Angeles CA)

‹ZoeFarris› Oh, @JL when I get the chance I will update the flyers for the newer Audios. Still adjusting to windows 8 and new laptop after last one wore out.

‹WingedWolf› Yeah, and a good wireless router isn't really too expensive.

‹JL› Karen next needs to get a Kindle -- that will connect to the wireless modem she has.   You can watch movies and videos in bed suffering BACK PAIN.

‹Seanara› JL, it's the $$ issue again for those tech things for Karen.

‹KarenMac› I'd love portable new tech, but I can't possibly afford it.

‹kaires› Get a Google Nexus instead. It can do Kindle, Nook, and other e-readers, as well as tablet stuff.

‹JL› ZoeFarris, GREAT - yes, we have all your flyers still master copies in Dropbox so you can update them when you get a chance.  

‹Ironwood› Look into 2nd hand market. I got a desk top for 300$CDN.  Z fold an A sheet or ZZ fold an L.

‹KarenMac› I just got a $16 Social Security increase, but I suspect like last year, they'll raise my rent $75 if not more.   Can't afford ANYTHING new....

‹Jean› Karen, if you have a wireless router and a laptop that will do wifi, why don't the two work together?

‹Seanara› Karen doesn't have a wireless router as far as I know.

‹KarenMac› I don't know if I have a wireless router... I don't seem to have any router.

‹Ironwood› How are you on line now?

‹WingedWolf› cable modem, she said.

‹KarenMac› Usually I can sit at my desk for hours, but the back went south last night..... and cable's getting to the point where I have to re-negotiate a cheaper rate yearly... sometimes I get it, sometimes not.

‹Ironwood› I'm thinking of one of those, once I get a house. This wireless is a pain, they don't have enough bandwidth locally to keep us connected.

‹Jean› Okay--you have a cable modem that links at least two computers with wires?

‹JL› Yes, it's true you need a wireless router connected to the modem, one way or another.   That's why I said KINDLE is a good choice because it does whispernet which is a phone connection.

‹KarenMac› No... one computer at a time is connected to the router...

‹Jean› All right--then it's just a modem, not a router.

‹JL› So what Karen needs make that Needs is a router.   Those are cheap these days, too.

‹KarenMac› I have to disconnect this computer from the modem and reconnect it (and reconfigure) if I do the updates on the machine Seanara gave me.  Then do it all over again....

‹Jean› You can get a router for about $40. We'll talk.

‹JL› Yes, Karen - we're going to FIX THAT FOR YOU -- one way or another.  

‹WingedWolf› I wonder if we have a spare, lol.

‹Jean› You can cookbook through the instructions to set it up.

‹Ironwood› I may have one at the beach that is no longer required.

‹JL› Does anyone here have a spare router?

‹KarenMac› Something lightweight and very portable to sit on my lap would be great....   if not, then wireless network would be next.

‹WingedWolf› I'm checking with my tech guy (husband), lol.

‹Ironwood› Trouble is I don't know when I'll be at the beach before Victoria Day.

‹KarenMac› Lookit....   LOVE all of you, but my back is COMPLAINING very badly, and I expect the 4-cat chorus to begin their song in about 30 mins.  

‹JL› Karen needs a ROUTER -- yes, but she also needs a TABLET.   She doesn't know it yet, but she does need a tablet.  

‹KarenMac› ** grumble *** like when JL once said I couldn't live without a computer.... unfortunately, she was right.

‹Ironwood› I will extend invite to visit Wpg for convention Victoria day weekend. Contact me before you ask for the beach - I'm busy and it will be full this year.

‹kaires› @JL, NASFIC in Phoenix is July 31 - August 3,2014. That's three weeks before WorldCon in London.

‹JL› Karen - go on take care of things and self and cats -- we'll worry about you.   WE LOVE YOU.   You are amazing and we ADMIRE you.

‹KarenMac› Take care, all of you.   Have a great New Year.

‹Jean› One problem at a time, Jacqueline. If someone has a spare router, Karen can use the laptop on the couch or in bed.

‹JL› Kaires - yes, but I'm not going to London - Jean loves London  Well, now I say I'm not going to London but look what a year it's been.   Who knows what 2014 will bring our way.

‹WingedWolf› Quote, 'We have a bunch of them, I'm not sure which ones work, but I will look." lol

‹Jean› Take care of yourself, Karen.

‹WingedWolf› So, we might have an extra router.

‹ZoeFarris› bye Karen, take care.

‹Seanara› What's in London? Oh, right, Worldcon 2014

‹JL› Note that Aharon said they're looking into distributing this game internationally -- you never know what's going to happen next in my life.  

‹Jean› WorldCon 2014 is in London.

‹Seanara› I've got a membership… how could I forget?

‹Ironwood› The one before San Antonio

‹Seanara› to that and Shamrockcon...

‹JL› But I've got a new project -- getting Karen set up with a router.  

‹WingedWolf› We have 3 of them, hubby is sure that at least one of them works.

‹Seanara› no, San Antonio is 2013

‹WingedWolf› He's going to test them.

‹Seanara› the others are the year after

‹Jean› I am trying to get my heart straightened out and my energy back so I can go to London.

‹Deirdre› London Worldcon and Shamrockcon would be a great holiday.

‹Seanara› Good health and good luck to you, Jean

‹JL› WingedWolf - you have a spare ROUTER for Karen?

‹Jean› No sense going if I can't enjoy a week there before the con.

‹Ironwood› Yes next worldcon is 2013, San Antonio I fly to Houston, and karen drives me from there.

‹WingedWolf› JL - I think we probably do.   We have 3, he's testing them for functionality.

‹JL› and yes, testing is necessary!

‹WingedWolf› Husband is an IT guy, lol.

‹WingedWolf› We have all sorts of random gear.

‹Ironwood› So is USPS


‹Ironwood› necessary that is

‹WingedWolf› has been a hard core S/G fan since she was 13, lol.

‹JL› Ironwood, I'm not at all sure USPS is remotely necessary these days.   I used to lurk by mailbox waiting for deliveries -- today, nope.

‹JL› Everything IMPORTANT (including my car registration renewal notice) comes by EMAIL.

‹Ironwood› It is - that is how the router gets to Karen.

‹WingedWolf› True, lol.

‹Ironwood› Otherwise Canada Post is a pain.

‹WingedWolf› I run 2 internet businesses, and everything gets mailed.

‹JL› Well, usually UPS or FedEx are cheaper and more reliable.  

‹WingedWolf› USPS is way cheaper.

‹Ironwood› Even CP is cheaper. But do allow 2 weeks to get across Winnipeg, (14 miles), Next day in Qatar.

‹Jean› USPS is still cheaper than UPS. But USPS will probably be dead in ten years.

‹kaires› And as someone mentioned, EuroCon in Dublin (22-24 August 2014) is the Week after WorldCon in London

‹Ironwood› Yes, and I will not be buying a house that year.

‹WingedWolf› I don't see it.   My town just petitioned to keep their post office when they tried to close it.  

‹JL› Kaires - oh, that's a neat schedule - Eurocon and Worldcon - wow.  

18:50:03 ‹ZoeFarris› Well I am off, have to go out into 32 degrees centigrade and get morning tea. Thank you for the awards and the chat. Take care everyone and have a good New Year's day

‹kaires› @JL ...AND NASFIC!  I plan to do all three.

‹Jean› Bye, Zoe.

‹JL› THANK YOU ZOE and ELIZA -- thank you, thank you!  Kaires - all 3 cons, wow.  

‹ZoeFarris› You are welcome and I will pass on your thanks to Eliza.

‹kaires› Right now, I have no idea where I'll get the money for the three cons in 2014...but I WILL get it and I WILL go!

‹Ironwood› I dread the 2014 vacation schedule - Wester Con, Nasfic, World Con, Eurocon and visiting relatives in Scotland....

‹JL› I need to go get dinner on the table and Zoe needs breakfast.   Isn't it a wonderful world?

‹Ironwood› It isn't the money, it is the time off!

‹kaires› Bye, Zoe & Eliza. You are both SO COOL!!!

‹WingedWolf› I'll post on the facebook group when we get a router sorted out, and see how we can get it to her.

‹Jean› I have cats complaining, and need to make some supper.

‹MJC› I'm going to vanish as well now, but it's been great meeting you all tonight, and hopefully I'll manage to talk to you again in future. I know the IRC post said this was the yearly chat, do you chat in here at other times, or is it mostly elsewhere?

‹Seanara› Kaires, you and me both, lol!

‹Jean› Good night everyone.

‹JL› I figure Ironwood - your job is like mine.   There is no TIME OFF -- whatever you don't do today you have to do tomorrow.

‹kaires› Ironwood: by then, I'll have minions to run my Internet businesses, and the other businesses will just go on hiatus for a month. Priorities!

‹JL› Good night Jean --- HAPPY NEW YEAR

‹Seanara› MJC, it's an annual New Year chat; the rest of the time we're on the Facebook page

‹JL› Just in case it isn't anywhere on the log HAPPY NEW YEAR

‹Ironwood› But sometimes the characters get up and carry the story for you and that is WONDERFUL!!!!

‹WingedWolf› Husband says we have one.  Tested, and it works.

‹ZoeFarris› This will be available all year round is a private channel so people will not be just barging in.

‹Seanara› Happy New Year all, and hugs to all

‹JL› OH WONDERFUL -- Karen will be delighted.

‹Jean› Happy Year's Turning to all!


‹kaires› HAPPY NEW YEAR. Seeya all next year (if not before)