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Dead Until Dark reviewed by Carol Castellanos

Book Image   Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris   Stars Image
Vampire - Mystery
ISBN: 0441008534
Publisher: Ace Books
Date: May 2001
Pages: $5.99
Distribution: Mass Market Paperback

Sookie Stackhouse is a waitress with a disability that makes her life somewhat 
complicated and yet boring. Sookie can hear others thoughts, thoughts that she 
really doesn't want to hear. Sometimes the thoughts are insulting and 
sometimes the insults are about her. Thus Sookie doesn't date much since she 
knows exactly what the men are thinking.

For years Sookie has wanted to meet a vampire, since she is from a little out 
of the way town in Louisiana they don't tend to come to town much. When she 
finally does get to meet one she finds something very refreshing. She can't 
read his mind. This is something she has longed for, peace and quiet. Someone 
she can be around that she doesn't have to hear what's going through his head.

What Sookie hadn't planned on was when the vampire came to town he would be 
bringing excitement with him. A lot more excitement then Sookie planned on. 
Though she was still intrigued by the vampire and the fact that she could relax 
around him. The excitement begins the minute the vampire leaves the bar. 
Sookie ends up saving his life from two other patrons that want to drain his 
blood and sell it.

Then other things begin to happen. Women start dying. They are being raped 
and then brutally murdered. It seems that someone doesn't like women that are 
donors or there is a vampire out there killing their donors. Sookie's own 
grandmother becomes a victim to the murderer, which is not his normal victim 
since she is neither, a vampire lover or donor. While Bill and Sookie become 
closer they also work towards finding the murderer. Bill is getting the blame 
since he is the only know vampire to reside in the city. Sookie seem to be the 
next on the killers list.

How will Sookie and Bill's relationship fare? Will they manage to become more 
than friends? If so will they stay together, and is Bill the murderer as some 
people think? Even Sookie isn't always sure. What's the secret Sookie's boss 
reveals to her? That is besides the fact that he is obviously attracted to 
her? How this situation pans out leaves for a pretty interesting tale.
Copyright © 2000 Carol Castellanos All Rights Reserved.