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:ZoeFarris: Welcome to the 2013 #simegenbiz

16:04:35 :Jean: Welcome, everybody, and Happy Year's Turning.

16:05:47 :Seanara: Thinking of you while I'm here, Jean, and Karen, and all those others who especially love this country. Happy Year's Turning, all.

16:09:21 :Jean: While the chat goes hot and heavy in the chat room, we can start the business here.

16:10:21 :Jean: Thank you to Zoe and Eliza for finding us this chat facility.

16:10:52 :Jean: This has been quite a year for Sime~Gen.

16:11:39 :Jean: The books are doing well, and we made a small profit.


16:12:26 :Jean: THE FARRIS CHANNEL was published, and audiobooks started coming out.

16:13:51 :Jean: And as most of you know, we have been approached by a game designer to create a computer RPG based on the Sime~Gen universe.

16:14:40 :Jean: That's really all we can say about that for now--but do keep up on FaceBook for announcements as things happen.

16:15:29 :Anne: What has been happening with the sales for Vampire's Dilemma?

16:16:21 :KarenMac: I put flyers out for all the books including Vampire's Dilemma at Darkover Con in November.

16:16:40 :JL: Aharon is here and may give a report.

16:17:18 :ZoeFarris: Please keep questions till the end of the reports. Thank you.

16:17:50 :Jean: Sales of Vampire's Dilemma have so far been very disappointing.

16:19:03 :Jean: But remember that book publishing has changed.

16:19:34 :Jean: We have not missed a 12-day window, and the books will not be pulped and made op.

16:20:41 :Jean: If you guys get behind the book, review it, mention it, anything that helps to publicize it, it is there on Amazon where anyone can easily purchase it, if they just find out that it exists.

16:22:00 :Jean: But with everything else going on, Jacqueline and I don't have the hours it takes to promote a book--you may note that we can't do very much with our own books.

16:22:29 :Jean: Hence we have to ask the authors to help.

16:24:49 :Aharon: For news on the game...we have a title. We will be announcing it soon. We have built both a website and a community site around the game and plan to launch both with the announcement.

16:25:35 :Aharon: The game will be produced for multiple platforms...those include iOS, Android, PC, Mac and Ouya (Ouya is a new android based console)

16:26:34 :Aharon: XBox, PS3 and WiiU are all platforms we are interested in but we have yet to commit to those platforms yet.

16:30:54 :Aharon: The game will be produced and distributed in Episodes. At this juncture, we are planning for around 5 episodes that are about 5 hours of gameplay.

16:31:23 :Sieglinde: 5 hours each or a total of 5 hours?

16:31:50 :Aharon: 5 hours each, total of 25 hours.

16:33:12 :JL: Aharon, Can you tell us anything about the people involved in developing the game, and how they respond to reading the books?

16:34:57 :Aharon: Absolutely. Before I do that, I'll explain a little bit about our timeline. We are in pre-production right now. Meaning, we are producing a prototype. We'll take that prototype to raise funds to make the game. I've assembled a team for the prototype.

16:36:17 :Aharon: The Prototype team is comprised of several people. Game Designer, Concept Artist/3D Artist, Animation Artist, Programmer, Production Manager/Loremaster and myself as the Creative Director...I'm also doing all the usability and graphic design work.

16:37:12 :Aharon: We also have others lending their aid to the cause, naturally Jacqueline and Jean have just been amazing. We have a Sound Designer and Voice-Over actress (although she is a professor of voice, highly qualified).

16:37:57 :Anne: Is there any capital behind this right now?

16:38:12 :Aharon: I'm personally funding it right now.

16:38:46 :Aharon: Although, looking forward to that changing, ha!

16:39:30 :Aharon: We do have a strategy for Kickstarter and VC funding, but all of that requires a prototype.

16:40:38 :Aharon: Pretty much everyone on the team has read or is reading House of Zeor, we are all becoming HUGE fans and see the potential in the universe.

16:41:40 :Aharon: We have a person on our staff whose whole purpose is to keep us on Lore. She read the several of the books when she was a teenager and jumped at the opportunity to get involved.

16:42:50 :Sieglinde: Does she have access to all of the canon

16:43:01 :Aharon: Yes indeed.

16:43:30 :kaires: Including the canonical works in Rimon's Library...there are a few things there that have been

16:43:35 :kaires: 'canonized'

16:43:50 :Aharon: She will be writing "Lore" articles for the website, both on topics new and old. You'll see a lot of her in the weeks and months to come.

16:45:13 :Anne: Can you take us through a timeline at this point?

16:45:26 :Anne: I mean for the game production, website, etc.

16:45:39 :ZoeFarris: PLEASE leave questions until later.

16:45:59 :Aharon: I'm finished, glad to answer questions.

16:46:34 :ZoeFarris: It just makes it hard to get the logs looking logical.

16:47:24 :ZoeFarris: Thank you Aharon.

16:48:13 :Aharon: The launch of the website is dependent upon concept art. We have really just started in that department. We are probably looking at the end of Feb. for the launch of both the website and the community site.

16:48:46 :Ironwood: Will you be looking for outside alpah and beta testers?

16:48:47 :Aharon: June is our target month for fundraising and Kickstarter.

16:50:04 :Anne: Do you know at this point how much will be needed for each and has there been financial interest as of yet?

16:50:11 :Ironwood: How long on kickstarter?

16:50:34 :Aharon: Thanks Anne for the great question. Excellent question Ironwood. We are still debating this internally. As the game is distributed in short Episodes, we may actually have a closed beta testing but the Facebook fans will be the first to know.

16:51:41 :MJC: Do you have any plans for getting information about the game and/or it's kickstarter to a wider audience that might not realise it's going on? And if so, are you able to talk about them?

16:52:40 :Aharon: We have a target budget, I've only spoken with one Angel Investor but we believe we have a business model that is unique. To create the game we want to create we'll at least be looking for $500K on Kickstarter. Kickstarter will run for approx. 40 days.

16:53:52 :Aharon: @MJC Absolutely. Marketing is my forte. I've been in marketing for almost 14 years. We have a social media strategy with a few tricks up our sleeve for getting the word out. Our strategy runs throughout the life of Kickstarter and beyond.

16:55:17 :Aharon: When comes down to it, it is all about word of mouth, there isn't much to it. We are really going to be calling in some favors from some gaming journalists we know.

16:56:12 :Anne: What would constitute a qualified investor?

rnalists we know.

16:56:12 :Anne: What would constitute a qualified investor?

16:58:54 :Aharon: Well on Kickstarter everyone is an investor. But if you are asking about an investment into Loreful, those investments would be typically over $30K and would grant some % in the company.

16:59:41 :Aharon: My lawyer has a whole list of qualifications for VCs (*chucklesTitle: *)

My lawyer has a whole list of qualifications for VCs (*chuckles

17:00:54 :Anne: Do you have a release date for a prospectus?

17:00:57 :Aharon: One more thing on Kickstarter, we have been planning the Kickstarter since last month. The websites are technically already finished, just awaiting content. We are super hyped and prepared to go at a moments notice.

17:01:10 :Ironwood: I concede I don't have the $$$$ for a % but what other 'qualifications' / risk tolerance & cet are there?

17:03:06 :Aharon: To be fair, I don't know if this is appropriate forum for that discussion. We have a business plan and we are willing to give our pitch to anyone who is interested. But we are starting with Kickstarter first.

17:03:44 :Anne: Fair enough. When in doubt, don't

17:04:00 :JL: Aharon, this log will be posted (eventually) online. 

17:04:02 :Ironwood: I'll be in for a loose able amount.

17:04:25 :JL: What will the Kickstarter minimum be, and what do you have to do to sign up with Kickstarter so you can give money?

17:05:57 :Aharon: Kickstarter minium will be $10. We will also have an additional fundraising through PayPal for those not wanting or who can't use Kickstarter, this has been issue for other countries.

17:06:17 :Ironwood: My wife was in the Reaper Kickstarter. She reports that the functional minimum was 1 - 5 $, at which point you could go for addons. It was a very successful kickstart (11,000% of target). She's getting a huge pile of figs come March.

17:06:52 :Aharon: We will certainly have add-ons, seems to be very popular.

17:07:08 :Aharon: $10 is about average start point for video games.

17:07:14 :Anne: Could you explain Kickstarter for those of us, like me, who are unversed in gaming production and financing?

17:09:31 :Aharon: Certainly. Kickstarter is actually for any idea that needs funded, from music to industrial design. Kickstarter is crowd funding. It harnesses the power of people and small donations to get projects off the ground. With that said, indie development studios like ours have seen great success there.

17:10:07 :Aharon: Donations are based on tiers, from $10.00 to $10,000. For donating at each level, the company or person asking for money offers something for that level.

17:10:54 :Aharon: For instance, for our $25.00 level we'll give you a digital download of the game on release, plus and in-game achievement and item.

17:11:51 :Ironwood: Aharon: I would rather co-adventure with you, but you don't sound like you are looking for small stock holders.

17:12:00 :Jean: It's like donating to Public Television--you get something.

17:12:06 :Anne: So the benefit of this would be mostly for gamers, not for just people who wanted to take a chance with a few bucks.

17:13:31 :Aharon: @Anne: correct. @Ironwood We aren't Ironwood, it takes a massive investment to make even a simple RPG. Ours being fully-voiced, will take some significant investment.

17:13:58 :Aharon: Really it's all about people. Takes 30+ people to make a game like this.

17:14:32 :JL: And to download and play the final product 30+ people created, what do you charge?

17:14:44 :Ironwood: On my job that amounts to about 7 million $, and that is serious investment.

17:14:46 :Sieglinde: Will there be hardcopy versions like Advanced D & D?  I do like to play in the presence of other humans.

17:15:30 :Aharon: @Sieglinde We aren't planning for a pen and paper version, but as a big PnP fan, it is a dream of mine someday.

17:16:01 :Ironwood: Buying a house in Calgary in Marchish I hope, and that kills 'serious investment'.

17:16:02 :MJC: What about a discs / box / manual version? Or are you only looking at digital releases?

17:16:29 :Jean: I think you are asking Aharon to do too much at one time.

17:16:48 :Aharon: @MJC We are going digital download only.

17:17:02 :Jean: If the game takes off like Angry Birds, there will be EVERYTHING.

17:17:43 :Jean: But the launch has to be of something reasonable to make with 30 people, not 3000.

17:17:53 :MJC: Mind if I ask if that would be through a storefront (gog, gamersgate, steam) or directly from yourselves and your own website?

17:18:45 :Aharon: @MJC Sure, Apple Store, Google Play, Steam and Amazon will be the main sources of delivery.

17:20:20 :MJC: Would steam be dependent on getting through their new greenlight approval system, or has it been preapproved?

17:21:22 :Aharon: @MJC I knew that question was coming! It most likely will be. You'll certainly know about it as we do.

17:21:37 :MJC: haha, okay

17:22:12 :JL: There's a newsletter signup at http://simegengame.com  --

17:23:01 :Aharon: Yes, that address will be changing and routed to new name of the game...again, in Feb. We'll keep everyone posted on the Facebook group as well.

17:23:01 :Aharon: Yes, that address will be changing and routed to new name of the game...again, in Feb. We'll keep everyone posted on the Facebook group as well.

17:23:41 :MJC: And regarding Amazon, I assume that's Amazon.com? Do you know if you'd be able to purchase worldwide? I know sometimes it doesn't allow foreign billing addresses to purchase online downloads

17:24:46 :Aharon: Yes, that's the issue with Kickstarter actually. We are actually looking into that other digital distribution platforms outside of the US.

17:26:36 :Aharon: You can also follow us on Twitter @LorefulGames and online at www.loreful.com, we'll make announcements there as well.

17:27:24 :Aharon: Thank you for the great questions and inviting me to be here!

17:28:01 :Jean: Thank you for participating, Aharon!

17:28:27 :JL: Thank you VERY much Aharon -- you answered questions I don't even understand nevermind know the answers to.

17:29:01 :JL: Jean - what next?



17:29:49 :Jean: Kaires has a report on the Sime~Gen parties she has done for us this past year.

17:30:54 :kaires: Only two parties last year: no Faith Day party because I was at The End of Time AG instead of WesterCon.

17:31:30 :kaires: The WorldCon party was a huge success. I gave out over 70 of the little glittery stars I put on people's badges who show up.

17:32:43 :kaires: Huge thanks to--oh, arghh! our House of Zeor voice guy--for help setting up the party, and to Seanara for helping me put everything away afterwards.

17:32:59 :Jean: We were really pleased with this year's WorlDon response.

17:33:14 :Jean: Ack--can't type! WorldCon

17:33:22 :JL: Michael Spence is the HoZ voice guy

17:33:36 :JL: And chances are good his voice will be in the Game somewhere.

17:33:43 :Jean: Okay--the book I'm working on.

17:34:16 :Jean: The working title is Special Dispensation, which is what the book is about, but is a dull, boring title.

17:34:18 :kaires: We had a slideshow going throughout the party that was half pix from earlier parties and half tribute to our dear webmaster who left us last year, just a short while before WorldCon.

17:34:51 :Jean: SO, I am going to put a description of the book on FaceBook and ask for title ideas.

17:35:26 :kaires: The JLs brought beautiful color postcards and brochures about all the books, and the game...and I took any that were left over from WorldCon to LosCon in November.

17:35:35 :Jean: I want a razzmatazz title like TO KISS OR TO KILL that also well represents what is in the book, just as that one does.

17:36:44 :kaires: I got my copy of Vampire's Dilemma, and got several of the authors to sign it....but I missed a few because I hadn't properly looked at the TOC to realize who they were.

17:36:58 :Jean: Winner and two runners-up get copies of the book. Winner of course names the book! The runners-up get their titles mentioned in the introduction and each gets to name a character.

17:37:57 :kaires: The WorldCon party, BTW, was designated the Zeor Day Party.

17:38:04 :Jean: Kaires, did I interrupt you? I'm sorry!

17:38:59 :kaires: The actual dates of both Faith Day and Zeor Day are in the Spring, and they didn't have anything big to celebrate in the Summer, so they celebrate Zeor Day in August.

17:39:25 :kaires: Not to worry, Jean, I'll separate the pieces before I post the info.

17:40:12 :kaires: The LosCon party, aka Unity Day, was almost as well attended as the WorldCon party, even though that is a much smaller convention.

17:41:38 :kaires: Gave out 78 stars. Thanks there to Gahan & the Earthling for helping with set-up, and Elizabeth Austin (who introduced me to SG back in the 70s, and used to be really active in the 'round robin' days) for helping me take it all down.

17:42:05 :kaires: That's all I really wanted to say about the parties. Thanks for listening.

17:42:30 :JL: Kaires - what about plans for next (this) year?

17:42:43 :Jean: Thank you, Kaires. The lag made me think you were finished earlier.

17:43:20 :Jean: I won't repeat the book title contest report--it'll be straightened out in editing.

17:43:48 :Jean: Jacqueline, please give us the stock report.

17:44:04 :Jean: Aarrgh!

17:44:23 :JL: We had a high-speed year, while we seem to the outside world to be standing still.

17:45:00 :JL: So while our staff shrank for a whole lot of reasons - things got done. 

17:45:43 :JL: As Karen has pointed out she's had a bad year between her health and the health issues of neighbors and friends who helped her out.  BUT - we got books proofed and published, and Karen just slogged through it all

17:46:37 :JL: We've had various software issues with the simegen.com domain - but Zoe and Eliza (who had an absolutely terrible year with the loss of Eliza's mother) slogged through and produced the FB Group(s)

17:47:03 :JL: And as Kaires pointed out, though she threw only 2 parties, they were BIGGER.

17:48:38 :JL: I have to point out that this year we had to say goodbye to our Webmaster/Art Director/ Sysadmin Patric Michael who passed away of cancer. 

17:49:05 :JL: And we've lost touch with a number of others -- we don't know details of why.

17:49:38 :KarenMac: Patric also became a published author because of our WorldCrafter's Guild school....

17:50:19 :JL: So the Board has voted stock for those who have kept on keeping on through this very strange year.  If you read Aharon's report, you know how unique this year has been.  The Game possibilities grabbed our full attention around June, and it's been non-stop ever since.

17:51:12 :JL: We expect the pace to pick up even more in early 2013 -- and at some point Jean and I will have completed most of our work on the Game.  But then we will have NEW BOOKS to write.

17:52:27 :JL: So, I'll post the Stock awards as soon as we get through the additional awards. 


17:52:38 :JL: Nominations are now open for Awards.

17:54:17 :KarenMac: All right.... thought I didn't do much for the domain this year, Seanara has made certain that I will continue to be able to do so.  She gave me an older computer her husband Tom left her, so I want to nominate Seanara for the RISA TIGUE COMPUTER RE-USE AWARD.

17:54:43 :Jean: Second

17:54:58 :JL: Seanara has been nominated for the RISA - and I hear a Second.  All in Favor?

17:55:05 :Jean: aye

17:55:06 :Lexie13: aye

17:55:09 :Ironwood: Aye

17:55:11 :ZoeFarris: aye

17:55:13 :Debora: aye

17:55:28 :Deirdre: aye

17:55:30 :JL: aye

17:56:31 :MJC: aye

17:56:48 :Seanara: Aye, with blushes

17:56:57 :JL: The AYES have it and Seanara is awarded the RISA for 2012

17:57:20 :JL: Are there any other Awards we should consider this year?

17:57:56 :Lexie13: creating one in Patric's name?

17:58:20 :Ironwood: I'll second

17:58:28 :Jean: Yes--we talked about making a tech award in Patric's name.

17:59:20 :KarenMac: I think it should be creativity related.  Patric had many hats he wore... even technology can be creative.  In that case, I'd nominate Zoe and Eliza for it for this chat....

17:59:28 :Jean: And the people who this year contributed most to keeping our online presence going were Zoe and Eliza.

17:59:49 :Jean: So I will second Karen.

17:59:56 :Lexie13: we already have a tech award anyway, don't we?

18:00:07 :JL: Do we have a motion for a Name for the new Award?

18:00:18 :JL: Yes, we have the TechTon

18:00:31 :Ironwood: I move Zoe and Eliza get the Patric Michael web award.

18:00:40 :Seanara: Second

18:00:55 :KarenMac: We do have a technology award already:  The Tech-Ton Award is for people who have benefited Sime~Gen fandom by the creation and/or application of new software and on-line tools.


18:01:13 :Lexie13: I move we create the Patric Michael award for Creativity.

18:01:29 :JL: We have a proposal to create a Patric Michael Award for Creativity

18:01:32 :Ironwood: I withdraw

18:01:34 :JL: Do I hear a Second?

18:01:36 :Aharon: Make it a Digital Media award?

18:01:38 :KarenMac: Either way, I think zoe and Eliza should be awarded for their expertise.

18:02:10 :JL: First let's name and create the Award.  Then we'll award it. 

18:02:11 :Lexie13: It could be for any form of creativity in any area

18:02:22 :Ironwood: I'd like to second PM award for Creativity.

18:01:32 :Ironwood: I withdraw

18:01:34 :JL: Do I hear a Second?

18:01:36 :Aharon: Make it a Digital Media award?

18:01:38 :KarenMac: Either way, I think zoe and Eliza should be awarded for their expertise.

18:02:10 :JL: First let's name and create the Award.  Then we'll award it. 

18:02:11 :Lexie13: It could be for any form of creativity in any area

18:02:22 :Ironwood: I'd like to second PM award for Creativity.

18:02:44 :JL: I have a motion and Second for creation of the Patric Michael Award for Creativity.  All in favor?

18:02:50 :Jean: aye

18:02:51 :Seanara: Aye

18:02:54 :KarenMac: Aye

18:02:55 :Ironwood: Aye

18:02:59 :Lexie13: aye

18:05:55 :JL: It is unanimously acclaimed that we are creating the Patric Michael Award for Creativity (special emphasis on digital media) 

18:06:03 :WingedWolf: ok, Aye.  (Wasn't sure I should be voting. lol)

18:06:09 :Deirdre: The Digen award for meritorious service or the Nager award for providing support might be more appropriate for maintainin web presence excellently.

18:06:23 :JL: Nominations are in order for the Patric.  (thank you WingedWolf )


18:06:49 :JL: Nominations for the Patric first - others in a moment.

18:06:58 :JL: Do I hear any nominations for the Patric Award?

18:07:16 :Jean: Zoe and Eliza

18:07:28 :Aharon: Second

18:07:28 :Ironwood: SEcond

18:07:36 :kaires: third

18:07:42 :JL: Zoe and Eliza have been nominated and seconded for the first Patric Award.

18:07:48 :JL: all in favor say AYE

18:07:52 :Ironwood: aye

18:07:55 :kaires: aye!

18:07:58 :Aharon: Aye

18:08:00 :MJC: aye

18:08:01 :KarenMac: aye

18:08:03 :Jean: aye

18:08:09 :Deirdre: aye

18:08:47 :Lexie13: aye

18:09:08 :Seanara: Aye


18:10:08 :JL: I have a majority of Ayes for Zoe and Eliza for the first Patric Award for creating and maintaining the FB Group(s) (there are 3) including the Artist's early draft FB group, and this handy chat, maintaining our Web presence.

18:10:21 :JL: Congratulations Zoe and Eliza!


18:12:14 :Seanara: I'd like to nominate Kaires for the Movable Feast award.

18:12:22 :Seanara: For all the work she's done on the parties.

18:12:32 :Lexie13: second

18:13:04 :JL: I have a nomination for the MOVABLE FEAST Award for Kaires for her party-schlepping around the country. 

18:13:09 :JL: Do I hear a second?

18:13:13 :JL: (now Lexie)

18:13:16 :Ironwood: Second


18:13:25 :Deirdre: aye

18:13:30 :Seanara: Aye

18:13:30 :KarenMac: aye

18:13:34 :WingedWolf: aye

18:13:36 :ZoeFarris: aye

18:13:38 :Aharon: Aye

18:13:44 :Lexie13: aye

18:13:47 :Jean: aye

18:14:02 :JL: Aye

18:14:05 :MJC: aye

18:14:35 :JL: And we have a majority for Kaires for the Movable Feast Award for 2012.  CONGRATULATIONS KAIRES

18:14:44 :JL: Any further awards?

18:14:48 :kaires: Oops! I was off copying the chat log. Gee, thanks!

18:14:59 :Seanara: I nominate Karen for the Karen award. 

18:15:25 :JL: Karen has been nominated for the Karen Award.  Second?

18:15:30 :Seanara: She may think she hasn't done much for the domain this year, but I disagree. If anyone deserves credit for continued effort on behalf of Sime~Gen, she does.

18:15:53 :Ironwood: And for proofing Harshest Journey for me.

18:16:47 :JL: Do I hear a Second?

18:16:51 :Ironwood: And all that stuff for JL & Jean - Smoking Typewriters!

18:17:06 :Ironwood: I'm seconding as fast as I can type.

18:17:33 :JL: Karen has been nominated and seconded for the Karen Award.  All in favor?

18:17:41 :Ironwood: Aye

18:17:45 :Deirdre: aye

18:17:49 :ZoeFarris: Aye

18:17:50 :Seanara: Aye

18:18:04 :Jean: aye

18:18:06 :kaires: aye

18:18:13 :MJC: aye

18:18:22 :WingedWolf: aye

18:18:33 :Lexie13: aye

18:18:44 :JL: aye

18:19:08 :JL: We have a majority for Karen for the Karen Award.  CONGRATULATIONS KAREN

18:19:18 :JL: Any further Awards?

18:19:37 :JL: We are now considering any other Awards for the year 2012.

18:19:51 :KarenMac: ** blush, chuckle ** I protest.... I should not be receiving an award --- especially one named after me.

18:20:02 :Seanara: You're going to hate me for this...Title: ;-)

18:20:19 :Seanara: JL and Jean for the Arensti award... artistic excellence in the new books you two wrote. 

18:20:42 :ZoeFarris: second

18:20:43 :KarenMac: Seconded.... about time they get an award for creativity.

18:21:20 :Lexie13: Thirded

18:21:24 :Deirdre: aye

18:21:26 :Aharon: Aye

18:21:33 :JL: JL and Jean have been nominated and seconded for the Arensti Award.  all in Favor?

18:21:33 :kaires: aye

18:21:34 :Lexie13: aye

18:21:37 :MJC: Aye

18:21:46 :Ironwood: Aye

18:22:26 :Seanara: aye

18:22:29 :KarenMac: aye

18:23:27 :WingedWolf: aye

18:23:56 :JL: I see 9 of the 10 present voting.  That's a majority FOR JL and Jean for the Arensti Award.  CONGRATULATIONS (to us)

18:24:10 :JL: Calling for further nominations

18:24:20 :Jean: Thank you.

18:24:21 :ZoeFarris: Congratulations Jacqueline and Jean.

18:24:21 :JL: Are there any further nominations?

18:26:37 :JL: So with that, I will reveal the Stock Awards for 2012.  Remember, we give actual shares in the corporation to those who work their noggins off on Sime~Gen and its fans over the whole year.  Last year Zoe and Eliza didn't get stock because they hadn't been at the task for an entire year.

18:26:50 :JL: That's been a rule we've been consistent with. 

18:27:04 :JL: This year's non-voting stock shares go to:

18:27:26 :JL: Gene Schneider 1 Karen MacLeod 2 Lois Wickstrom 1 Ronnie Bob Whitaker 2 Zoe Farris 2 Eliza Leahy 2

18:27:59 :JL: Letters (on actual paper, how bizarre) will be mailed after the New Year's holiday to each of the recipients.

18:28:20 :Jean: We thank you all for your contributions to Sime~Gen in 2012.

18:28:25 :JL: That concludes the Awards business.  I move to adjourn the business meeting.

18:28:33 :Jean: second

18:28:35 :kaires: second

18:28:40 :ZoeFarris: Thank you.

18:28:47 :Ironwood: Night

18:28:53 :JL: all in favor of adjournement?

18:28:59 :Jean: aye

18:29:00 :kaires: aye

18:29:01 :Ironwood: Aye

18:29:02 :ZoeFarris: and on behalf of Eliza she thanks you as well.

18:29:03 :Seanara: aye

18:29:04 :Aharon: Aye. Thank YOU ALL!

18:29:06 :ZoeFarris: Aye

18:29:17 :JL: aye

18:29:19 :MJC: aye, and thank you for all the informationTitle: :)

aye, and thank you for all the information

18:29:34 :WingedWolf: aye, it's been fun to watch.Title: :)

aye, it's been fun to watch.

18:30:02 :Ironwood: It has been a clicking mad house! Wonderful fun jumping back and forth


18:33:31 :KarenMac: Business meeting is closed *********************