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Lionheart reviewed by Jessica Holmes

Book Image   Lionheart by KateDouglas   Stars Image
ISBN: 1843600951
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Date: December 8, 2001
Pages: 110
Price: 10.95
Distribution: CD-Rom

LIONHEART is a book of the paranormal, romance, erotica 
and happy-ever-after.  LIONHEART is the first book in the Starquest series
by author Kate Douglas. LIONHEART begins the story of the rebellion made
up of empaths, healers, telekinetics, and mind readers who will fight against
the military that would use their powers for destruction and horror. 

Mara Armand is the director of a foundation that strives to keep humans with
extrasensory abilities safe so they can be studied and developed.  She isn’t
ordinary in any way because for weeks she has been making telepathic contact
with an alien on who resides on a starship in deep space until an accident 
changes everything and Sandor comes to Earth in need of Mara. He not only
needs her to keep him save from her military but he also needs her sexually
in the most intimate way possible but then so does Mara. The laws of Explorers,
what Sandor is, forbid their meeting but had no way to foresee the accident.

Their given a chance they never thought they’d ever have; to love each other.
With a traitor within and the World Federation trying to destroy them, Mara and
Sandor must combine forces to survive.

Mara and Sandor are both unique characters to say the least. Mara is a strong
woman who fights for those she loves and believes in, including and especially,
Sandor. Sandor is an alien like no other with his loyalty, his deep passion and 
love for Mara. I enjoyed LIONHEART very much from the beginning to end and 
loved the end that set up the next novel that Ms. Douglas is writing in the series.
I would recommend this book to all because it isn’t your normal paranormal.
Copyright © 2002 Jessica Holmes All Rights Reserved.