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Marge having grown up on Main Street USA calls herself a child of the world and perpetual student. Her favorite saying is "once you stop learning you're dead."

Born in Washingtion DC, Marge spent her early years on military bases all over the world. Her Father was an Air Force career officer the veteran of several wars. In her Junior year in High School he retired to the corn fields of Iowa.

Marge settled easily and happily to life in rural America, married and raised one son.

From this stems her interest in computers which lead her eventually to Simegen INC and her present position as Webmaster. As she tells the story:

"When my son was small for the most part women, especially LDS women didn't work outside the home. Both my husband and I were raised in the tradition where men earned the bread and woman cared for the home and nurtured the children. Not a bad way to live even now. My son at the age of three or thereabouts fell in love with PacMan an Atari computer game. He and I spent hours on his computer playing with that little guy. I of course wanted to know what make that voracious little yellow mouth tick. So I purchased the Atari400 and tought myself basic programming. For several years I spent my time writing simple basic programs to entertain my growing child. This was a fun time in my life. A time of learning, a time of discovery for both mother and child."

This lead eventually to the discovery of Computer Bulletin boards. In time Marge put up her own Bulletin Board system first on a Color Computer then later she entered the world of IBM clones. The nine years Marge served her community as a BBS SysOp tought her much about computers and the growing internet.

In 1995, Marge was forced by family circumstances to seek employment outside the home. She went to work for a Teleservices company as a Technical Sales Representative. This lead eventually to the IT department where she now works as a Computer Operator.

For most of her adult life Marge has been a fan of Jacqueline Lichtenberg's Sime~Gen universe. And in fact she has contributed much to this universe as a fan, creating Chanel a fictional householding ..and writing many stories against that background.

So to quote Marge again: "When Sime~Gen went on the internet it seemed a natural progresson of things for me to offer my services. Thus life has prepared me for being's Webmaster, where I can keep learning and growing. That's what life is all about."

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