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Editing Circle

The Editing Circle is the Guild's critique group, consisting of students and teachers of the Guild. 

Get a password to enter the Editing Circle

The Editing Circle is password protected.  Any Registered Student of the Guild, or any Teacher here, may acquire a user name and password for entering the Circle by clicking here.

With your user name and password, you may read submissions posted by students and post commentary on the stories.

How to submit your own work for editing. 

Writers submit whole stories for posting to the Circle, in HTML, via FTP.
Instructions for how to do this are here.

Submissions may be of any length, but shorter works are more likely to bring more useful editorial commentary. 

Submissions may be of two varieties:

  1. A writing project designed by our instructors to target specific skills.

  2. A writing project the student has developed alone.

At this time, only option #1 is available. 

In either case the submission must contain:

  1. Title, byline and copyright notice, length, genre name(s) (if any), target readership (age; gender; fans of a particular author or kind of writing {e.g. Stephen King}, & blurb (a few paragraphs designed to entice readers -- such as you see on the backs of paperbacks, or flyleafs of hard cover books, or as an introductory paragraph before a short story in a magazine or anthology.) 

  2. Description of the writing project's objective -- this may be a link to the page describing the project developed by the teacher, or a description written by the student.  Example: "This is an exercise in sharpening word usage." or "This was written to develop dialog and dialect techniques."  "This is an exercise in characterization using actions to characterize, rather than physical description." 

  3. The text of the complete story

The submission must not contain:

  1. Apologies for the bad writing.  . 

  2. Explanations of the background or universe in which the story is placed.  This must be clear from the prose.  The submission must be self-contained, complete, and self-explanatory.  If you use the setting of a TV show, be sure to include all the detail that someone would need who has never heard of the show.  Remember, we have students from Hong Kong, South Africa, Australia, England.  E-books likewise sell to such a broad readership -- so include every necessary background point in the narrative itself, and DO NOT INCLUDE any "cover letter" material. 

How to post an editorial comment. 

1. Enter the Circle and choose a story to read. 

2. Study the directions for the project you will find linked there, and/or the student's description of what skill was to be demonstrated. 

3. Keep in mind all the points an editor evaluates as delineated in the course  Editing the Novel.  The same criteria apply to short stories with only slight modification.  Short stories have no internal climaxes.

4. Write your commentary in notepad or a plain text editor, or directly on the bulletin board space linked to the story.  (to post to the Bulletin Board section reserved for the Editing Circle, you will need your user name and password which will be the same as those you use to access the Circle here. 



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