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Sacrament reviewed by Carol Castellanos

Book Image   Sacrament by Susan Squires   Stars Image
Vampire - Romance
ISBN: 0505524724
Publisher: Leisure Lovespell
Date: March 2002
Pages: 368
Price: $5.99
Distribution: Mass Market Paperback

Sarah Ashton, is facing a horrid situation.  He father dies leaving her very 
little money and many debts.  She must first sell of some of their land and 
properties to try and make things work.  She holds onto Clershing, and with 
potato growing she just begins to get her head above water.  Then a terrible 
twist is put on things.  Someone is challenging her rights to the property.  
Now what to do, Sarah can't possibly afford to lose Clershing, it's her home.  
Where would she live?  These are the dilemmas facing her and why she is on her 
way to meet her solicitor in London.  

It seems that many murders have been happening recently.  All of the victims 
have turned up with all of the blood drained from their body.  This is a 
mystery to the police since they have no idea how this could be happening. 
While on their way they pass the site of another murder this is the first time 
Sarah sees Julian Davinoff.  Though of course she doesn't know who he is, she 
just notices him in the shadows.  From that time on his dark good looks invade 
her thoughts.

While at a party Corina Sarah's friend also spies Julian Davinoff, and decides 
he will be hers.  Corina tries all that she can but to no avail.  When she 
cannot make Davinoff hers she kidnaps him, and keeps him prisoner.  Then in 
with her demented thinking Corina decides to take her revenge by making him a 
drug addict.  Corina has no idea what she is dealing with.  Though neither 
does Davinoff, he soon found out even vampires can become addicted to drugs.  
Eventually Sarah finds out and attempts to save Davinoff, but once 
accomplished what then?  Can Sarah actually pull it off and rescue Davinoff?  
If Sarah saves Davinoff, what happens about his claim to her land?  Then there 
is the problem of his drug addiction.  The worst is yet to come, how will 
Sarah deal with the knowledge that Davinoff is a vampire?  Or the fact that 
she has growing feelings for the man regardless of what he is?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  I found the story was quite able to keep my 
attention and is well worth the price. 
Copyright © 2002 Carol Castellanos All Rights Reserved.