Margaret L. Carter

Margaret L. Carter received a B.A. from the College of William and Mary, M.A. from the University of Hawaii, and Ph.D. from the University of California, Irvine, all in English. She has taught literature and composition courses at various colleges but presently works as a part-time proofreader for the Maryland General Assembly. (Sic transit gloria!)

Her first two books were paperback anthologies, CURSE OF THE UNDEAD and DEMON LOVERS AND STRANGE SEDUCTIONS. She has published several works on vampirism in literature, including SHADOW OF A SHADE: A SURVEY OF VAMPIRISM IN LITERATURE, the anthology DRACULA: THE VAMPIRE AND THE CRITICS, and THE VAMPIRE IN LITERATURE: A CRITICAL BIBLIOGRAPHY. Her stories have appeared in several of Marion Zimmer Bradleyís Darkover anthologies, and her "Voice from the Void" appears in THE TIME OF THE VAMPIRES, edited by P. N. Elrod and Martin Greenberg. The Design Image Group published her werewolf novel, SHADOW OF THE BEAST, in 1998. Her vampire novel, DARK CHANGELING, appeared in electronic form in June, 1999, from the Hard Shell Word Factory.

Each January (from 1990 on) Carter produces a vampire fiction bibliography update. Annual updates can be ordered for $3.00 each (postpaid) from:

Margaret L. Carter
105 Phipps Lane
Annapolis, MD 21403

For information on ordering DRACULA: THE VAMPIRE AND THE CRITICS and THE VAMPIRE IN LITERATURE: A CRITICAL BIBLIOGRAPHY from the publisher, UMI Research Press, call 1-800-521-3042 or consult UMIís Books on Demand web site.

SPECTER OR DELUSION? THE SUPERNATURAL IN GOTHIC FICTION analyzes the impact of narrative technique on the "reality" of the supernatural in a variety of works, including FRANKENSTEIN, "Carmilla," and DRACULA. For ordering information, contact the Edwin Mellen Press at 1-800-753-2788.

Carter also edits a semiannual fanzine of fiction and reviews, The Vampire's Crypt.

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