2016 New years Biz Chat
1st January 2016 US time, covering the year 2015

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JL = Jacqueline Lichtenberg
Zoe Farris
Jean = Jean Lorrah



JL› 2015 was a very busy year, mostly of preparation to be busier yet in 2016. In 2015, Karen MacLeod and Zoe Farris worked on the final additions to the Sime~Gen Wiki (http://simegen.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page )

JL› A sample of the WIKI contents, an essay on Stages of Changeover, is now posted in the files portion of the SimeGen Group on Facebook. And interspersed with the work on the wiki, they compiled and edited the first Sime~Gen anthology of stories written and edited entirely by the devoted readers of Sime~Gen, titled by Jean Lorrah FEAR AND COURAGE, after the central theme of the Sime~Gen Novels. The cover is an image created by Eliza Leahy, also one of the story contributors.

Zoe Farris› you will find all the new years chats here. http://www.simegen.com/history...ts.html

JL› Here is the story contents for this first anthology, Book 13 in the Sime~Gen Series: Forewords, by Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah "Moonlight Sonata," by Mary Lou Mendum "A Mother's Choice," by Donna Fernstrom "Obsession," by Eliza Leahy "How Far Must I Go?", by William Long "A Journey Into Demonland," by Mary Lou Mendum and M. Alexis Pakulak "The Legend of the Creeping Need," by Zoe Farris, "Running on Selyn Alone," by D.H. Aire "Blood Taint," by Katherine X. Rylien "More Than Meets the Eye," by R. K. Hageman "The Box," by Laurie Pollack . "Prelude and Fugue in Four Choices," by Mary Lou Mendum "Shadows," by Zoe Farris "Vincent of the Gate," by R. K. Hageman "Destiny," by N. Eileen O'Neill "Three Milestones in the Founding of Cordona Territory," by Mary Lou Mendum "A Short Life," by El, "The Gift of Alauno Light," by Andrea Alton 15:20:08

JL› Meanwhile, Eliza Leahy added a quick cover image to the Freebie sample of Sime~Gen stories that Wildside Press published to advertise the release of Fear And Courage. The freebie is available only on the Wildside Press website: http://wildsidepress.com/freebies-1/ The membership of the Facebook SimeGen Group has grown to 285. Eliza Leahy has also volunteered to Webmaster and Sysadmin simegen.com -- and has re-cast the entry simegen.com into a Sime~Gen only portal, eliminating links to many subsidiary items such as /writers/ and general science fiction fandom sections.

KarenMac› "A Short Life" in the anthology was written by Eliza.

EdWilson› Does that mean that the writers school isn't attached to the Sime-Gen web page anymore?

JL› The experimental domain design is to try to present a clear focus for the domain preparatory to promotion by Loreful, the Videogame company that has licensed 150 years of the Sime~Gen timeline for space exploration. It was also necessary to create an entry point usable on various mobile devices. Loreful is now developing a mobile fitness game to raise money for the necessary technology to present ARISE, the working title of the first iteration of the video game. Jean Lorrah is still working on the novel showing the giant leap forward in selyn technology which will eventually be the key to the interstellar drive technology. In November-December of 2015, the audiobook recording of Mahogany Trinrose began, and it is expected to be available on audible.com (and Amazon) by Spring 2016. Mahogany Trinrose is a favorite of the folks at Loreful as it presents the "magic" dimension of the Sime~Gen world-building.

JL› After the publication of FEAR AND COURAGE, Mary Lou Mendum (one of the contributors to Fear And Courage as well as to the online Sime~Gen fiction), has begun adapting material we had posted as fanzine stories by her into a publishable novel that will detail the beginnings of heavier-than-air flight in the Sime~Gen Universe using the Den and Rital characters she has developed over many stories.

JL› Kaires has continued to hold Sime~Gen Parties are various science fiction conventions, mostly in the Western region of the USA. At this time, we are not sure if the print-version of the Sime~Gen Concordance, compiled from the Wiki material, will be the next publication submitted to Wildside, or if that submission will be a novel by Mary Lou Mendum, or the novel by Jean Lorrah, or a second anthology. All of these projects are relevant to a solid launch of the Sime~Gen Video game. Jacqueline Lichtenberg President Sime~Gen Inc.

Zoe Farris› Report by Zoe Farris

Zoe Farris› Of the three projects that have been going since 2013 one is one is ongoing, one is completed, and one is close to being completed. The First is the Wiki, which will be an ongoing project as new things are added, old ones updated and added to, and once the game is ready, details from that will also be added. The Second is the Anthology, which in now complete and on the market in book form, and various electronic versions. I had an very interesting and fun time working with Karen on editing, and really enjoyed interacting with the authors. Jacqueline was a great help and inspiration during that process. There is information on the Sime~Gen site as well as in the group for where you can obtain the Anthology in all it's formats. If you would like to listen to one of the authors read one of her short stories go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?...OlWjryQ The Third, is the Concordance. This is now as the stage where Jacqueline will be looking though to check that information is correct, and to also check to see if anything needs adding and to check the 'essays' as Jacqueline calls them, to make sure the information is in the right area, etc. After I have fixed anything that requires it, it will then go to Karen before final tweaking and then it will be ready for the publisher. The Concordance will be a compilation of all information related to the first twelve published novels. It will be a guide for the Loreful's team working on the Sime~Gen game and for those writing in the Sime~Gen Universe. It is also for those readers who would like more detailed information on terms, people and places that are in those novels. I have been slowly gathering information of from the fan stories and will slowly add these to the Wiki. This is a snipped example of the kind of information you will find in the Concordance is from the term Changeover: “Index Card File, labeled “Sime Surgeon” – an early draft of “Unto Zeor, Forever”: Only a Farris has any control in First Transfer. You don't "turn Sime," you are born Sime, it just isn't detectable till changeover. Tentacles develop rapidly over a period of a few days. The in-Territory schools apparently teach children how to deal with changeover in others, promoting calmness. The subject's jaw is sometimes dislocated in the throes of changeover. First explosion of Need after changeover: tremendous "new, raw, imperative, deranging." During changeover, body at a peak of cell production. Good time to heal internal problems before breakout.

Zoe Farris› The complete entry for this term is in the files section of the facebook page as an example. Thank you Jacqueline for asking me to do these projects and thank you Jacqueline, Karen and Jean for helping and being a part of this. And thank you to the authors who made the Anthology possible. Zoe Farris

JL› Thank You Zoe. Any other Reports?


JL› Since Jean is not here, I don't have the figures at hand, but I do recall that before the year-end payment from Wildside, we are sitting on a loss of a little over $800 (USD). I don't expect the first Quarter 2015 to bring in payments for the anthology authors -- it generally takes more than 6 months for new books to get income to the authors.

JL› Do we have any nominations for Annual recognition awards?

JL› The Digen Award?

JL› Nominations are now open for the Digen Awards.

JL› I nominate Kaires for the Digen Award for Meritorious Service -- she is a magnificent Party Maven

Seanara› I nominate Karen for the Digen award.

Seanara› Second Kaires

Seanara› I seconded.

JL› All in favor of Karen for the Digen Award?


MaryLou› Aye

Seanara› aye

EdWilson› Aye

Zoe Farris› Aye

KarenMac› Aye for KAIRES

Andygal› Aye

JL› The AYES have it for the Digen Award for Kaires.

JL› We have a nomination for Karen for the Digen Award. I SECOND that nomination.

JL› All in Favor of Karen for the Digen Award?

Seanara› Aye

EdWilson› Aye for Karen Macloud

MaryLou› Aye

Zoe Farris› Aye


Andygal› Aye

JL› The AYES have it for Karen for The Digen Award for Meritorious Service for 2015.

JL› Any further Digen Award nominations? We will proceed to the YoYo Awards.

KarenMac› Definition: Karen Award Created in 2002, this award for Creating Foundations is awarded to those individuals or organizations who have helped to create the Sime~Gen fan universe or, who have proven indispensable in growing and maintaining the Simegen domain. The following people have won the Karen Award in 2002:

JL› I nominate Zoe for the Karen Award for 2015 (a dizzying year indeed)

EdWilson› Second!

MaryLou› Third!

KarenMac› Seconded (and I have another name for nomination)

JL› Voting is now open for the Golden YoYo award for Zoe Farris.

MaryLou› Aye!

EdWilson› Zoe gets a YoYo

Andygal› Aye

JL› Aye

Seanara› Aye

KarenMac› aye.... but I nominated her for the Karen award.....

JL› The Ayes have it, and Zoe Farris is awarded the Golden YoYo for 2015

JL› Nominations are now open for the KAREN AWARD for work in 2015

JL› Do I hear any nominations.

KarenMac› Eliza, for all her work on revamping the domain....

MaryLou› Seconded

KarenMac› ...and keeping us on course for the manuscript Anthology problems we had.

JL› Moved and Seconded that Eliza Leahy be awarded the KAREN AWARD for Webmastering 2015. All in favor?


Zoe Farris› Aye

Seanara› Aye

Jean› Aye

KarenMac› Aye

Andygal› Aye

JL› The Ayes have it and Eliza has been Awarded the KAREN AWARD for 2015.

JL› Are there any further nominations for the Karen Award?

KarenMac› Zoe.... she did a lot of work this year on many tasks including the wiki.

Seanara› Second Zoe

Zoe Farris› I nominate John Betancourt of Wildside Press.

JL› Zoe Farris has been nominated and seconded for the Karen Award for 2015. All in favor?


Seanara› Aye

Andygal› AYE!

KarenMac› Aye for Zoe

EdWilson› Zoe for Karen award

MaryLou› Aye!

Jean› Aye

JL› The Ayes have it for Zoe for the KAREN AWARD for 2015 (Zoe has definitely been building foundations here!)

JL› Any other Awards to be offered?

KarenMac› Zoe nominated John Betancourt from Wildside --- I'll second him.

JL› But for WHICH award?

Zoe Farris› I nominate John Betancourt for a Karen Award.

KarenMac› Seconded

JL› John Betancourt has been nominated and seconded for the KAREN AWARD for 2015 for getting the anthology FEAR AND COURAGE out. All in favor?


Seanara› Aye

Jean› Aye

KarenMac› aye

MaryLou› Aye

Andygal› Aye!

EdWilson› Aye

JL› The Ayes have it and John Betancourt of Wildside Press has been awarded the KAREN AWARD for 2015.

JL› Any further award nominations?

Zoe Farris› I nominate Aharon Cagle for out-Territory Award

Jean› I nominate Aharon Cagle for the out-Territory award.

Jean› second

JL› Aharon Cagle has been nominated and seconded for the Out-Territory Award for work outside Sime~Gen. All in favor?


EdWilson› I will second for Aharon Cagle for Out Territory Award.

EdWilson› Aye

KarenMac› Aye

Seanara› Aye

Jean› Aye

Andygal› Aye

JL› The Ayes have it and Aharon Cagle has been awarded the OUT-TERRITORY AWARD for supporting Sime~Gen throughout 2015

JL› Any further nominations?

JL› That completes our Recognition Awards list for 2015.

JL› STOCK AWARDS: Those who have contributed materially to Sime~Gen this year have been awarded shares of non-voting Stock in Sime~Gen Inc. (which is incorporated under the laws of Kentucky)

JL› We have awarded fewer shares this year, as we have all been working hard but in low gear. Those who contributed to the Anthology do not get shares for that work, as eventually (we hope and expect) they will get paid.

JL› So the Board of Directors have voted the following:

JL› Eliza Leahy 2 Shares, Art for the Wiki, and taking on Sysadmin and Webmaster tasks for simegen.com

JL› Karen MacLeod 1 Share for an Amazing amount of proofing and data retrieval, editing Fear And Courage, and compiling on the Wiki

JL› Zoe Farris - 1 Share Work on the Wiki, editing Fear and Courage, managing the Facebook Group

JL› Kaires 1 share Holding Sime~Gen Parties wherever possible, contributing in many ways.

Jean› It's 2 shares for Karen.

Jean› And Zoe 2 shares--I'm looking at the minutes for the meeting.

JL› I'm confused. That's where I got this.

Jean› 2 each for Karen, Zoe, and Eliza, and one for Kaires.

JL› It is entirely possible I've messed up the numbers both here and in our database and in the stock letters that are already printed, ready to mail.

JL› The books will have to be re-audited to correct JL's errors.

Jean› I printed the minutes right after the meeting--that's what I have here right now. Hope you haven't sealed the envelopes!

JL› Kaires 1 share Holding Sime~Gen Parties wherever possible, contributing in many ways.

Jean› Sorry I didn't think to proof the finals! Suffering from overwhelm.

JL› There will be a delay in mailing the stock letters.

JL› That concludes the Awards.

JL› Plans for the future.

JL› The President's report mentioned in passing that we have several projects brewing.

JL› Zoe also mentioned -- the wiki, and the concordance.

JL› I want to mention here the plans for releasing a NEW NOVEL by Mary Lou Mendum, based on her existing Den&Rital series, but adding NEW material. Mary Lou submitted a draft to me, blending some of her shorter works about this pair, and asking me to find what was missing. I almost missed it!!! She's that good a writer.

MaryLou› I admit that I didn't see aeronautics as the missing part.

JL› However, I discovered that there was almost half the story missing -- and Mary Lou came up with the missing half. Mary Lou has been tasked with getting her Den and Rital characters to become instrumental in inventing HEAVIER THAN AIR flight as they open a Sime Center far out-Territory. So we will have a very new, Novel Sized entry for Wildside, perhaps by the middle of this year.

JL› Next we have the novel Jean is working on, introducing another fundamental bit of technology. All of this leads to the Space Age -- watch the SimeGen Group on Facebook as I post various news stories about technological advances both in genetics and NASA's explorations (and astrophysics).

Jean› I'm struggling with it, because of course my thing is character, not technology. And this is esoteric tech!

JL› And new planets -- etc. We are building a vision of the Sime~Gen space age, and every bit of "junk" NASA (and the private companies) (and China -- they have a rover on the Moon now) is something for Simes and/or Gens to FIND once they get there.

Jean› I think I finally have the characters right.

JL› And as Ed pointed out, our current neater version of simegen.com lacks a link-trail into some of our more interesting sections such as the Volcano material, which is about the "cause" of the Sime~Gen Mutation, and/or the downfall of this Ancient Civilization.

Jean› Nobody goes to space in the book I'm working on. It's some of the foundational work that they do, in a time much like ours, when a major political force wants to turn back time and undo Unity.

JL› In addition to all this, we are hopeing/expecting 2016 to see the beginnings of a SECOND Sime~Gen Anthology with new original stories by anyone who wants to submit. There are, as I noted on the Group, many "holes" to be filled before we launch that first Starship and get embroiled in a gigantic galactic war.

Zoe Farris› The facebook page links to all sorts of stuff. As does Flipboard. The main simegen page, especially the front page should be as clear and NOVEL focused as possible.

JL› Anyone who finds another "hole" -- a question about a bit of material, is welcome to post to the Group where we can kick it around. Perhaps a story will come out of that. So we are doing the Concordance to keep track of all that has been established, and generating new material, in a race to get the essentials down before Loreful starts hiring writers who know nothing about Sime~Gen except what they glean from a speed-read of the novels, once over lightly.

JL› These will be professional GAME WRITERS and GAME DEVELOPERS -- from a totally different world than novels. We may also have to "tech support" comic writers (graphic novel specialists).

JL› So that's the plan for 2016 -- target dates for Loreful's products to hit market are being set, enthusiasm is building in that professional community. We have to get our ducks in a row, and one day we will be very glad we had the time to do it

JL› If there is no further new business, we will PARTY DOWN for 2016.

JL› I move we adjourn.

JL› Do I hear a second?

Jean› second

Zoe Farris› second

JL› All in favor?


Jean› aye

Seanara› aye

Zoe Farris› Aye

KarenMac› aye... party in chat room

Andygal› Aye

EdWilson› Adjourn!

MaryLou› Aye!

JL› The AYES have it -and uncork the virtual PORSTAN!!!

Zoe Farris› Biz chat has now ended. Thank you everyone for attending.

Jean› Thank you for making the chat so easy to use, Zoe! Link for Stories on the simegen.com website: http://www.simegen.com/fanfiction/fanfiction.html Clarification on the Stock Award - Two non-voting shares for Karen, Zoe, and Eliza, and one for Kaires.