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16:13:47 :ZoeFarris: Logging starts Now ****

16:13:59 :Jean: Hello Everyone and welcome to the annual Sime~Gen New Year's chat.

16:15:17 :Jean: There's not a great deal of news this year.

16:16:01 :Jean: 2014 was a year for Sime~Gen Inc. to lie fallow so that in the future it can produce with greater strength.          There are plans for the future on several fronts. First and foremost, the Anthology of Sime~Gen fan fiction is complete and ready to offer to Wildside for publication.          Second, Wildside has invited us to put together a digital Sampler of short Sime~Gen works to be given away

16:16:53 :Jean: Second, Wildside has invited us to put together a digital Sampler of short Sime~Gen works to be given away as a promotion of the series. We have completed that, but do not have any estimate of when it will see publication.

16:17:25 :Jean: Third, Jean is restructuring and rewriting the next Sime~Gen novel, The Nameless for publication at about the same time the Sime~Gen game comes out.

16:17:52 :Jean: Loreful is still planning a Sime~Gen game, but only after they have worked their way through several other games to reach the level required. There is now no date for the Sime~Gen game.

16:17:52 :Jean: Loreful is still planning a Sime~Gen game, but only after they have worked their way through several other games to reach the level required. There is now no date for the Sime~Gen game. 

16:18:26 :Jean: Loreful is also planning to publish some Sime~Gen graphic novels, but again there are no dates set.

16:18:51 :Jean: So despite a drop in income and publications this year, we expect much more activity and income in the near future.

16:19:27 :Jean: That's pretty much what's been going on this past year.

16:20:50 :Jean: Next?

16:21:10 :~JL: OK, President's Report -- plus updates since it was written in early December.

16:21:34 :~JL: The Sime~Gen wiki has been completed, and is being formatted into a publishable volume.

16:22:07 :~JL: Meanwhile, Wildside, publisher of Sime~Gen, asked for a fan story anthology,  and Karen MacLeod and Zoe Farris took on that job, acquiring new stories to compile with ones that are online.          The anthology is almost complete.

16:22:21 :~JL: This year saw the failure of Loreful to acquire the level of funding necessary to animate tentacles, and therefore new strategies have been developed by Loreful to approach the Sime~Gen Videogame project from another direction.

16:22:37 :~JL: As we await developments at Loreful, we are working on our social networking and keeping the Wildside book pipeline filled.

16:22:49 :~JL: This year we must focus on completing the audiobooks for Sime~Gen and producing the anthology and the Concordance from the wiki material to be ready to support the next Game thrust.

16:23:01 :~JL: And I have updates on the audiobook front.

16:23:55 :~JL: Just before this chat, I was texting with Aharon and at the same time on AIM with Jean and on Facebook Messaging with Colin Hussey (the audiobook reader for THROUGH THE MOON GATE, an anthology of my stories that came out this year I think it was.

16:24:34 :~JL: So I found out by getting an audiobook reader to look in the back-room at audible.com that the following is the case.

16:24:49 :~JL: Sime~Gen #3 and #4 volumes are listed on audible as available for recording but the others that have not been recorded are NOT LISTED.

16:25:24 :~JL: So we actually have the following -- (done) after a title means it has an audiobook edition available

16:25:39 :~JL: House of Zeor, by Jacqueline Lichtenberg (#1) (done) Unto Zeor, Forever, by Jacqueline Lichtenberg (#2) (done

16:26:06 :~JL: The following two can be found by readers looking for novels to read

16:26:09 :~JL: First Channel, by Jean Lorrah and Jacqueline Lichtenberg (#3) (Listed To Be Done) Mahogany Trinrose, by Jacqueline Lichtenberg (#4) (Listed To Be Done)

16:26:36 :~JL: The next one is not available

16:26:48 :~JL: Channel’s Destiny, by Jean Lorrah and Jacqueline Lichtenberg (#5)

16:27:06 :~JL: The following is available in audiobook

16:27:09 :~JL: RenSime, by Jacqueline Lichtenberg (#6) (done)

16:27:36 :~JL: And these next two are not listed

16:28:02 :~JL: Ambrov Keon, by Jean Lorrah (#7) Zelerod’s Doom, by Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah (#8)

16:28:14 :~JL: The next two are now available as audiobooks

16:28:23 :~JL: Personal Recognizance, by Jacqueline Lichtenberg (#9) (done) The Story Untold and Other Stories, by Jean Lorrah (#10) (done)

16:28:43 :~JL: The next one is available as audiobook

16:28:45 :~JL: To Kiss or to Kill, by Jean Lorrah (#11) (done)

16:29:08 :~JL: This next, #`12 is not listed and can not be found by prospective readers

16:29:20 :~JL: The Farris Channel, by Jacqueline Lichtenberg (#12)

16:29:39 :~JL: SUMMARY -- the following three titles can not be found by prospective readers

16:29:50 :~JL: AVAILABLE BUT NOT LISTED: Channel's Destiny Zelerod's Doom The Farris Channel

16:31:18 :~JL: Meanwhile, as I was discovering this problem at audible, I was also exchanging texts with Aharon Cagle, CEO of Loreful, the contractor with rights to Sime~Gen for a videogame set in a 150 span of the Chronology -- they have essentially rented that piece of our pre-existing timeline.

16:32:01 :~JL: Project "Ambrov X" is still alive -- and by the way -- the name has changed to something more commercially acceptable and remember-able. But we are moving toward the adventure game genre with RPG style dialogue (i.e. choices that matter - "branching dialogue). The scope is much scaled down. Better to start small and work our way to something larger. I am currently working on testing out the tech

16:32:21 :~JL: via a smaller game. We expect to start writing in Mid-2015 (although we have a broad story idea defined) and start sharing art and assets before the end of the year. We are laying low until after the story and game design is finalized. Expect Q3 and Q4 2015 to be when we unveil our deeper plans and work. Thanks for everyone's continued

16:32:25 :~JL: support.

16:33:43 :~JL: So we have a time-frame for production of the Concordance in book form -- it has to be in before June 2015 in order to be available for anyone Loreful might hire at the end of 2015.

16:34:53 :~JL: Before that, we want to get the Fan Written and Edited anthology out.  We may discuss the title of this anthology in the chatroom as a free-for-all.  Jean has made some great suggestions.  I've been thinking we need two titles, one for a series of fan-story-anthologies and one for this particular one.

16:35:30 :~JL: This anthology will be super-titled Sime~Gen 13 or 14 depending on whether Jean's novel goes in first (THE NAMELESS is the title of the one Jean is working on).

16:36:15 :~JL: The freebie we've compiled to give away via Wildside's one-day-free program will not be in the numbered sequence of Sime~Gen but in their give-away sequence.

16:36:41 :~JL: The freebie has a title.  We need to title the fan written works.

16:37:53 :~JL: Those are the three updates that appeared just this morning (New Year's Day 2015)

16:38:37 :~JL: http://astore.amazon.com/simegen-20  is our Amazon store with links to ebook and paper editions.  The Amazon pages show the links to Audible.com where audiobook versions can be found.  So far, we're only halfway through the Sime~Gen Series audiobook recording project and need another Voice Talent to pick us up.

16:39:22 :~JL: The Concordance project is in polish phase, and exists (for the first time EVER ).  It is currently posted for reference as a wiki.

16:39:24 :~JL: http://simegen.wikia.com/

16:40:24 :~JL: This monumental achievement was spearheaded by Zoe Farris and Karen MacLeod, who are also editing the fan story anthology.  A fan story anthology has just GOT to be edited by fans, or so I believe.

16:40:59 :~JL: So they are the ones who will finish compiling the Concordance into publishable bookformat form, thus it will take a while.

16:41:41 :~JL: Though we haven't got much to report for Sime~Gen in 2014, when we do have something, it'll be many somethings all at once.

16:42:13 :~JL: Work has been done at warp-speed on all these projects, much-much-MUCH has been accomplished, but none of it is ready for the light of day right this minute.

16:42:50 :~JL: We are doing final polish edits on the anthology, waiting on some authors to return their polish drafts.

16:43:29 :~JL: That concludes the President's updates (for a few minutes anyway -- stuff happens fast around here).

16:47:42 :Jean: Now for a fun part of the chat: award nominations

16:48:25 :Jean: Does anyone have nominations for Yo-yo or other awards?

16:52:38 :KarenMac: Many of the different awards and criteria are listed here:    http://www.simegen.com/sgfandom/awards/   take a second to look at them.

16:54:40 :Sieglinde: I nominate Loreful for Out-Territory

16:56:06 :Jean: Is there a second?

16:56:07 :~JL: And Loreful is tackling way-way-WAY outer-Territory stories, set in outer space, but carrying the Householdings into a new era.  Definitely worth an award.  So I Second the Nomination of Loreful for the Out-Territory Award

16:56:32 :ZoeFarris: Second

16:56:36 :Jean: Question.

16:56:58 :Ed Wilson: Yeah

16:57:03 :Jean: All in favor of the out-Territory award going to Loreful?

16:57:05 :Lexie: Aye

16:57:09 :Jean: aye

16:57:10 :Seanara: Aye

16:57:21 :Sieglinde: aye

16:57:23 :kaires: aye

16:57:36 :KarenMac: aye

16:58:16 :Jean: The ayes have it.

16:58:48 :Jean: Any other award nominations?

16:59:11 :~JL: @Jean - Kaires has a party report.

16:59:31 :Seanara: Karen, for the Digen award for all her editing work, and service beyond the call of duty on the Concordance and the anthology.

16:59:41 :Ed Wilson: Second

16:59:54 :~JL: I nominate Kaires for the Digen Award - service above and beyond all reasonable expectations, for presenting lovely con-parties for us;.

17:00:08 :~JL: OK that's two nominations for the Digen Award.

17:00:14 :Seanara: Second Kaires.

17:00:15 :~JL: I second Karen for the Digen Award.

17:02:03 :Jean: Question. All in favor of Karen for the Digen Award.

17:02:07 :Jean: aye

17:02:10 :Seanara: Aye

17:02:14 :ZoeFarris: aye

17:02:16 :Lexie: Aye

17:02:24 :Ed Wilson: Aye

17:02:29 :~JL: Aye for both nominees

17:02:36 :Sieglinde: aye for both

17:02:42 :Ed Wilson: Aye

17:02:52 :Seanara: Aye for both

17:02:55 :Ed Wilson: both

17:02:56 :KarenMac: Don't know how I got nominated, but I'll vote aye for Kaires.

17:03:08 :Lexie: Aye for both

17:03:25 :kaires: Aye for Karen!!!

17:03:51 :Jean: I think the ayes have it for both candidates.

17:04:21 :KarenMac: I'd open up ANOTHER Digen for Zoe and Eliza.  Both worked to keep me on track for these projects, so are just as deserving of the award.

17:04:23 :kaires: I nominate ZOE for Digen as well.

17:04:34 :Sieglinde: I second

17:04:55 :KarenMac: Eliza's helped with crazy manuscript tech problems....

17:05:03 :Sieglinde: I nominate Eliza and I nominate her for the art award if there is one.

17:05:07 :Jean: Question. All in favor of a Digen award for Zoe and Eliza.

17:05:11 :Jean: aye

17:05:19 :Seanara: Aye

17:05:23 :KarenMac: aye

17:05:28 :~JL: Aye for both Zoe and Eliza for the Digen Award

17:05:30 :Sieglinde: aye

17:05:40 :kaires: aye

17:05:56 :Ed Wilson: Aye (hope this is right award - much deserved).

17:06:24 :Jean: The ayes have it.

17:07:13 :~JL: Digen award is for all the sleepless nights, the endless hours at the keyboard, and don't forget Zoe ramrods the Facebook Group -- has nabbed spammers in the bud.

17:07:51 :~JL: I nominate Eliza for the TechTon Award - she's been at the formatting problems and issues.

17:07:58 :Lexie: I'm too late, but aye for Zoe

17:08:20 :Sieglinde: Second

17:08:28 :KarenMac: I'm sure we have an Art award, too.  Yes, TechTon for Eliza.  I'll second that.

17:08:53 :Jean: Question. All in favor of TechTon for Eliza.

17:08:55 :Jean: aye

17:09:02 :Sieglinde: aye

17:09:04 :kaires: Ayw

17:09:07 :Lexie: aye

17:09:09 :Seanara: Aye

17:09:10 :ZoeFarris: aye

17:09:16 :Ed Wilson: Aye :-}

17:09:17 :~JL: Aye

17:09:44 :Jean: The ayes have it.

17:09:47 :kaires: And I nominate Zoe for the Tech-ton: for setting up and managing the Wiki, the Facebook page, and these chatrooms!

17:09:58 :Seanara: Second.

17:10:02 :Ed Wilson: I second

17:10:06 :Ed Wilson: Aye

17:10:12 :kaires: aye

17:10:20 :Lexie: aye

17:10:24 :KarenMac: Aye for both of them.

17:10:27 :Seanara: Aye

17:10:38 :~JL: Aye - Zoe for FB Tech-Ton award.

17:10:39 :Sieglinde: Aye

17:11:09 :ZoeFarris: I nominate JL for the Nager Award for being ther for me during the projects. Since she asked me to do the Concordance and Anthology she has been a major support. Also Eliza for gettign me through some tough times

17:11:28 :kaires: second

17:11:33 :Ed Wilson: Aye

17:11:47 :KarenMac: aye for both

17:11:47 :Sieglinde: aye

17:11:53 :Seanara: aye for both

17:11:55 :Lexie: aye

17:12:01 :~JL: Aye for both

17:12:08 :~JL: oops that was for me.

17:12:19 :~JL: oh, gee -- I vote for Eliza

17:13:17 :Sieglinde: I am confused so I will vote again but for both.

17:13:37 :Jean: I'm lost.

17:14:19 :~JL: We're voting the Nager Award for JL and Eliza ((Nominated by Zoe Farris))

17:14:40 :Jean: aye

17:14:48 :~JL: I accidentally voted for both, but I can't because I'm nominated.

17:14:49 :KarenMac: aye

17:14:56 :kaires: aye

17:15:16 :Jean: The ayes have it.

17:16:29 :Jean: Are there any more award nominations?

17:17:13 :Sieglinde: Arensti for Eliza.

17:17:54 :ZoeFarris: Second

17:18:24 :~JL: Aye for Eliza for the Arensti

17:18:33 :Sieglinde: aye

17:18:35 :Jean: All in favor of Arensti for Eliza.

17:18:37 :Seanara: Aye

17:18:39 :Lexie: aye

17:18:44 :Jean: Aye

17:18:45 :Ed Wilson: Aye

17:20:05 :KarenMac: aye

17:20:14 :~JL: Aye

17:20:29 :kaires: aye

17:20:45 :Jean: The ayes have it.

.17:24:51 :Jean: Jacqueline, would you please announce this year's stock awards?

17:25:21 :~JL: After some discussion, the Board of Directors has awarded non-voting shares to:

17:25:27 :~JL: STOCK     Gene Schneider 1 share     Karen MacLeod 2 shares     Zoe Farris 2 shares     Eliza Leahy 2 shares

17:26:35 :~JL: The stock letters will go out on Monday, as nothing is open tomorrow really.

17:28:07 :Jean: All right--who has a party report?

17:29:15 :kaires: CONVENTION PARTIES.

17:29:28 :kaires: We hosted "real" Sime~Gen parties at two conventions in 2014: Westercon (Salt Lake City UT, 3-6 July), and LosCon (Los Angles CA, 28-30 NOvember).  Both were hugely successful in that:  - many people said they came because they particularly love our parties - several stayed for hours at a time, engaging in lively conversation - At least 50 people came to each party (75 at LosCon) ...we gave out th

17:29:40 :kaires: Westercon was especially cool because the con itself rents the party rooms, and "rents" them out to parties each evening. They even sent "minions" to help me set up and take down the party. The party maven tells me they always do that for parties at Utah conventions. I wish I could get other cons to do that!

17:29:58 :kaires: We didn't manage to have "real" parties at WorldCon (London, 14-18 August) or the EuroCon the next week (Dublin, 22-24 August), because European conventions don't allow room parties. I tried very hard for several months in advance of these conventions, to arrange to be part of the centralized party, but couldn't interest any of the PTB to let me do it. At the WorldCon, we were allowed to have a "

17:30:25 :kaires: celebration" in one corner of the  fan floor.

17:30:37 :kaires: Many thanks to Sime~Gen, Inc. for subsidizing some of the party effort (I'm so glad to know the company is doing well enough to be able to do that...and that the JLs are willing to spend their money that way).

17:30:55 :kaires: Huge thanks to the people who helped, notably my personal friends Gahan & Stephen Thorp, and S~G friends Seanara, Elizabeth Austin and Sieglinde. This year, I didn't manage to foist off the badge-starring to others, so I was doing that, and alsi pouring Ancient Egyptian Kool-Aid for those hearty souls who wanted to try it, and the doughty recidivists who actually asked for it.

17:31:10 :kaires: In 2015, we plan to have the usual parties at WesterCon (San Diego CA, 3-6 July), WorldCon (Seattle WA, 19-23 Aug) and LosCon (Los Angeles CA,27-29 November). I'll drive to Westercon in San Diego, so I'll probably have Ancient Egyptian Kool-Aid with me, as well as the usual stuff.

17:31:31 :kaires: For WorldCon in Spokane, I'll fly. Don't want to waste two days driving there and another two days driving back. So I'll just have the stuff I took to London: all the posters, plus chips and serving dishes.

17:33:43 :KarenMac: No party, but being on programming in 2013 had me cover something about Jacqueline and Jean in programming at Darkover Con, and this year, 2014, I mentioned the possibilities of the anthology and  Concordance for the future.  I also put out flyers there and Balticon for the existing books.

17:34:58 :KarenMac: The 2013 Darkover Con had a panel on why Jacqueline, Jean and Sime~Gen are important.

17:37:24 :~JL: Any further Reports?

17:38:24 :Sieglinde: Kaires did not describe the party attempt at Eurocon. We had food and most if not all of our visitors were SG fans we already knew. It was in unused function space.

17:39:24 :kaires: ­­­STARRED CROSS JEWELRY.

17:39:43 :kaires: Speaking of marketing: my godson David still doesn't have his real website up, but he has a store on ETSY, and the starred crosses are there.  He has added the size information to each listing, which makes it a bit easier to understand the prices.

17:40:02 :kaires: The one with the huge price has the star in GOLD, and the cross is silver.

17:40:57 :kaires: The other one with the same shape has a silver cross, but the star can be any color you want-like householding colors--in enamel.

17:50:35 :Ed Wilson: I move adjournment

17:52:15 :Jean: The business meeting is adjourned at 4:51pm CST.

17:52:19 :~JL: I second the move to Adjourne

17:52:43 :~JL: See you all next year!  Same time, same station, as they used to say.

17:53:06 :Sieglinde: Hope to see some of you at conventions.

17:54:38 :KarenMac: Bye, all.  Thanks for coming.

17:54:52 :Seanara: Happy New Year to all.