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KIT: THE CYBERBLOOD CHRONICLES reviewed by Carol Castellanos

by JONATHAN H. AMSBARY   Stars Image
Vampire - Horror
Publisher: Ebooks On The Net
Price: $4.50
Distribution: E-Book Download

This story is about a group of special people that hunt out and kill 
vampires.  Kit is one of these people in training.  They all have special 
skills of one kind or another.

Kit is in training to become one of the special elite.  She has had previous 
experiences in her life that has made her hate the vampire.  Kit has studied 
how to kill vampires, the types of vampires, and she has put great effort into 
becoming fit for the job.  She has one drawback to contend with.  She is the 
in with one of the higher ups and must deal with those who think she got the 
job for this reason.  Which means she must work even harder to prove herself.  

While in the process of tracking down the vampire they are after Kit becomes 
his prisoner.  Her friends all gather to try and save her.  They all know that 
if she has turned she will be terminated, further more they realize that it is 
the policy of their group that anyone captured is already considered dead.  
Kit herself knows this and realizes she must do something to save herself.  
Though what she doesn't know is her friends have ignored the normal policy and 
are searching for her to help.  Will they reach her in time, or will Kit 
become a victim of the vampire she was originally hunting?  If turned what 
will she do then?  Will she become as evil as he?  Or, will she decide to 
fight him with every ounce of strength she has?  

Though enjoyable, the outcome to this story seemed as if it left the reader 
Copyright © 2002 Carol Castellanos All Rights Reserved.