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THE CITY: The wild kids of New City reviewed by Carol Castellanos

Book Image   THE CITY: The wild kids of New City by Dale Taylor   Stars Image
ISBN: 075964571X
Publisher: 1st Books Library
Date: June
Pages: 164
Price: $16.50
Distribution: Trade Paperback

This is a very hard review to write. I think this author is very talented and 
has a future in writing.  I thought his story premise unique and very 
intriguing. I also look forward to reading other works by this author.  Yet in 
the same respect, I am writing my first review of a book I was unable to 
finish.  While normally we don't do this, I am writing this review because I 
did like the premise and that the author himself is talented.  What I found 
objectionable was the extreme violence this author portrayed against children.

The premise of the story is what kind of people had been left behind after the 
second coming and all of God's people have been taken home.  The dregs of 
society of course, the ignorant amongst others are all that's left.  This idea 
in and of itself I found to be unique and something worth reading. Fifty 
percent of the worlds population has been taken, but the fifty percent left 
are either the abused or abusers.  The government left is corrupt, and it's 
mostly the criminals and drug addicts running loose on the streets.  What this 
author writes about is one city's battle with what is called the wild 

Wild children are the offspring of the drug addicts, criminals or the orphaned 
children of parents that either left them or died.  These wild children must 
learn to fend for themselves as no one is helping them.  Thus they turn to 
violence and crime just in self-defense and to find something to eat.  The new 
mayor of the town has a plan to rid the city of these children.  Rather then 
arrest them he just wants them exterminated.

This is approximately where I stopped reading.  While again I must say I do 
think the author is talented and would welcome other books by this author, I 
think the hindrance in this book is the violence towards children.  While having grown up 
reading horror, this reviewer is no stranger to violence as a mother I do object 
to the extreme degree of violence portrayed against children. I would 
recommend that the author post a violence warning on this book.  It is this 
reviewers' opinion that any mother, or parent would not wish to read this book.
Copyright © 2002 Carol Castellanos All Rights Reserved.