A Glossary of Sime~Gen Terms

Compiled, with assistance, by Don Jaramillo

My Understanding of the Terms and Concepts in the Sime~Gen Universe

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The Sime~Gen universe is copyright Jacqueline Lichtenberg, all rights reserved.

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Definitions marked in italics come directly from Unto Zeor Forever by Jacqueline Lictenberg.

Note: This is a work in progress and there are still many gaps in the glossary. As time goes on, and with the assistance of the authors and fellow Sime~Gen fans, these gaps will be covered.


Nivet Territory Accent Nivet Territory Accent
The abrupt disruption or complete close of Selyn flow during Transfer originating from the Sime. The reactions to this in either the Sime or the Gen range from nothing to real physical, emotional, and/or psychic pain. This could be caused by the the Gen not being able to maintain sufficient flow, or by pushing too much energy in too fast. Both parties should attempt to rebalance their fields and then determine whether to continue with Transfer or reschedule. (See also: Shen)
Ambient, "Ambient Nager":
The atmosphere or mood of a place and/or group of people. (See also: Nager)
Ambrov (âm'-brôv)
Pledged to (a householding)
member of a household, eg Aisha ambrov Rior
The human race before Sime~Gen differentiation.
Ancient humanity,
before the Sime~Gen mutations
Anti-Kill Conditioning
(See also: Disjunct, Junct, Kill, Nonjunct, & Unjunct)
Attenuator Rings, Attenuators
Severe depletion of Selyn resulting in extreme physical, emotional, and psychic strain in the Sime. Taken to its extreme, it is the complete and fatal exhaustion of Selyn in a Sime's body; basically it is death by starvation.
dying by using up selyn – Simes only
The above-normal use of selyn by a Sime, giving increased speed and strength, similar to a voluntary adrenaline surge.
increasing speed or strength by using selyn – Simes only


A Sime crazed by first need at changeover.
Border Patrol
The emergence of the Sime tentacles at Maturation Stage Seven of changeover.


The process of maturing into a Sime adult. At the climax of changeover, the tentacles burst from their sheaths, ready to absorb selyn from a Gen. Children don't know if they will go through changeover unless they are Channels.
A type of Sime able to take selyn from any Gen without killing and later give that selyn to a Sime to satisfy need and prevent the Sime from killing.
A particular variety of Sime which possesses two systems and so is able to manage Selyn flow to a greater degree. The wisdom of the Modern Tecton era is that a renSime is incapable of regulating flow at all and therefore cannot avoid the kill. By being able to manage the primary and secondary system, the Channel moves Selyn from the Gen into the Secondary System, where it can later be transferred to a renSime.
A Sime submutation; a Sime with two selyn systems, capable of using the secondary system to take selyn from a Gen without killing and transferring that selyn to another Sime.
First Order
Second Order
Third Order
Chaos, The Ages of
An interregnum of about a thousand years between the collapse of civilization due to the Sime mutation and the reconstruction around an armed truce, confining all Simes to their island territories.
A Gen whose Selyn capacity is high enough to allow a Channel to take Transfer without killing. This also applies to functions required to aid a Sime during their Need cycle (i.e.: balancing fields, raising Intil, and performing Transfer). Ideally, a Gen and Sime will have found themselves to be very closely matched in their respective cycles and serve each other in Transfer on an ongoing basis. This is referred to as "Selyur Nager" or a Nageric link between the two. (See also: Dependency, & Donor, Technical Class)
One who provides a channel's personal transfer (see Donor)
Channel's Exemption
Channel's Exemption (CE) - A short story by Jacqueline Lichtenberg set in the spacefaring era of the Sime Gen universe.
Choice auction
An auction of prime Gens, attended by rich junct Simes
Choice Kill
Church of the Purity, Church of Purity
A Gen religion which believes that being Sime is God's punishment for sins
Church of Unity
A religion which teaches that Simes and Gens belong together
Coital Deprivation
(See: Channel's Exemption)
Company (the)
Critical Need


Dependency, "Transfer Dependency":
A state of addiction to Transfer from a particular partner. This can occur for many reasons, ranging from purely emotional to true psychic "Matchmates". (See also: Companion, Selyur Nager)
In the novels, one of the major threads in the series was avoiding the Malthusian situation where the energy need of the Simes outstripped the Gen population (Zelerod's Doom). In this context, anything that interferred with avoiding the Collapse, anything that limited a Channel's ability to work interchangeably, was a danger to survival, no matter how romantic.
A selyn donating Gen especially trained to serve a channel's needs. (Pre-modern Tecton... in the Tecton these are the Technical Class Donors)
A nager to nager relationship which can be described only by systems of partial differential equations which contain many singularities and many high order terms. Again, the mathematics has not yet been fully worked out by theoreticists, but channels have been using deproda balances empirically since the days of Rimon Farris, the First Channel.
A Sime who has once killed, but is now separated from the kill. (See also: Disjunction, Junct, Kill, & Nonjunct)
The process of separating a Sime from the kill. (See also: Disjunct, Junct, & Nonjunct)
Disjunction Crisis
A small underground organization which holds that the Tecton channels perpetuate misery and suffering (not to mention perversion) by preventing renSimes from direct transfer with Gens. The Distect believes only the Gen can be responsible for controlling transfer and protecting his own life. It is criminal to demand self-control from a Sime in need.
Donor, General Class
Donor, Technical Class
donor (lower case 'd')
The two handling tentacles along the top of the wrist and the outer arm. (See also: Laterals, & Ventrals)
The normal state of a Sime being aware of his/her environment through both Nageric and physical senses. (see also: Hyper-conscious & Hypo-conscious.)
Dynopter (dye-nôp'-ter)
The unit of selyn quantity.
Death Count
Deferment Suite
Domestic Gens
Children of in-Territory Simes who become Gen


A dysfunctional and painful condition which can occur when a Channel has not worked his/her primary and/or Secondary systems for an extended period of time. (See also: Need & Underdraw)
Entran Outfunction
To become Gen – establish selyn production
Highway – an Ancient road


A Donor whose nager has a peculiar property sometimes described as akin to the musician's perfect pitch. Imrahan is a fanir whose nager is quantized in the discreet energy levels which the Tecton has adopted as a reference standard. A fanir affects every Sime near him by drawing that Sime's selyn consumption rate into the fanir's own selyn production rate. The mathematics of the quantization of rates and pitches has not been fully worked out by the Tecton's theoreticists, but most channels are empiricist enough to use even that which they don't fully understand if it works.
Farris, Farris Mutation
The Sime family who own the Farris genfarm
The family which begins the Zeor Household
A particular type of mutation which increases sensitivity to selyn
Someone with the Farris mutation
A member of the Farris family
Fields, "Nageric Fields":
The layers of varying frequency energy in movement about an individual. These energy patterns are those commonly thought to be the "Aura". However, they show only the current state of mind, body, and spirit, and do not reflect the karmic history of the person other than those aspects which the individual is currently working through. (See also: Nageric Field & Nager)
Fifth Contact, "Fifth":
To complete the Transfer process, a fifth point of contact is used -- usually the lips. This is not a kiss, but a drawing of Selyn through the nerve rich tissue.
Forms of Address
genderless, larless form of respect for someone of a higher social rank.
The Sime head of a householding
working channel during Modern Tecton era.
working Donor (capital D) during Modern Tecton era.
member of a Household (often your own).
The Gen head of a householding.
The terms still in use appear to be:
It appears to have replaced the use of Miss, Mrs. or Ms, but this may be due to local dialects.
Appears to have become an honorific of unspecific gender, used both for men and women.
Fosebine (fo-seh-ben)
A mild medicinal preparation made from mutated plants which appeared at about the same time as the Simes themselves. It is used quite a bit as the Ancients and Gens use aspirin, as an analgesic, but also like aspirin, it has definite medicinal qualities in proper doses and can be dangerous in overdoses. It is most effective in transfer shock and transfer burn treatment.
Faith Day
Final Donation
First Contract
First Kill
First Need
First Transfer
First Year
The first year after changeover or establishment, when the young mind is unusually receptive and eager to learn
Freeband Raiders
Simes who live a nomadic life, stealing Gens for their selyn


Gen (jen) ,"Generator":
An adult human whose body produces selyn but whose metabolism does not consume measurable amounts of selyn. (See also: Sime)
A more accurate definition, since it has been established that Ancients and do produce selyn as well, a Gen would be an adult human whose body produces selyn at a rate higher than the rate of consumption.
a breeding place for Gens, within junct Sime territory
The effect on Simes, especially Channels, when a high energy Gen in their midst expends an amount of energy due to stress or other sharp emotional reaction. It is a wave front of energy which passes through another, affecting their fields like an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP). It can have much the same effect, as well. (See also: Simeslam)
The Gen body's natural selyn production regulators.
In the rating system of the modern Tecton, a general class donor. The general class donor does not give personal transfer and does not feel selyn movement when the channel is taking down his/her field.


Honorific for a channel (eg Hajene Madz)(See: Forms of Address)
Halfway House
Handling Tentacles
The dorsal or ventral tentacles of a Sime – the strong tentacles
High Field
In the Gen, it refers to the state of the Primary System being "filled to overflowing." When high field, the individual's Nageric Field is very strong. It can be especially to Simes who are in Need. (See also: Low Field)
An organization of channels, renSimes and Gens similar to feudal manors or allegiance systems.
The often euphoric state of being when an Sime is totally absorbed in the Nageric senses being used during Transfer and other functions. This extreme internal focus may inhibit the individual's ability to be aware of their external environment. (See also: Duoconscious &Hypoconscious)
In the novels, after taking transfer, the Sime would be seeing only with the Selyn-driven senses and would only be aware of the world in terms of field gradients. It was also a time of particular vulnerability.
Perceiving only by zlinning
The state of being aware of one's environment only through the five physical senses. (See also: Duoconscious & Hyperconscious)
Perceiving only by the normal five senses, without zlinning


Internal Shunt
Inside the borders of Sime country, where the laws and customs are made by and for Simes. (See also: Out-Territory)
Intil (in-til)
The desire for transfer – analogous to appetite


A Sime addicted or accustomed to the kill. (See Also: Nonjunct, Disjunct, & Unjunct)


Kerduvon (ker-du-von)
A drug which removed inhibitions. In discussions on the Sime~Gen List and #SimeGen Undernet IRC channel, it has been likened in some ways to some esoteric theories of LSD and other ritual psychotropic substances. In Mahogany Trinrose, it is a legendary substance which Ercy Farris hopes will help her father Digen Farris to become unjunct. It is also used to open up Ercy's junct pathways, clearing out her anti-kill conditioning and allowing her to become endowed.
The death of a Gen during selyn transfer, usually by transfer burn brought on by fear-induced resistance to selyn flow. Rarely, can be caused by the total stripping of selyn from an unresisting Gen by a Sime with greater capacity.
In Simelan, a lingual distinction is made between Kill, to cause death by stripping selyn, and murder or other terms for causing death. This has been known to provide some miscommunication when translating between Simelan and the local Gen language.
Klyd (klide)
Klyd Farris, Sectuib of Zeor and founder of the Modern Tecton.
(See also: Egobliss)
Loss of transfer restraint; the surrender of a Sime to predatory instinct.
A shielded room designed for junct transfer
Kill Trauma


A shorthand form of the term Larity.
A term, based upon the word polarity, which is used as a term referring to whether one is Sime or Gen, much like the word gender is used to refer to male or female.
The fine transfer tentacles which in a Sime run to the sides of the wrist and arm. These nerve-rich tentacles are the ones which actually transfer the Selyn. Ventrals. (See also: Dorsals, & Ventrals)
Lortuen (lor-tu-en)
A condition of profound and virtually unbreakable transfer dependency reinforced by both psychological and physical sexual love between a male Sime and a female Gen who are matchmates. (Between a female Sime and a male Gen the relationship is called Torluen. Between the same sex, it is called Orhuen.) (See also: Matchmates)
Low Field
In Gens, the state where their basal energies are at a depleted state. This can be the balanced state where the Gen has engaged in transfer or some other working, or an imblanced state due to having the energy voided for various reasons.
In Simes, a low field is a sign of approaching need. (See also: High Field)

lar sime or gen – as per gender

larity simeness and genness – as per masculinity/femininity

laterals the delicate tentacles on the sides of a Sime's arms, designed for selyn transfer

Licenced Raiders Simes licenced by the Sime Territory government to raid Gens from Gen territory

lorsh an expletive//one who abandons a friend in changeover

lortuen transfer dependancy between a male ** and a female **

low field


A Sime/Gen pair where the Gen's basal selyn-production rate matches the Sime's basal selyn-consumption rate. Matchmates may or may not be of opposite sex, and may or may not fall into a locked transfer dependency.
Modern Tecton:
(See Tecton, Modern)


Nager (nâ'-jer), Nageric Field:
A nimbus of energy surrounding an individual, always in motion due to its varying frequencies, in response to the individual's state of being from moment to moment. An emanation or aura perceptible to Simes, caused by selyn in motion. The Nageric Field is created by Selyn, and is projected according to the current mental, physical, and spiritual/psychic state of the individual. The Nageric Field propagates at right angles to Selyn flow, much like a magnetic field propagates at right angles to the flow of electrical current. (See also: Aura & Fields)
The urgent demand a Sime experiences when his selyn reserves are running low.
Naztehr (nâz'-tair)
Householding term applied to sworn Gen members.
The sensation experienced by a Sime when selyn reserves are running low.
Sime who has never killed, but always received selyn from a channel, or who is a channel. (See also: Disjunct, Junct, Kill, Unjunct)

nager the selyn field around a Sime or Gen

Naztehr honorific for another member of the same household (eg Naztehr Hugh)

need the desperate need a Sime has for selyn – akin to hunger


N'vet a term of respect between equals, eg N'vet Farris (used in First Channel)


Orhuen (or-hu'-en)
Transfer dependancy where both partners are the same gender
A selyur nager locked transfer dependency between two matchmates of the same sex. (See also: Transfer Dependency, Lortuen, & Torluen)


Pen Gen
A mutant citrus plant which appeared about the same time as the trin plants, i.e., concurrent with the Sime mutation and the breakdown of the Ancients' civilization.
Prineridine (pri-ner'-î-dene)
Antispasmodic used to delay breakout contractions.
Primary System:
The Selyn storage area that all Simes, Channels and renSimes alike possess. (See also, Secondary System)

pens places to keep Gens available for transfer

pilah a plant which appeared at the same time as the Sime~Gen mutation


porstan alcoholic beverage

postsyndrome the period immediately after a good transfer when denied emotions come to the fore

pre-Gen a legal term for child of Gens in junct Sime territory

prineridine an antispasmodic used to delay breakout

primary system

psychospatial disorientation the suffering a Sime has when moved while unconscious


In the rating system of the modern Tecton, a channel
Qabalah, "Kaballah, Caballah, etc"
Not actually a term used in Sime~Gen to date, but much of Jacqueline's inspiration arises from her understanding of the Qabalah.


renSime (rên'-sime)
Any Sime who is not a Channel (renSimes comprise the large majority of Simes)
Reloc fever
A Gen illness, causing a rash and fever, leading to death
Metal wristlets which immobilize Sime's tentacles and prevent transfer. When wearing them a Sime cannot sense selyn field gradients properly. They are also rather painful to wear.
Ronaplin (rone-â'-plin)
A Selyn-conducting substance produced by ronaplin glands at the base of the Sime lateral tentacles.


Secondary System:
The secondary reservoir of Selyn that distinguishes Channel from renSime. Channels use the Secondary System for storage of the Selyn they use in giving Transfer and doing other functions. (See also: Primary System)
Sectuib (sec'-too-ib)
The administrative head of a householding; the position is inherited by the oldest channel offspring of the Sectuib's family.
Selyn (seh-line')
The basic biologic energy of life itself.
The energy produced by Gens and vital to the life of Simes.
Selyn Field Gradient
The body nimbus perceptible to a Sime caused by the presence of selyn, mathematically akin to the electric field surrounding an electron. (See also: Nager)
Selyur Nager (sel-yure' nâ'-jer)
The mark of the Donor; the ability to harmonize the rate of change of the nager with the Sime's selyn-consumption rate. Few Gens ever achieve any conscious control of this body function; however, it does respond to the emotions the Gen experiences. When a Gen feels empathic sympathy for a Sime's suffering, selyur nager almost invariably occurs, linking the Gen's selyn field to the Sime's selyn field. If the linkage is precise enough, the Gen can control the Sime's selyn-consumption rate, thus dispelling much of the discomfort of need and, to a certain extent, controlling the Sime's emotions. This requires great skill and is commonly considered extremely dangerous. The mathematics of this linkage are akin to that of electrical inductance, and it is thus a reciprocal relationship; the Sime can control the state of the Gen body if a precise attunement can be reached.
A condition brought about by the ability of a Gen to, consciously or unconsciously, match his/her basal Selyn production rate with the basal Selyn consumption rate of a Sime. This can create a synchronized couple for Transfer, and is the aim of a Companion who is dedicated to a particular Sime. A Gen with a high production rate working to serve more than one Sime should not try to establish Selyur Nager as it is impossible to do with more than one Sime at a time. Selyur Nager is not necessary to provide good Transfers. (See also: Companion & Donor)
Shaking Plague
A disease fatal to both Simes and Gens and transmitted by lateral contact.
One of the most common Sime expletives. Literally, it refers to the shock of interrupted transfer. It exists in six main degrees, in order of increasing intensity, they are, Shen, Sendi, Shenoni, Shenshay (which refers basically to transfer abort backlash), Shenshi, Shenshid. There is a milder degree than pure shen, Shuven, and a more intense degre than Shenshid, Shidoni, which refers literally to death by attrition and in some societies at various times in history was the one word never spoken aloud. Each of these expletives has been "gutter talk" at one time and risen to acceptable in mixed company through usage which causes its shock value to fade.
Transfer abort; used as an expletive. Also shenoni, shen-sheya, shen-shid, shendi, shenshay (transfer abort backlash), and shidoni.
The abrupt disruption or complete close of Selyn flow during a Transfer caused by a dysfunction in the Gen; creating great physical and psychic pain for the Sime. originating from the Gen. This may be experienced by the Sime ranging from very real physical and/or psychic pain to nothing at all. Usually, the Gen was experiencing some amount of discomfort which is what caused the Shen in the first place. Both should work toward rebalancing their Nageric flow and determine whether to continue or reschedule the Transfer. (See also: Abort)
A musical instrument invented by Simes to be played with fingers and tentacles. It can be modulated in either audio or selyn field ranges, or even both at once, which can produce intoxication in Simes when done in the presence of Gens.
An adult human whose body does not produce selyn but whose metabolism runs on selyn as a Gen's metabolism runs on calories.
The Sime is a person who, within the Sime~Gen polarity must consume Selyn in order to live. In many ways, Selyn has replaced calories as the motive energy of the Sime metabolism. In order to acquire this Selyn, the Sime has a series of 6 tentacles (3 pairs) on each forearm. Two pairs are handling tentacles, designed to hold the Gen forearm immoble, while the third pair, the nerve rich laterals, pull the Selyn from the Gen. (See also, renSime, Channel, Gen, Tentacles, Ventrals, Dorsals, Laterals, Transfer, & Kill)
The language of Simes. In the North American continent, where most of the Sime~Gen stories have been set, the language is similar to the language of the Gen Territories (a lingual decendant of English) with many added terms, primarily dealing with Nageric senses and Transfer mechanics.
Sime/Gen Novels Written by Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah
The novels take place in a post apocalypse Earth. Through some cataclysm, mankind had split off into two forms, the Simes, and the Gens. The Simes developed tentacles on their forearms which they used to extract Selyn, a vital life-giving fluid from the Gens each and every month. A Gen appears to all outward extents, like a normal human. In the early history of the timeline, the Selyn is taken from the Gens by force, causing a painful death by nerve burn. Many of the stories involve learning and teaching new ways to approach this process, so that both can survive. In the system, they were looking toward a Malthusian apocalypse, Zelerod's Doom, where due to the increasing Sime population and longevity the last Gen would eventually be killed, leading to the rather painful death by attrition the very next month by the entire Sime population.
The major Sime characters of the series are the Channels, Simes who find that they have two reservoirs to hold Selyn, allowing them to engage in secondary functions, primary of which is to distribute Selyn to other Simes.
Unofficial: I feel that just as a High-Field Gen can end up "slamming" a Sime, a sensitive Gen can feel the Nageric effects of a powerful Sime. I would also say that Simes would be susceptible. The effect on other Simes, especially Channels, who are very sensitive (Farris') or experiencing Need, when a high energy Sime in their midst expends an amount of energy due to stress or other sharp emotional reaction. It is a wavefront of energy which passes through another, affecting their fields like an Electromatic Pulse (EMP). It can have much the same effect, as well. Though not immune, Gens appear to be much less sensitive to such occurrences, possible due to the predominance of lower chakra energy gives more stability. (See also: Genslam)

secondary system

Sectuib head of a Household (Sime)

selur nager the field of a Gen who has the potential to be a Companion but is untrained

selyn the biologic energy Simes and Gens require for survival

selyn nager a Gen's selyn field

selyur the way in which a Companion or Donor locks fields with a Sime before transfer

selyur nager the field of a Companion //a field with a tendancy to lock onto a Sime's field


shaking plague


shen an expletive//stopping transfer abruptly, before it is complete

shendi an expletive


shid an expletive


shiltpron a musical instrument which vibrates on the nageric level as well as the audial

shuven an expletive

Sime a human who requires selyn to live and does not produce it themselves

Simelan the language of Simes



Sosectu head of a Household (Gen)

Sosu honorific for a Donor (eg Sosu Den)


Tigue, Tigue Mutation
The organization of channels which undertakes to provide a satisfying transfer for every Sime in order to prevent them from attacking and killing Gens. The Gens donate selyn to the channels, who give it to the renSimes, who are not allowed to take selyn directly from Gens. Only the channels are allowed to satisfy their need for selyn by taking directly from a Gen, called a Donor, who is trained to donate without endangering himself.
In organization dedicated to the furthering of Sime/Gen mutual co-existence through the channels.
Tecton, Modern
The structure that developed after the original system was set up by Klyd Farris. The Modern Tecton isn't just an organization for managing the flow of selyn, but becomes the de facto government in Sime Territory.
Added Sime organs of manipulation, transfer and special sensory perception, located on the forearm above the wrist.
Two muscular handling tentacles on the top of the forearm.
Two muscular handling tentacles on the underside of the forearm.
Two transfer and sensory tentacles located at the sides of the forearms.
In the modern Tecton's rating system, a technical class donor. Technical class donors provide transfer to working channels.
Torluen (tor-lu'-en):
A couple whose basal production rate and basal consumption rate match and modify each other naturally through a constant link which functions even when the two are physically apart. (See also: Lortuen, Companion & Selyur Nager)
The process by which the Sime absorbs selyn from the Gen, usually resulting in the Gen's Death.
The process by which the Sime absorbs selyn from the Gen, usually resulting in the Gen's death.
The act in which a Sime draws selyn from a Gen or from a channel. The definition from Unto Zeor Forever is limited in scope. As the history of Sime~Gen moves on, the death of the Gen is not the norm, within the Modern Tecton, Channel's transfer provides a buffer zone protecting the Gens. (See also Kill, Killmode, Killbliss)
Transfer burn
Injury resulting when a Sime draws selyn too deeply or too rapidly for the Gen's capacity; also called transfer shock.
Transfer dependency
The state of being able to take transfer with only a particular Donor. Transfer dependency always accompanies lortuen/torluen/orhuen.
Trautholo (trow-tho'-lo)
A pretransfer state in which such a precise attunement as mentioned above (Selyur Nager) has been achieved. If, at this point, the Donor attempts to withdraw, the Sime's kill reflex is triggered. If trautholo is protracted, a transfer dependency may result.
Trin (trîn)
An herb with a spicy taste used to brew tea; it is acceptable to both Sime and Gen metabolism. It is also an antidote to nausea or upset stomach.


Tigue member of the Tigue family//

mutation which produces durable channels and companions//

person with the Tigue mutation

torluen transfer dependancy between a male ** and a female **

transfer the act of passing selyn from one person to another

transfer shock

trautholo commitment to transfer

trin tea the drink made from the leaves of the trin bush, a relaxing drink

Tuib genderless term of respect – usually applied to landowners

turnover the point at which half the Sime's selyn store is used up and they go into need


The sensation certain Gens experience when the body has produced too much selyn and no Sime has drawn it off. Underdraw is a pathological condition peculiar to the highest-order Donors--particularly to Gens of the Farris line.
A pathological condition, peculiar to the highest order donors, in which the governors fail and the Gen's body produces too much selyn. (See also: Entran &Need


The Sime handling tentacles that run along the palm of the hand and the center of the inner surface of the arm. (See also: Dorsals, & Laterals)
Void, Voiding:
When an Sime expends an amount of energy to the environment. It may be due to extreme stress, ill health, or even a transfer that didn't "take." The nageric equivalent of bleeding.
Vriamic Node (vre-âm'-îc node)
The control point connecting a channel's primary and secondary selyn systems.


wild Gen a Gen born and grown up in Gen Territory, among Gens




The white, sleeveless garment Gens are dressed in for the killroom


To see by selyn fields. Simes only

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In addition to thanking Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah, for all the work that made the Sime~Gen universe such a rich tapestry, I'd like to thank Patricia Waroff, Hanna M.G. Shapero, Jenn Vesperman, and Kaas Baichtal for direct assistance in creating this glossary.
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