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ON THE ROAD TO HAPPINESS: Tales Of The Traveler reviewed by Carol Castellanos

Book Image   ON THE ROAD TO HAPPINESS: Tales Of The Traveler by Lauren C. Hudson   Stars Image
ISBN: 0971423008
Publisher: Pathways Publishing
Date: January 1, 2002
Pages: 64
Price: $6.95
Distribution: Small Pocketbook

This is a small booklet with inspirational poetry.  It is a booklet for those
 of us who need words of inspiration from time to time. This author took the 
pain she endured when she found out she had cancer and used it to help 
others.  I found it very admiral that she would take her pain and turn it into 
something for the good.  I think this is a booklet anyone would benefit from 
reading.  It is also just the right size that you could carry it with you 
anywhere you would like to go.  The booklet traces the traveler through his 
journey through life and shows lessons the traveler learns along the way.  The 
traveler in the book could be anyone of us, we all have our own lessons to 
learn.  This authors helps you deal with these lessons in a positive way. 

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