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Rapture In Moonlight reviewed by Carol Castellanos

  Rapture In Moonlight by Rosemary Laurey   Stars Image
Vampire - Romance
ISBN: 1931419094
Publisher: Avid Press
Date: April 1, 2002
Pages: 242
Price: $12.95
Distribution: Trade Paperback

This is book two in the Moonlight Trilogy by Rosemary Laurey.  Rosemary Laurey 
follows the story of Kit and Dixie up with the story of Justin Corvus.

Dixie and Kit have since moved to the town of German Village in Columbus, 
Ohio, where they own a store by the name of The Vampire Emporium.  Justin is 
manning the counter when Stella and her son Sam come in to browse around.  
Instantly Justin is attracted to Stella, though of course it would never 
work.  Since Justin is a vampire and Stella is not.  Justin himself was the 
one to let Kit know this when he and Dixie fell it love.  It surely wouldn't 
do for Justin to fall for a human, but that is exactly what happens.

Everyone around Justin sees a change for the better. He actually begins 
smiling more.  His temperament is better and on Justin's part he realizes he 
no longer feels the pain of Gwyltha's dumping him for Dracula.  Gwyltha is 
Justin's ex-love and head of the colony.

Justin and Stella begin to date though at the beginning he knows they can 
never last.  One night Stella is shot and killed by a couple of punks.  This 
totally changes everything.  Justin must transform Stella into a vampire in 
order to keep Sam with his mother.  Due to having to make Stella a vampire 
Justin then begins to feel they can actually be together.  Except for one 
little fact, that in his grief from Stella's shooting Justin seriously hurt 
the two punks.  Attacking humans is strictly forbidden by the colony.  This 
now Justin must face possible expulsion from the colony, something which he 
can't possibly expose Stella to.

During all of Vlad Tepes comes asking for help.  Seems he has found two ghouls 
and needs Dixie and Kit to help them out.  Vlad is not a member of Dixie's 
colony and isn't very well liked by many in the colony.  In addition to all 
the other happenings, Stella must come to terms with her vampirism, her mother 
who is in prison and even worse what to tell Sam.  How this all plays out is 
most interesting.  

I found this book even better than the first.  I am also very much looking 
forward to the third in the trilogy.  I am dying to find out more about the 
ghouls and to see whose story the third book about.  Anyone having read book 
one won't be disappointed with book two.
Copyright © 2002 Carol Castellanos All Rights Reserved.