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Sex, Death and Other.... reviewed by Carol Castellanos

  Sex, Death and Other.... by Jade Walker   Stars Image
ISBN: 0957952813
Publisher: Metropolis Ink Books
Pages: 64
Price: $9.95
Distribution: Trade Paperback

This is a book of poetry and Haiku.

The book begins with some words about the author herself.
Following the authors' bit about herself is poetry and Haiku
about sex.  In this section it contains the author's vision of 
Red, desire, break up, orgasm and many other issues to 
dealing with sex.

From there the author proceeds to her interpretation of death
and her unique view of the many facets of it. After this the
author addresses everything else she has to say about everything else.

Though poetry and Haiku are not my typical topics of reading,
many people will find this absolutely a great read.  For those
of us that don't normally read poetry this is a great place to start.
Copyright © 2002 Carol Castellanos All Rights Reserved.