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Hunters Of The Shadows reviewed by Carol Castellanos

  Hunters Of The Shadows by MARK HAEUSER   Stars Image
Vampire - Horror
ISBN: 1591460573
Publisher: Crystal Dreams Publishing
Date: November 29, 2001
Pages: 403
Price: $19.50
Distribution: Mass Market Paperback

This is the first book I have read from this author, but I would definitely 
like to see more.

Hunters are those special people destined to fight the vampire.  One of those 
Hunters goes by the name of Darius Creed.  He has been a hunter for quite some 
years, once traveling with another by the name of Takada.  Takada though very 
strong in his own right, was killed by Lord Rasmere and since then he has been 
traveling alone.  

On one evening Darius must seek the help of a gypsy healer after a fight with 
a vampire.  While visiting the gypsy Darius meets what is to be his new love.  
Selena is the gypsy's granddaughter and she knows just what she wants.  She 
seduces Darius and works her way into his heart.  When Darius leaves he takes 
Selena with him as not only is he in love with her but it is her destiny to be 
a Hunter Of The Shadows as he is.

Darius will need all the help he can get since all signs point to one of the 
vampires attempting to bring about the Dolmage.  The Dolmage is a legend among 
the vampires about a war where the vampires will become the rulers.  Along the 
way many new things happen.  In the process of attempting to recover Takada's 
long lost sword Darius meets another who is also destined to become a Hunter.  
Together Darius, Selena and their new found friend go about trying to kill the 

This is no easy task as they knew.  Yet during their trials and tribulations 
they end up with an unlikely ally a vampire lord by the name of Rasmeer.  
Rasmeer is the same lord that killed Takada so many years before. With the 
help of Rasmeer they track and attempt to kill the vampire who wants to bring 
about the Dolmage.  In so doing they must face minions of hell and earth.

I enjoyed this story and found it full of action.  It will keep your attention 
and doesn't read like a typical vampire story.   I found at the ending I 
wanted more.  
Copyright © 2002 Carol Castellanos All Rights Reserved.