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  THE WINDLEGENDS SAGA BOOK V: WINDREAPER by Charlotte Boyett-Compo   Stars Image
Dark Fantasy
ISBN: 1586973959
Publisher: RFI West
Date: 2002
Price: $4.95
Distribution: E-Book Download

This is the latest installment to the Windlegends Saga.  While I am one of 
Charlotte Boyett-Compo's biggest fans, the awards she has won for this series 
can attest to the quality of her writing.

Over the last two years the Raven has been wrecking havoc on The Domination's 
coffers.  Every chance he gets he holds their men up and takes their money.  
This is just one of the ways he intends to find the group that is now in 
control of the land.  The Raven has decided it is time to go to Boreas Keep to 
continue his fight.  Since few know his true identity they have no inkling 
that anything else may be going on.

The Raven's real name is Conar McGregor, long thought dead.  No one but the 
ones that had been interned in the Labyrinth and the man that had him sent 
there even has any idea that Conar truly lives.  In reality Connar is dead, 
the man that went into the Labyrinth has very little resemblance to the man 
that came out.  It's not only his appearance that had been altered in the 
Labyrinth, but also his personality.  

The Dark Overlord as he is referred to is a very angry and sometimes cruel 
man.  This is a man that drinks and whores much to much.  This man is not the 
one Liza loved as her husband.  There is no one that has any clue as to the 
true identity of The Dark Overlord or The Raven as he is also known.  Once at 
Boreas Keep and once his identity has been revealed the real hell begins.

Obviously Conar's brother A'lex is afraid Conar will try and take his kingdom 
back, but even more worrisome is what will Conar do about Liza the love of his 
life?  Will he also feel he should have her back too?  Will she want him?  
With all that is happening Conar ends up turning to drugs for solace.  He 
becomes addicted and becomes worse then ever.  He is partial cause for Liza 
losing her and A'lex's baby, he abuses and mistreats her and A'lex.  He even 
mistreats the mistress that is pregnant with his child. 

Through it all Conar is cruel and angry, he holds onto his feelings of 
betrayal by his own brother and the woman he once loved more than life 
itself.  Then he finds the boy Liza had bargained with him to save from Kaleel 
Tohre is actually his own offspring.  Through all this what will happen 
between Liza and A'lex?  What about between Liza and Conar?  There's no way 
around it someone will have to face a major heartache.  Is there anything that 
could possibly bring back even a semblance of the old Conar?  Or will this 
Conar/The Dark Overlord be here forever.  Will the darkness in his soul 
overwhelm him totally or will he find an inkling of light?  

As with all of her books she has again left me panting for more and dying to 
find out what will happen next.  I hope you all find her books as entertaining 
and engrossing as I do.
Copyright © 2002 Carol Castellanos All Rights Reserved.