Realm of the Vampires

Realm of the Vampires

Welcome to the vampire fiction review page. "Enter freely and of your own will." Recent releases as well as a selection of recommended older books will be reviewed. Our goal is to inform vampire fans about the best novels in the field, whether horror, mystery, romance, humor, or any combination thereof.

List of Books Reviewed by title.

NEW in June 2004: Vamps for a New Millennium, an overview of the current state of vampire fiction.

NEW in Fall 2006: Multi-Book Vampire Series, a checklist of fictional vampire universes from the 1990s and beyond that every vampire aficionado should be aware of. I'll add to this page from time to time.

As an introduction to vampire fiction for the novice in the realm of the Undead, we offer a checklist of classic novels and short stories, plus especially memorable or influential works from the past 25 years, most of which are currently available in print:

*In VAMPIRES, ed. Alan Ryan. Doubleday, 1987. (Reprinted as THE PENGUIN BOOK OF VAMPIRE STORIES.)

**In THE DRACULA BOOK OF GREAT VAMPIRE STORIES, ed. Leslie Shepard. Toronto: Citadel Press, 1977. (Has been reprinted in paperback.)

A selection of other recommended anthologies:

Check this page for recommended new titles, placed in the context of a hundred years of vampire fiction.

Click here for an expanded list of recommended, rereadable novels from the 1990s, including a few notable reprints.

Margaret Carter's Gravedigger's Dozen, an essay on the best vampire novels of all time, concentrating on the 1970s through the 1990s.

Jacqueline Lichtenberg's comments on vampires in horror and science fiction, and her novel THOSE OF MY BLOOD.

Essay by Margaret Carter on classic vampire novels and writing vampire fiction.

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro discusses the origins of her vampire, the immortal Count Saint-Germain.

Home page for Suzy McKee Charnas, author of THE VAMPIRE TAPESTRY and THE RUBY TEAR. Read her essays on vampires and other topics.

Visit Dr. Elizabeth Miller's DRACULA'S HOME PAGE with information on Bram Stoker, Dracula, many vampire links, and her books, including DRACULA: SENSE AND NONSENSE, an expose of popular misconceptions about Stoker, his novel, and Vlad the Impaler -- both scholarly and entertaining!

Check out FOOD FOR THE DEAD by Michael Bell, an in-depth exploration of vampire folklore in Rhode Island.

A sample of books reviewed on the Sime~Gen Vampire Romance Page:

...and a host of others, old and new.

Carol Castellanos' Midnight Reviewer site, including Author Spotlights.

Jacqueline Lichtenberg's review of THE RUBY TEAR with important information on the current state of publishing and how it got that way.

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