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Prisoners of the Night #10 reviewed by Carol Castellanos

Available from Toad Hall, Inc.  Prisoners of the Night #10 by Various Authors  
Vampire - Erotic Horror
Publisher: Eye Scry Books, Distributed by Toad Hall, Inc.
Pages: 96
Price: $15.00
Distribution: Oversize Trade Magazine

 Prisoners of the night is compiled of many authors, included in the book 
are some very unique stories as well as some very inventive poems.

Rather then tell a lot about all the stories and poems I will tell just a 
bit about the stories. The poems you must buy and read for yourself as the 
meaning of poems can sometimes be subjective. There are stories of all 
varieties and places in history. These stories are unique to themselves. One 
of the contributing authors is Della Van Hise author of Ragged Angels.

ORPHANS OF THE MOON by Cathryn Pisarki: This is a very short but 
interesting story of two vampires seeking the other in order to feed. I found 
it very entertaining and original.

THE BLOODING CAGE by Rhonda Eikamp: The story starts out with a diary 
excerpt from a man studying Gargoyle IV vampires. This is a professor 
searching out vampires to prove their existence only with a twist. Will he 
capture the vampire and display the last of their kind? Or will he be the one 
displayed as one of the last existing of his kind? This all happens in the 
future and is a case of the hunter becoming the prey.

THE WOUNDING by Linda Malm: Guiseppe and Petrus are vampires that like to 
bring their food home once in awhile. While Petrus is away on business Gui has 
some food they caught looked in a closet. Only this time Gui finds out she is 
blind and ends up caring for her. The whole time Petrus is away Gui and the 
girl form a growing relationship. Only things don't always turn out for the 
best. This short story could become heart wrenching if you really got into it.

SAMARITAN by Tom Piccirilli: A undercover police officer gets found out 
by a mob boss, but when he is shot he finds help from a very unusual source.

LOVE SUCKS by Adam Meyer: This story is a humorous and entertaining look 
at the problems three werewolves and a vampire have when their car breaks down 
in small out of the way town. 

HADES AND PERSEPHONE by Holly Riggenbach: A unique retelling of the story 
between Persephone and Hades. 

AUTUMN FOUNDLING by Wendy Rathbone: This is a future world after all the 
wars where boys and girls are separated from their parents and each other from 
very young, and told to control their most inner impulses, mainly the sexual 
ones. The world's nature is just beginning to rebuild itself. A young girl 
stumbles across a vampire and learns some of the most forbidden passions. 

TATIANA by B. Kim Meyer: A woman is kept from the man she is supposed to 
meet. Her family thinks she is just delusional due to illness. She pines for 
her midnight lover until she is old. Still she does not give up waiting.

VESSEL FOR THE HOLY by Charles A. Gramlich: This is a very different look 
at Judas and Jesus, and what they actually were. This story will definitely 
make you think. The story involves a nun, a vampire named Kainja, his real 
identity and the identity of the child that the nun bore. It will give a whole 
new meaning to the words Jesus said at the last supper. This is definitely one 
of my favorite stories. 

MARK OF A DREAMER by Tippi N. Blevins: A vampire artist and tattooist 
becomes linked to a deaf and mute human woman tattooist through dreams. 
Through their connection they are both able to help one another.

THE STARRY NIGHT by Charlee Jacob: A mental patient comes face to face 
with a female vampire. This is no normal mental patient but Vincent Van Gogh 
himself. She gives him some insight into things to come.

HUSKS by Wendy Rathbone: This is a very short story. Basically it is 
about the love a male vampire for the weaker males that he tries to turn but 
they never live long.

THE MORNING AFTER by Della Van Hise: This story is a shorter partial 
version of her book Ragged Angels.

AMBROSIA by Natasha Solten: This is the last story of the book. It is 
a very erotic and somewhat graphic telling of a male vampire meeting a male of 
another species. This male of another species lures the vampire to his house 
and they have sex. In the end the male reveals who he really is and teaches 
the vampire a sense of acceptance like he has never felt before.
Copyright © 2000 Carol Castellanos All Rights Reserved.