Kathleen Crouch



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Kathleen has a Bachlor's Degree in Fine Arts with a minor in History and Art History; Masters in Instructional Design and Development

She describes herself as an Army brat who had the chance to live abroad in Japan and Europe; a student of ancient history who is fascinated with the future of man in space; an artist specializing in watercolor and pen and ink who dabbles in clay; a Gemini who has multiple on-going projects, currently working on her first novel, "Two Moons of Lyra".

She is the author of "The Game of Chance: A Statistical Textbook - Self-Instructional Text", "The Art of Listening", "Multimedia Designs and Development"; short stories: "The White Heather Gold Mine", "Timon, Artist of the Galaxy"; prose poetry: "The Twisted Tree", "Winter Scenes", "Hidden in the Wind", "First Snowfall", "Night Skies", "Outside My Window", "Out in the Woods", "The Winter Run", "The Setting Sun".

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