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Lionheart reviewed by Carol Castellanos

Book Image   Lionheart by Kate Douglas   Stars Image
ISBN: 1843600951
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Date: December 8, 2001
Pages: 110
Price: 10.95
Distribution: CD-Rom

This is an erotic psychic encounter between two species, that could very well 
lead to much more. 

On earth there is a group or actually more like a mini community of sensitives 
that have been contacted by an alien species.  Mara Armand is the sensitive 
that has been in contact with the aliens psychically.  Though how much contact 
the governing board has no idea.  Mara is pretty sure they wouldn't be very 
happy to hear about the erotic encounters they have been having via their 

This alien species has been orbiting earth for some time.  Mara and Sander 
have been in contact almost from the beginning.  Mara's job is to get to know 
more about the aliens.  The only thing she has been able to learn is this 
Sander person, gives her some very interesting dreams to say the least.  The 
dreams of course due to their erotic content are also a secret Mara keeps to 

Something unexpected happens, the ship Sander is in explodes, luckily the 
sensitives, of the groups are able to help guide his rescue pod to earth.  
Here is where Mara finds out what Sander really looks like.  During the whole 
time they've had their connection Sander would never show Mara what he looked 

If the arrival of an alien isn't enough excitement there is a murder, and a 
betrayal.  Someone has let the outside world know about Sander, and they 
intend to come and get him.  Basically this will mean war since the outside 
world has wanted and excuse to come after the group for years.  Where will 
that leave Sander, Mara, their growing feelings for each other?  Worse where 
will that leave the group?  What will happen to them in the end?

In the end I found I wanted to read more.  I hope to see a follow up to this 
book very soon.
Copyright © 200 Carol Castellanos All Rights Reserved.