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Selena's Seduction reviewed by Glorianna

  Selena's Seduction by Jewelann Butler   Stars Image
Historical - Romance
ISBN: 1-58749-063-3
Publisher: Awe-Struck E-Books INC.
Date: 2001
Price: $4.50
Distribution: E-Story

Historical Romance

This warm Historical Romance takes place in London 1860.  The heroine
Selena Robbins is getting married but not quite the way expected.  On the
eve of her wedding her younger sister Penelope known as Plum by the family
disappears. Her father and her fiance Saul are out searching for her.

Rafe MacLachlan is Saul's older brother and has had his eye on Selena.   
After coming across a ransom note while looking for his pocket watch he 
goes  to Robbins townhouse to confront his brother. Rafe informs Selena 
he will help find Plum if she marries him right away.  Selena is more then
surpised by the proposal to say the least.  Fear for her sister guides her 
decision to agree.  

Rafe knows his brother well.  Rafe finds Plum. To keep them safe Rafe
takes both Selena and Plum to safty of his home before he can confront
his brother.  What does Rafe know?  Why would Rafe betray his
brother? This is where the story becomes intriging and interesting!  There 
are twists and turns to the story that kept me going until I finished it.  One 
of which was Selena's surprise to find out Rafe had a five-year-old daughter 
Erin.  Having to deal with a mean spirited sister-in-law and helping her sister
to cope with the trauma of being kidnapped.  My surprise was to find out who
kidnapped Plum and why!  I am not telling. You will have to read this book to
find out! 

Just as Rafe and Selena come to understand about their feelings for each
other, a very big misunderstanding pulls them apart and almost cost their
marriage and their lives.  Selena learns almost too late that she trusted the
wrong man.  As all good Historical Romances the hero comes to the rescue.
In this case the rescues.

 I enjoyed reading this book because I believe in the power of Love.
Selena learns the hard way to trust her heart and her love. When all is said
and done Love is the greatest gift of all in fiction story or in real Life.

Happy Reading!
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